Dec 262018

while this was shared by ‘dandrews’ in august, on dime, i didn’t actually download it until today.  it’s short, but the sound seems very good, and it’s a classic selection.  i also downloaded a longer show (also from 1968) which included an interview – did you know aretha franklin couldn’t read music?  she did it all by ear – but i preferred this one.  i was demuxing this anyway, but (except for the sample) didn’t track this.  enjoy!  and i hope you all had a good christmas & have a happy new year!

aretha franklin
‘berns salonger’
stockholm, sweden
8 may 1968

1. (you make me feel like) a natural woman
2. come back baby
3. dr. feelgood (love is a serious business)
4. since you’ve been gone (sweet sweet baby)
5. i never loved a man (the way i love you)
6. chain of fools
7. respect

tt 26:46

video lineage:
svt1 broadcast > panasonic nv-hd101eb hi-fi vcr > maxell ‘high grade’ e-240 vhs tape > panasonic nv-hd101eb hi-fi vcr >
pioneer dvr-720h dvd-recorder (transferred in hq ‘fine’ mode) > dvd-r master > clonedvd2 (‘video_ts’

video: pal 25fps (mpeg-2), 4:3 aspect ratio (720×576)
audio: pcm stereo @ 16bit/48khz (although the performance soundtrack is in mono)

demux lineage:
as above > ffmpeg > flac

demuxed using ffmpeg command
ffmpeg -y -i “concat:vts_01_1.vob|vts_01_2.vob” -vn “aretha franklin 1968-05-08 berns salonger, stockholm sweden (demux).flac”

original audio: pcm (big/signed, dvd-video); cbr 1536 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 48.0 khz; bit depth 16 bits
duration 14:58 + 11:47 = 26:45

demux audio : pcm (little/signed) ; cbr 1536 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 48.0 khz; bit depth 16 bits
duration = 26:46

comments from video info file:
this is a 1st generation vcr recording of the 26-minute aretha franklin show at berns salonger, stockholm,
and filmed by swedish television.
(note, this is a different performance to the one circulating as an fm audio broadcast, which was recorded
at the show in konserthuset on may 2nd.)
this was taped from a broadcast of the ‘musikbyrån’ tv show in 2000.

please note that there are no index points/track markers on this recording, and no menu either.

classic soul!!!

august 2012

sample: t01 (you make me feel like) a natural woman.mp3

Dec 202018

while i think that you simply cannot go wrong with eddie ‘lockjaw’ davis, ever, i was a bit skeptical about sax, organ, guitar and drums.  well, ok, not very skeptical about the drums and i do like organ music more than i used to.  but no: it’s a corker of a show alright, and ‘plan a’ was quite right: you can’t go wrong etc etc.  sadly these guys are all gone now.  shared on dime by ‘cosmikd’ in march this year.

update:  rather bizarrely, a few minutes after posting this, i was browsing through the jazz postings on past daily, and ran across this same show from a posting that gordon skene put up there back in july.  that site is worth a good browse, regularl.  although mr. skene only seems to post mp3/128 (why?), he’s got a lot of great stuff, particularly (for me) old jazz radio broadcasts from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  it’s a patreon-funded site, which is an interesting concept (and yes, actually, i do fund a few sites in a small way, including past daily).

wild bill davis quartet
studio 105, maison de la radio, paris, france
january 24, 1976

wild bill davis (organ)
eddie ‘lockjaw’ davis (tenor sax)
billy butler (guitar)
oliver jackson (drums)

01 loose walk (sonny stitt) 5:04
02 leapin’ on lennox (eddie ‘lockjaw’ davis) 7:02
03 i don’t stand a ghost of a chance with you (victor young) 4:53
04 honky tonk (bill doggett) 4:55
05 cute (neal hefti) 4:33
06 jitterbug waltz (fats waller) 3:34
07 in the evening (when the sun goes down) (leroy carr) 3:08
08 the shadow of your smile (johnny mandel) 3:41
09 misty (erroll garner) 4:27
10 lester leaps in (lester young) 5:59
11 avalon (al jolson, buddy desylva, vincent rose) 6:21
12 don’t get around much anymore (duke ellington) 7:02
13 you go to my head (john frederick coots) 5:03
14 sweet georgia brown (ben bernie, maceo pinkard) 3:21
15 true blues (milt jackson) 4:29
16 rhapsody in blue (george gershwin) 2:49
17 blues in the night (harold arlen, johnny mercer) 2:59
18 cubano chant (ray bryant) 6:48
19 the girl from ipanema (antônio carlos jobim) 3:10
20 i can’t get started (vernon duke) 4:16
21 april in paris (vernon duke) 6:43
22 jumpin’ with symphony sid (lester young) 6:09


fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcasts : les légendes du jazz, france musique, march 17 & 18, 2018

t06 jitterbug waltz.mp3
t08 the shadow of your smile.mp3
download:  WildBillDavis_1976-01-24_(w_EddieLockjawDavis) (FF)

