Jul 132020

here’s something from a little further afield that i played right after roxy coss — yes, it was all about alphabetical proximity, as you’ll no doubt agree if you like browsing in bookstores or, for that matter, music stores.  i don’t miss lp’s clicks, pops and skips, but the album covers, now… it’s interesting that even pure-digital albums still have covers.  anyway, there are a few folks down in argentina who post jazz on dime, from time to time, and this one struck my fancy.

rodrigo agudelo quinteto
bar la muestra
rosario, santa fe, argentina
23 april 2011

rodrigo agudelo (guitar)
leandro zappino (contrabass)
luciano ruggieri (drums)
leonardo piantino ( alto sax)
pablo devadder (tenor sax)

1- el que desaparece
3-el brujo
4-blues for jack
6-throughout ( frisell)
7- playa mulatos
8- la salamance

all compositions by agudelo except marked

aud unknown gear —flac file trade

sample: Rodrigo Agudelo 2011-04-23 Rosario, Argentina t4 Blues for Jack
download: RodrigoAgudelo_2011-04-23_LaMuestra_RosarioArgentina.zip