Jul 262020

here’s a charming piano/trumpet duo.  not trying to be fancy, just playing some great jazz really well.  i was a little disappointed not to be able to find out much about berthold brauer, but hopefully he’ll pop up again.  piano jazz is lovely, but there is so much it’s easy to take it for granted.  having a duo like this very refreshing (and who doesn’t love the trumpet?!), and this is in a sweet spot –  something that i can listen to intently or just play during dinner.  an excellent recording.

mathis nicolaus, berthold brauer duo
blue note
dresden, germany
28 nov 2016

mathis nicolaus: piano
berthold brauer: trumpet

brauer-nicolaus duo – set 1
0 intro (0:11)
1 boblicity (6:40)
2 never let me go (7:16)
3 everything happens to me (6:46)
4 reunion (5:03)
5 gloria step (4:46)
6 alright ok you wouldn’t (5:14)

brauer-nicolaus duo – set 2
0 intro (0:29)
1 lush life (5:57)
2 candy (6:08)
3 body & soul (5:45)
4 along came betty (7:42)
5 long ago & far away (7:17)
6 jw over the rainbow (5:10)
7 encore (3:47)

total-time: 1:18:08
complete show

zoom h6 with ext. battery (48/24 wave output, no limiters)>foobar2000>flac(24bit)

record by ricola
seed by lewojazz

sample: s2-t02 candy.mp3
download: MathisNicolaus_BertholdBrauer_2016-11-28_BlueNote_Dresden_Germany.zip

Jul 222020

a couple of shows by melissa aldana, first with aaron diehl in switzerland in 2017 and then leading her quartet in berlin in 2019, each shared by unclewolfi some months after the shows.  i found these to be a bit somber & meditative, and am not sure which of them i prefer.  very different groups – duo with a pianist vs a quartet with a guitarist, and one is covers while the other is mostly originals.  i don’t really have to pick, though, and they also worked quite well together as companion pieces.    melissa aldana has a new cd out recently, btw, with the artwork by cécile mclorin salvant (who only seems to perform with aaron diehl, or is that just the shows that i’ve heard).  one imagines a cozy group of artists having fun working together, sounds nice.  and what might be nice too: a concert by aldana, diehl and salvant?

melissa aldana & aaron diehl
jazz festival
marian’s jazzroom
bern, switzerland
03.may 2017

melissa aldana – ts
aaron diehl – p

01. canadian sunset (heywood) 09:12
02. unrequited (mehldau) 04:55
03. never let me go (livingston) 07:32
04. one for prez (gray) 03:55
05. four in one (monk) 06:00
06. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (rodgers/hart) 07:03
07. room 608 (silver) 04:05


source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – srf 2]

sample: t05 four in one 06-00.mp3
download: MelissaAldana_AaronDiehl_2017-05-03_MariansJazzroom_BernCH.zip

melissa aldana quartet
jazzclub a-trane
berlin, germany
02. nov 2019

melissa aldana – ts
lage lund – g
pablo menares – b
kush abadey – dr

01. visions (melissa aldana) 12:45
02. elsewhere (melissa aldana) 11:25
03. ray ray (lage lund) 12:23
04. acceptance (melissa aldana) 08:17
05. the bluest eye (melissa aldana) 11:25
06. polkadots and moonbeans (bruke/van heusen) 11:52
07. appearances (melissa aldana) 11:29
08. el castillo de velenje (melissa aldana) 05:38


source: dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps) [radio station – sr2]

sample: t05 the bluest eye 11-25.mp3
download: MelissaAldana_2019-11-02_ATrane_BerlinGermany.zip

Jul 202020

although this was shared on dime back in feb 2019, it looks as if les légendes du jazz on france musique has aired it again just last month,  describing it as a double tribute to shelly manne on the centenary of his birth and to lee konitz who died from coronavirus on april 15.  not much more that i can add to that.

shelly manne quartet
la maison pour tous
elancourt, france
november 11, 1977

shelly manne (drums)
lee konitz (alto sax) enters in track 3
mike wofford (piano)
chuck domanico (bass)