Dec 152018

not much to say about this:  just good jazz that i sometimes think i could listen to all day.  need more be said, really?  i was sorry not to find any webpage for justin robinson, as i thought he was very good  here, so i added a bio on  shared on dime by ‘elgaucho’ in march 2014.

also in the news, i finally updated the listing of all posts here.  lot of catchup, but a quick mysql query, dump the details into excel and finish the html formatting there… and didn’t even take long.  looking at the list, i realized that this blog has been up 6 years, as of last month, and this makes 275 shows (almost all of which are still available here).

willie jones iii quintet
duc des lombards
paris, france
11 march 2014, early set

willie jones iii, drums
justin robinson, alto saxophone
eddie henderson, trumpet
danny grissett, piano
darryl hall, bass

01- presentation of the musicians by wj
02- in the spur of the moment
03- ut (from the c. brown / m. roach quintet song book)
04- ut (fades in)
05- jitterbug waltz
06- what’s new ?
07- what is this thing called love ?
08- cheryl

71 minutes

source : tsf, fm / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: t06 what’s new.mp3

Dec 122018

here’s a show by my current favorite trumpet player, avishai cohen, with his siblings.  this show was part of a 3-week tour of europe for the release of their (then) new cd “family“, released in may 2012 in europe (october 2011 in the us). they performed a number of tracks from the cd.  a great show, but i need to listen to yuval and anat a bit more too… this was shared by ‘tomyoungster’ on dime back in sept 2012.

the 3 cohens sextet
kulturzentrum schlachthof
bremen, germany
23 may 2012

the three cohens
yuval cohen, soprano saxophone
anat cohen, tenor saxophone & clarinet
avishai cohen, trumpet
yonathan avishai, piano
omer avital, bass
franck agulhon, drums

01 it could have been uganda (avishai cohen) 7:30
02 song without words (yuval cohen) 9:25
03 band intro 3:23
04 with the soul of the greatest of them all (avishai cohen) 13:11
05 family (avishai cohen) 8:16
06 shufla de shufla (avishai cohen) 7:27
07 beõeretz ahavati (moni amarilyo, arr. amt glen) 8:55
08 the mooche (edward kennedy ellington) 17:08
09 indiana (m.: james frederick hanley, t.: ballard macdonald) 4:25
10 freedom (yuval cohen) 17:08
11 tiger rag (dominic james “nick” larocca) 8:29

tt 1:45:17

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact
nordwestradio, globale dorfmusik live, 2012-09-16

support the artists by buying their records.

updates nov-2018, by pete:
renamed files from “chohen” to “chohen” & corresponding corrections to filenames in the .ffp checksum
file. added an .md5 checksum file. added this updated info file, including adding instruments to the
line-up and the track times and correcting the line up. the drummer is franck agulhon per yuval cohen’s
announcement in track 3, not jonathan blake as shown in the original info file. blake was with the
group 10-16 may 2012, and agulhon 17-25 may 2012.

sample: t02 song without words.mp3

Dec 082018

this ended up here sort of backwards.  i’ve flagged the occasional show as for sharing here, and feeling like listening to something that i’d be sure to like while demuxing a few more videos, i filtered the list for those shows and picked one at random.  it’s a little gem of a show, with ray brown’s very solid trio and the added spice of three guests.  so of course, i’ve ended up posting this here instead of demuxing.  ‘ladyface57’ shared this on dime back in august 2011.

ray brown trio + guests
vienna, austria
13 may 2001

ray brown (bass)
larry fuller (piano)
george fludas (drums)

nicholas payton (trumpet)
regina carter (violin)
kevin mahogany (vocals)

