Aug 192016

Jimmy Witherspoon - Estival Jazz 1985_frontso who doesn’t like jimmy witherspoon?  here he is at the estival jazz 1985, one of a series of great seeds on dime (“a swissbird , simplexsimplicissimus & supermax release”).  but i’d never heard of rosay wortham (or, according to, more often rozaa wortham).  she’s great, but probably jsut far enough into the ‘soul’ category to escape my rather divided attention.  and internet searches return very little beyond what’s on discogs.  hmmm.  anyway, this show’s a bit hard to classify, some jazz, some soul, some blues, all great.  good “friday late afternoon” music too.

like all the swissbird releases, this is a phenomenal soundboard, i’ve downloaded a number of them from dime (in this case, a reseed by ‘langtang’ in january 2015).  actually, over a couple of days, i downloaded this show along with shows by gal costa (2006); maceo parker & the roots revisited (1993); new york jazz giants (1992); slickaphonics (1988); and patti austin (2004).  someone somewhere was busy, or maybe just trying to keep their ratio above the plimsoll line. has a list of most of the swissbird releases, if you’re curious.  and his comments made me realize that there’ve not been any lately.  wonder what happened to swissbird, simplexsimplicissimus & supermax?

cd covers from the original seed.

rosay wortham & jimmy witherspoon quartet
estival jazz
piazza della riforma
lugano, switzerland
2 july 1985

rosay wortham, vocals
jimmy witherspoon, vocals
(remaining lineup unknown)

01. opening jazz tune [6:16]
02. johnny joy [7:06]
03. let`s have a ball tonight [4:40]
04. the shadow of your smile [4:19]
05. love me all the time [4:16]
06. don`t mean a thing [3:59]
07. see baby ain`t i good to you [4:22]
08. big fine girl [3:03]
09. ain`t nobody`s business [4:48]
10. big boss man [4:14]
11. don`t got it [5:39]
12. moment`s notice [9:35]

tt 1:02:25

a swissbird , simplexsimplicissimus & supermax release

soundboard > dat > 1st copy > eac > wave > flac frontend (align on sector boundaries level 8) > torrent on

sample: t03 let’s have a ball tonight

Oct 312015

this is like a blast from the past, reminds me of the music i’d listen to in the dc / charlottesville area in the late 70s to mid 80s (if perhaps a bit more polished than some show then, eh?).  it sounds like a fantastic show and this excellent good audience recording does it justice i think.  great show, great fun, i’da like to have been there.  so, here ya go for halloween… enjoy!

masters of the telecaster
city winery, new york, ny
20 sept 2015

roy buchanan birthday tribute

jim weider, g.e smith, john jorgenson & johnny hiland teles
josh dion – drums
jeff hill – bass

hot cha
last time
hey good lookin’
down by the river
i’m a ram
dark is the night
soul went down
big boss man
sweet dreams
treat her right
ge blues tune
drink up and go home > little sister

tt 2:09:25

schoeps mk4 v > lunatec v3 > sony pcm m10 > wav > flac

sample:  t02 Lucille.mp3


Jan 062015

Mose Allison Coverhappy new year. here’s just something i was listening today, that i downloaded in february last year (already that’s last year!  the annual shock.)  it was new to me (but then so much is… that’s what ya get for listening to radio for years and paying no attention to announcers), and is a bit different than most other jazz vocals that i’ve heard.  i’m definitely going to have to get me some of mose allison’s albums.

mose allison trio
the jazzhaus
lawrence, ks
25 feb 1983

early set

mose allison, piano and vocals
bryan hicks, bass
scott robinson, drums

01) introduction
02) ? instrumental
03) city home (mose allison)
04) if you’re going to the city
05) i ain’t got nothin’ but the blues (duke ellington, don george)
06) hey, good lookin (1951) (hank williams, sr.)
07) meet me at no special place (nat king cole)
08) if you only knew (mose allison)
09) you are my sunshine (governor jimmie davis)
10) i don’t want much (mose allison)

tape flip

11) fool’s paradise (charles brown)
12) look what you made me do (mose allison)
13) how much truth? (mose allison)
14) i love the life i live, i live the life i love (willie dixon)
> band intros/outro

second set

01) instrumental
02) lost mind (percy mayfield)
03) look here (mose allison)
04) everybody cryin’ mercy (mose allison)
05) your molecular structure > one of these days (both by mose allison)
06) feel so good
07) do nothing till you hear from me (duke ellington, bob russell)