01 softly, as in a morning sunrise (sigmund romberg, oscar hammerstein ii) 12:27 >
02 body and soul (johnny green) 6:38
03 what is this thing called love? (cole porter) 8:41 >
04 lover man (jimmy davis, ram ramirez, james sherman) 8:05 >
05 solar (miles davis) 8:18 >
06 take the coltrane (duke ellington) 4:08
07 stella by starlight (victor young, ned washington) 5:39
08 dearly beloved (jerome kern, johnny mercer) 11:25 >
09 all blues (miles davis) 11:10
10 what’s new ? (bob haggart, johnny burke) 8:57 >
11 take the coltrane (duke ellington) 4:54
12 yesterdays (jerome kern, otto harbach) 10:10


fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcasts : les légendes du jazz, france musique, january 26 & february 3, 2019

sample: t03 what is this thing called love.mp3
download: ShellyManne_1977-11-11_ElancourtFrance_complete.zip

Jul 182020

this is perhaps the sort of thing that i generally prefer live, ideally in a small venue, but this audience recording worked very well for me and feels like it captured the show quite faithfully.

sean conly trio
brooklyn, ny
may 19 , 2018

sean conly – bass & composition
michaël attias – alto saxophone
tomas fujiwara – drums

1 ut
2 ut
3 ut

tt 44:29

aud zoom h2n – soundforge – flac

sample: Sean Conly Trio 2018-05-19 Ibeam, Brooklyn NY t1
download: Download

image is from sean conly’s website and is no doubt copyrighted by sean conly.


Jul 152020

i feel as if luck was with me tonight, picking something just right on my first try.  none of that “no, not in the mood for that” or “oh dear, that’s not really a very good recording, is it?” business.  and, curiously enough, it’s the second time that east orange has come up in as many days, three if you count “when it’s apple blossom time in east orange, new jersey, we’ll make a peach of a pear”, which the first time reminded me of (and i even remember the little tune my parents sang it with… and in fact, it’s a misquotation of a line from the lobby number, by danny kaye. why’d i look it up anyway?  i prefer my folks’ version, naturally).  anyway, you’ll be happy to know that this is nothing at all like danny kaye.  or not much anyway.

charles erland quartet
east orange, nj

charles erland– b3
eric alexander– ts,
dave samson- g
greg rockingham-d

01. announcer 0:37
02. blowing the blues away 14:41
03. announcer cr 0:37
04. eroupa 19:48
05. announcer ce 1:13
06. i love you more today than yesterday (tape flip) 6:32
07. i love you more today than yesterday (cuts in) 4:11
08. announcer ce 2:17
09. always and forever 8:52
10. announcer ce 0:22
11. ready and able 7:56


source unknown

sample: t04 eroupa.mp3 heck, i woulda posted this show if this was the only song they played.
download: CharlesErland_1995-07-11_EastOrangeNJ.zip

Jul 152020

here’s nice line-up, led by george russell, from 1964.  i don’t remember hearing a jazz version of you are my sunshine before (and not for a long time in any other style you’d care to mention).  the last four tracks have been released on a bootleg, btw, along with 4 tracks from another show.  i wonder why they do that — for me, it much more interesting as a full concert (though one often takes what one can get, sometimes!).

george russell sextet
bremen, germany
28 sept 1964

george russell (p)
joe farrell (ts)
thad jones (tp)
garnett brown (tb)
barre phillips (b)
al heath (dr)

01 intro
02 the outer view
03 the lydiot
04 volupte
05 stratusfunk
06 applause
07 ’round midnight
08 you are my sunshine
09 d.c. divertimento
10 sipping at bells

min 85:45

cdr (prefm) – xact

sample: t05 stratusfunk.mp3
download:  GeorgeRussell_1964-09-28_BremenGermany.zip

Jul 132020

here’s something from a little further afield that i played right after roxy coss — yes, it was all about alphabetical proximity, as you’ll no doubt agree if you like browsing in bookstores or, for that matter, music stores.  i don’t miss lp’s clicks, pops and skips, but the album covers, now… it’s interesting that even pure-digital albums still have covers.  anyway, there are a few folks down in argentina who post jazz on dime, from time to time, and this one struck my fancy.