01: fried pies – 5:44
02: mona lisa – 5:05
03: milestones – 5:53
04: up there – 4:04
05: ray brown introduces nicholas payton – 0:28
06: softly, as in a morning sunrise – 5:56
07: stardust – 7:51
08: night train – 5:32
09: ray brown introduces regina carter – 0:31
10: lady be good – 7:27
11: samba de orfeo negro – 6:44
12: chattanooga choo choo – 5:15
13: ray brown introduces kevin mahogany – 0:32
14: don’t get around much anymore – 3:30
15: skylark – 5:31

tt 1:10:10

lineage: unknown (cd-r from the magic box) –> hard disc –> trader’s little helper (flac 8)

source: orf broadcast
very good sound quality

samples: t02 mona lisa.mp3 and t06 softly, as in a morning sunrise.mp3
download: RayBrown_2001-05-13_trio&

Nov 282018

to make space, i have been archiving some shows that i have only in video format and demuxing them.  here’s one that, somewhat unusually, had audio in a lossless format (still a large enough file!).  been a while since i’ve posted any miles davis up here.  and almost as long without listening to any of his music from this period, so giving this a good listen was a lot of fun.

it’s mostly a very good recording, but has a few issues:  first, volume drops (and lost one track, i think?) for a brief period in the middle.  second, while it played with no problem in foobar2000, the .flac & underlying .wav show up as corrupt or truncated.  third, it’s not tracked (i’ve arbitrarily provided a sample of the first 10 minutes, without regard to the music).  finally, the date is questionable: i think it may have been a day or two later, as far as i can tell from the internet, but i’ve left the date as it was.

miles davis
seattle center coliseum
bumbershoot festival
seattle, wa
4 sept 1987

miles davis – trumpet
kenny garrett – alto saxophone, flute
adam holzman – keyboards
darryl jones – bass
joseph “foley” mccreary – bass, guitar
ricky wellman – drums
mino cinelu – percussion

no setlist

tt 2:04:40

audio source: by mark severson
sony wmd6c dolby c
nak cm700 mini cardiod mics in hat
row 9 35ft, 10ft loc
maxell xliis

vhs transfer to dvd by yesvideo thru costco
audio transfered to 24 bit via audacity and sent to bruno for his magic touch
audio track built in sony vegas. synced in mkvmerge by lazyd

audio demux additional lineage:
as above > ffmpeg > standalone flac audio
flac was “truncated or otherwise corrupt” when tested with tlc. decoding also returned
errors. the file plays fine, despite the issues (at least in foobar2000).

shared on dime by “donegg” in aug 2016. audio demuxed by pete, nov 2018.
no setlist in the original seed. lineup is a guess posted on the dime tracker webpage) guess posted on the dime tracker webpage.

the original info file notes that the “first 15m35s missing from video. slideshow filler used. sync issues at times due to tape stretching”.
so there are probably some built-in audio issues.

sample: md 1987-09-04 1cam aud24 sample.mp3

Nov 222018

yesterday, i played dexter gordon all day long, and this show (or rather, shows: with a companion performance by stan getz) really struck my fancy.  it’s not as originally shared by ‘itzero’ on dime in oct 2010, as i’ve added the song titles to the filenames (“05.flac” is so prosaic!), and having done that, went ahead & split the two performances into two separate folders.  so, here’s a little thanksgiving treat for y’all.  enjoy!

meanwhile, it’s been a busy old time around here:  pharoah sanders last week, madeleine peyroux on tuesday and camille o’sullivan this saturday.  it never rains but it pours, i guess.  pharoah sanders himself was excellent, but the rest of the group without him didn’t thrill me (and the sound seemed off, particularly for the band); still, even with his rests, it was a pretty astounding concert for a man in his mid 70s.  madeleine peyroux’s show, on the other hand, had no sound issues and she seemed to be having a lot of fun – i know the audience did.  and next, it’s high hopes for saturday at the olympia & camille o’sullivan, who i saw in her amazing version of shakespeare’s ‘rape of lucrece’ (do not miss it, if you ever, ever get a chance).  then next week, it’s back to the local jazz scene — which is great!  i only wish i had time to go to more shows.

dexter gordon round midnight band
umbria jazz 1987
r.curi stadium
perugia, italy
saturday, 18 july 1987

d.gordon, tenor sax
b.hutcherson, vibes
c.walton, piano
p.michelot, bass
b.higgins, drums

1 bolivia trio 8’59”
2 little b’s poem 4et 11’27”
3 b.hutcherson presenting d.gordon 1’44”
4 round’midnight 13’22”
5 society red 17’37”
6 dexter speack 0’52”
7 fried bananas 16’59”
8 body & soul 14’48”
9 rhythm a ning 15’25”

source: soundboard aa

originally seeded with the dexter gordan “after midnight” band on the same day & location.
split into two separate folders; files renamed with song titles; filenames in the ffp &
md5 files updated; new info file (this file) created.