tape flip

08) the seventh son (willie dixon)
09) hello there, universe > your mind is on vacation (mose allison)
10) i don’t worry about a thing (mose allison)
11) wild man on the loose
12) band intros/outro

sony cf-580 boombox (best guess) > tdk sa90 cassette tape > cleaned and demagnitzed nakamichi 680zx > realtk hd sound card > sound forge > > izotope rx3 noise reduction > adobe audition > izotope ozone 5 > flac frontend level 8 > dime

sample: d1 t7 Meet Me At No Special Place



Dec 222014

december hasn’t been a good month for this blog.  and doesn’t promise to get much better.  so, before we go on an xmas mini-break, here’s something a little different:  a good early show by bethesda’s own nighthawks, at the gone-but-not-forgotten cellar door.  wow, what a venue!  although i actually went to desperado’s, across the street, a lot more (more of this sort of music, and a bit cheaper which also helped).

i’ve never seen an audience or soundboard recording from desperado’s.  a quick search on dime turns up one, a 1980 albert collins show that looks pretty good, so i’m downloading that.  the description accurately calls it a “smoke filled bar”.  haha!  actually, the balcony there would have been a perfect place for taping, so it’s kind of funny that there’s not more.  opportunities missed…

anyway, this was uploaded to dime as a single untracked flac… i’ve tracked it.  it’s a great show and a good example of one of my favorite bands at the time (along with the allstars from charlottesville va, that’d make two).  i don’t know the lineup, but it was probably the same as normal for that period:  mark wenner – harmonica & vocals; jimmy thackery – guitar & vocals; jan zukowski – bass; pete ragusa – drums & vocals.  there’s a bit of a ‘hawks floooooood going on right now, so i’ve stocked up on vintage 70’s & early 80’s nighthawks, including the george thorogood show when

the nighthawks were playing a gig across the street at a place called desperados at the same time the destroyers were playing here at the cellar door. the destroyers and the nighthawks were playing “madison blues” at the exact same time, so george and jimmy thackery (lead guitar and vocals for the nighthawks) walked out of their own gigs, passed each other in the street and joined with the other band. both george and jimmy sang a few verses and soloed a bit with the opposite band and returned to their own gigs to finish out the song!!!

now if i could only get my hands on the nighthawks side of that…

the nighthawks w/ pinetop perkins
the cellar door, georgetown
washington, dc
23 july 1975

1 shake and fingerpop [l.t.horn, a.dewalt, w.j.woods] (5:54)
2 tripe face boogie [b. payne, r. hayward] (3:06)
3 bright lights, big city [jimmy reed] (3:43)
4 (tuning) (0:57)
5 meet me in the bottom [john lee hooker] (4:00)
6 memo from turner [mick jagger, keith richards] (4:03)
7 i’ll go crazy (2:32)
8 intro to second show (0:17)
9 bring it on home [teddy reig, henry williams] (2:57)
10 can’t get next to you (3:35)
11 next time you see me [bob weir, robert hunter] (3:17)
12 (chat) (0:43)
13 little by little (2:33)
14 (chat) (0:23)
15 that’s alright [jimmy rogers] (3:10)
16 tripe face boogie [b. payne, r. hayward] (3:06)
[dead air 0:40 omitted] (–)
17 (intro for pinetop perkins) (0:58)
18 red hot mama (fine little mama) [elmore james?] * (6:04)
19 it hurts me too [tampa red, elmore james] (7:37)
20 madison blues [elmore james] (4:36)
21 shake your moneymaker [elmore james] (5:31)

tt 1:09:01

* pinetop perkins on piano

the show was seeded on dimeadozen as 1 un-tracked .flac file in dec-2014. i’ve tracked it, trimming 4-5 seconds
of dead air at the start & end, and 40 seconds of dead air between tracks 16 & 17 (actually, it sounds as if the
two tracks overlap a bit; that overlap was in the original). btw, to me it seems both that the first song might
have been cut & faded in, and also that the first show seems a bit short; that might just be me, but i suspect
that this is not the complete show (i.e. i think that the beginning of 1st show is missing).

this was seeded (presumably in a tracked version) on dime first april 2007 (#140917) and again in
july 2009 (#256305), both times by “dub_irie”. at this point (dec-2014) i don’t find dub_irie listed on dime.

source per original info file
2 shows/sets opening for muddy waters
stereo audience recording
unk mics/rec > c > c > d

additional source:
flac (source as above) > cd wave editor (tracking) > flac


10 can’t get next to you (3:35)

13 little by little (2:33)