Sep 302014

so i listened to the other jj johnson shows, and they were both very nice.  here’s the later of those other two.  not quite bookmarking johnson’s career (he didn’t pass away until 2001), but with the other show you have very much “early and late” j.j. johnson.  also, unlike the other two shows that i have, this one includes several compositions by johnson which i think makes it more interesting in some ways.

j.j. johnson quintet
berlin jazz festival
berlin, germany
20 november 1994

j.j. johnson tb
ralph moore ts
renee rosnes p
rufus reid b
billy drummond d

01 quintergy (j.j. johnson) 7.51
02 autumn leaves/ann jjj (kosma) 11.16
03 people time (b.carter) 3.09
04 ann jjj/opus defocus (j.j. johnson) 5.26
05 confirmation (c.parker) 7.59
06 malaga moon/ann jjj (j.j. johnson) 5.11
07 why indianapolis, why not indianapolis (j.j. johnson) 2.56 (inc.)
tt 44.03

additional lineage:
fm> ? > cdr in trade > eac (secure)* > tlh > flac (checked for sbe)


sample:  t04 chat (jjj) > opus defocus.mp3

Sep 292014

i was at a goodbye dinner for one of my wife’s professional contacts, but someone who i like a lot (both him & his wife, actually).  very sorry to see them leaving!  it’s sort of the nature of life, or at least our lives.

anyway, i was sitting next to another guest, philip, and we got to talking about jazz… philip said he had been fan of j.j. johnson.  me being me, that didn’t ring any bells of course, but so few names do.  but i looked through my cd’s and shows and sure enough, i’ve downloaded 3 shows by j.j. johnson.  dime strikes again!

this one, the oldest of the 3, was recorded in 1957 by swedish radio and (re?) broadcast a few years ago.  ‘dsgtrane’ shared it on dime back in 2011, but i don’t think i’ve listened to it (or either of the other j.j. johnson shows) since.  very nice!  thanks, philip, for mentioning it!  maybe i’ll share one of the other shows, just for a change of pace, in a couple of days.

j.j. johnson quintet
karlaplan studios, swedish broadcasting corporation
stockholm, sweden
14 june 1957

j.j. johnson, trombone
bobby jaspar, tenor sax
tommy flanagan, piano
wilbur little, bass
elvin jones, drums

01. intros & interview with j j johnson 2:31
02. thou swell 5:03
03. intro to undecided 0:08
04. undecided 3:35
05. intro to never let me go 0:05
06. never let me go 3:17
07. intro to it’s only a paper moon 0:05
08. it’s only a paper moon 5:05
09. intro to a night in tunisia 0:33
10. a night in tunisia 6:12
11. outro to j j johnson broadcast 0:29
tt 27:07

broadcast on swedish radio in march 2003

sample:  04. undecided.mp3

Sep 262014

sticking with that “graz” theme, here’s another that i downloaded at around the same time (mid 2011), also from a performance in graz.  but the similarities end there a bit… 11 trombonists vs 2 pianists?  hmmm.  both good, a bit different though.

the announcer does chat a bit between tracks, though, but not too much (unlike, say, most french announcers).

slide hampton & the world of trombones
graz, austria
11 august 2000
(“jazzsommer graz”)

locksley ‘slide’ hampton, robin eubanks, curtis fuller, earl mcintyre, benny powell, andrew williams, john david gibson, delfeayo marsalis, dennis wilson, douglas purviance, erich kleinschuster* (tb), dado moroni (p), reggie johnson (b), alvin queen (dr)

disc 1:

01. radio intro (0:54)
02. lester leaps in (14:06)
03. stolen moments (13:34)
04. someday my prince will come (10:02)
05. blues for erich* (16:10, fade out)

disc 2:

01. tune up (10:11)
02. lush life (10:52)
03: lament* (12:20)
04. maiden voyage* (8:26, fade-out)

lineage: orf radio broadcasts > analogue cable > dat (48 khz) > cd > hdd > audacity (tracking, editing) > flac 8

sound quality: a

sample:  04 maiden voyage.mp3


Sep 262014

it’s been a busy month, so i haven’t posted much.  in fact, another few days, and september would have been a complete washout here.  but things seems to be calming down a bit, and it’s a friday, so here’s something that should please.  on dime, the seeder ‘ladyface57’ said that there was a soundboard version “which originates from a cassette recording in mono.  this recording comes from a recent radio re-broadcast with better sound and in stereo.”

oscar peterson & count basie
grosser saal der arbeiterkammer
graz, austria
16 oct 1974

oscar peterson (piano – all tracks), count basie (piano – tracks 7 – 9), freddie green (guitar – tracks 7 – 9), niels-henning orsted pedersen (bass – tracks 3 – 6), bill davis (bass – tracks 7 – 9), skeets marsh (drums – tracks 7 – 9)

01: body and soul – 4:59
02: sweet georgia brown – 3:15
03: secret love – 5:20
04: woody ‘n’ you – 4:00
05: tenderly – 7:08
06: you look good to me – 7:22
07: on the sunny side of the street – 4:15
08: in a sentimental mood – 2:42
09: jumpin’ at the woodside – 2:38

total time: 41:41

recorded by orf @ grosser saal der arbeiterkammer (erroneously announced as “stefaniensaal”), graz (austria), october 16, 1974
lineage: orf radio broadcast –> digital cable –> cd –> hard disc –> cd wave editor (tracking, editing, fades) –> trader’s little helper (flac 8)

sample:  02 sweet georgia brown.mp3