stan getz quartet
umbria jazz 1987
r.curi stadium
perugia, italy
saturday, 18 july 1987

stan getz, tenor sax
kenny barron, piano
rufus reid, bass
victor lewis, drums

10 el cahon 8’56”
11 soul eyes 7’57”
12 voyage 10’35”
13 yesterdays 10’10”
14 stella by starlight 10’26”

source: soundboard aa

originally seeded with the dexter gordan “after midnight” band on the same day & location.
split into two separate folders; files renamed with song titles; filenames in the ffp &
md5 files updated; new info file (this file) created.

sample: dexter gordon t08 body & soul.mp3
sample: stan getz t12 voyage.mp3



Nov 192018

here’s another:  french violinist didier lockwood playing with one of my favorite pianists, antonio faraò (no, not french).  curiously, as i was putting this together here, separate shows by lockwood and faraò were shared on dime.  there’s another faraò show here on cipjazz, btw.

didier lockwood and antonio farao quartet
duc des lombards
paris, france
7 january 2013
early set

didier lockwood, violin
antonio faraò, piano
darryl hall, bass
jean-pierre arnaud, drums

setlist :

01- ut 10:44
02- presentation of the musicians by didier lockwood 1:34
03- theme for bond (af) 13:13
04- arabesco (af) 15:36
05- positive life (af) 15:25
06- ut 13:35
07- impressions (jc) 11:27

81 minutes

source : tsf (fm) / uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: t01.mp3

Nov 152018

following on the last post, here’s a french group that i’d noted a few months ago (yet another long delay before really coming to my attention:  cosmikd shared this on dime, back in 2011; that’s two in a row from him, actually… let’s give a big shout out to cosmikd!).

it’s a disappointment that there’s no real jazz show, broadcasting concerts, left on the air here in ireland (though there is a little bit of jazz).

mourad benhammou & jazzworkers quintet
studio charles trenet, radio france
paris, france
15 october 2011

mourad benhammou (drums, direction)
fabien mary (trumpet) or on twitter
david sauzay (tenor sax, flute)
pierre christophe (piano)
michel rosciglione (double bass)

01 the smart set/king swing 8:05
02 perk’s snare 9:04
03 sweet georgia bright 6:04
04 with malice toward none 7:11
05 too short 5:55
06 moonglow 5:04
07 anna 7:03
08 rochelle/lil’ abner 7:52

tt 56:18

dvb-s > skystar2 > kaffeine (mp2 256 kbs, 48 khz) > ffmpeg (wav conversion) > wavelab > flac (level 8)
broadcast : jazz sur le vif, france musique, 29 oct 2011

sample: t05 too short.mp3

Nov 142018

listening to this, i thought that it might be time for me to dig into french jazz musicians a bit more.  actually, what got me thinking that was looking up these musicians on the internet:  like gildas boclé, who apparently has a brother jean-baptiste who is also a musician; or sébastien texier, who has played with his father, henri texier among others.  and then recently, i downloaded a couple of shows by marc ducret.  and all that got me thinking of françois corneloup (one of my earliest, and rather flawed, off-the-air recordings was a concert of his).  well, i stopped there before i could disappear down a rabbit hole.   now if we could only get french dj’s to shut up…. anyway, this show was shared on dime by cosmikd back in early 2011.

edouard bineau wared quartet
studio charles trenet, radio france
paris, france
8 january 2011

edouard bineau (piano)  or also
daniel erdmann (tenor sax)
gildas boclé (double bass)
arnaud lechantre (drums)
guest :
sébastien texier (alto sax, clarinet)

01 rootless (bineau) 9:01
02 je me suis fait tout petit (georges brassens) 9:35
03 intro 0:13
04 charmeur de pierre (bineau) 9:49
05 wandering (bineau) 5:17
06 maman rose (bineau) 5:11
07 intro 0:56
08 wared (bineau) 9:37
09 big foot (bineau) 10:12

tt 59:56

dvb-s > skystar2 > kaffeine (mp3 256 kbs, 48 khz) > ffmpeg (wav conversion) > wavelab > flac (level 8)
broadcast : jazz sur le vif, france musique, 5 feb 2011

sample: t05 wandering.mp3