rodrigo agudelo quinteto
bar la muestra
rosario, santa fe, argentina
23 april 2011

rodrigo agudelo (guitar)
leandro zappino (contrabass)
luciano ruggieri (drums)
leonardo piantino ( alto sax)
pablo devadder (tenor sax)

1- el que desaparece
3-el brujo
4-blues for jack
6-throughout ( frisell)
7- playa mulatos
8- la salamance

all compositions by agudelo except marked

aud unknown gear —flac file trade

sample: Rodrigo Agudelo 2011-04-23 Rosario, Argentina t4 Blues for Jack
download: RodrigoAgudelo_2011-04-23_LaMuestra_RosarioArgentina.zip

Jul 122020

this was “uploaded and processed by thosespacesinbetween” which i think might be (some of?) the (former?) planetfuncamp crew up in old lyme, connecticut, up to their usual fine work, especially the bold lisa e — a tip o’ the hat to lisa e.  i have friends in fairfield, just an hour up the road; if i’m ever able to make it over there again, i’ll have to pop up the freeway to check out old lyme & the old lyme inn.

roxy coss quartet
old lyme inn
old lyme, ct, usa
9 jan 2015

sax’s: roxy coss
drums: willie jones iii
guitar: rafal sarnecki
piano: adam birnbaum
bass: dave baron

set i

01. announcements and intro
02. tricky
03. banter
04. recuring dream
05. perspective
06. banter
07. happiness is a choice
08. banter
09. push

set ii

01. introduction
02. waiting
03. the story of fiona
05. almost my own
06. banter and band intros
07. don’t cross the coss

tt 1:40:05

recording location: directly behind piano table top
recorded using: teac vr-10 with internal mics
input level set to: +6

attendees: lisa e.
any and all photos and/or video taken by d.e. palm
uploaded and processed by thosespacesinbetween

sample:  set 1 t09 push.mp3 and set 2 t07 don’t cross the coss.mp3
download: Download

Jul 092020

here’s a pair of shows from drummer ed blackwell with ahmed abdullah on trumpet.  i’ve been meaning to share the 1979 nyc show for some time, ages actually.   but like so much, i never got around to it.  then, on a sort of “ed blackwell day” on tuesday, i thought the 1994 montreal show needed to be included as well, to make a little “two-fer”, though i’d reseeded it on dime around a year ago.  if you like ahmed abdullah (as i obviously do), i shared a pair of back-to-back shows in old cabell hall at uva & the next day at d.c.space. back in 2017.

in unrelated news, if you’re partial to drummer paul motian, check out uncle paul’s jazz closet, the blog of his niece’s radio show dedicated to her uncle paul motian.  nice, historical and kinda sweet.

ed blackwell quartet
tin palace
nyc, ny
3 december 1979

ed blackwell – drums
ahmed abdullah – trumpet
charles brackeen – tenor saxophone
mark helias – bass

1 intro
2 ut
3 ut
4 ut

tt 33:00

broadcast on wkcr

ed blackwell
theatre du nouveau monde
montreal jazz fest.,
montreal, quebec, canada
4 july 1991

ed blackwell – drums
carlos ward – flute & alto sax
mark helias – acoustic bass
ahmed abdullah – trumpet

1. announcer and introduction from stage (03:12)
2. unknown (10:45)
3. pettiford bridge (carlos ward) (12:34)
4. beau regard (mark helias) (11:17)
5. unknown (10:07)
6. pentahouve (mark helias) (08:26)
7. mallet song (carlos ward) –> grandma’s shoes (carlos ward) (15:52)
8. lito, part i-iii (carlos ward) (incomplete) –> announcer outro (04:09)

(thanks trane time)
8 cuts

tt 1:16:25

source: trade cd> fm recording > db power> traders little helper> flac (level 8)

fm a

cbc-cbof fm “jazz sur le vif”

sample: ed blackwell 1979-12-03 (4tet) tin palace, nyc t03 ut.mp3  and  ed blackwell 1991-07-04 montreal t02 ut.mp3
downloads: EdBlackwell_1979-12-03_TinPalace_NYC.zip  &  EdBlackwell_1991-07-04_MontrealQCCanada.zip