Apr 302020

i sort of go out of my way to download christmas concerts, even though my wife hates xmas jazz.  i ran across this one lurking with “non-seasonal” jazz, so i gave it a listen before moving it to the xmas jazz collection.  super!  this may be my favorite so far and while i don’t think this one will change her mind, it might change yours.  so here it is — christmas in april!  a little present under the tree for international jazz day.  and it might be a good day to buy a cd or download, and give a little april xmas cheer to a jazz musician.

also, on sarah hughes’ site, she has links to several of shows from 2018 (hosted on the internet archive).

a post-cool yule :
the brad linde quartet + brass
arrangements by sarah hughes and brad linde
take 5!
kogod courtyard
smithsonian american art museum
washington, dc
20 dec 2012

brad linde : tenor sax, baritone sax, clarinet, arrangements
sarah hughes : alto sax, soprano sax, flute, arrangements
tony martucci : drums
tom baldwin : contrabass
corey wallace : trombone
dave ballou : trumpet
griff kaz : trumpet
ryan mcgeorge : valve trombone, euphonium

set 1:
01. jingle bells
02. snowfall (claude thornhill)
03. carol of the bells
04. christmastime is here (vince guaraldi)
05. deck the halls

set 2:
01. i saw three ships
02. a merrier christmas (thelonious monk)
03. silent night
04. o christmas tree

tt 1:37:53

sp-cmc-25 mics > tinybox > roland r-05 (line in @ 24/96) >
audition 3 (cross-mix channels 75-25, level boost, editing, dither) >
tlh (flac, level 8, sectors aligned)

sample: s1t4 christmastime is here.mp3
download: PostCoolYule_2012-12-20_BradLinde4tet_WashingtonDC.zip

Apr 252020

i’ve been listening to this on-and-off all day, as i pop in and out doing various tasks.  not the best way to listen to a 2+ hour show, with most pieces clocking in over 15 minutes, but this is holding up well enough for a second, uninterrupted, airing.  this is a bit slow, sometimes even a bit melancholy, in parts (well, ok, i’m thinking of track 3 in particular) but don’t let that put you off.  and this is an excellent audience recording by (i assume) ‘yaqwedc’ who shared it (thanks!).

lew soloff quartet
count davis
linz, austria
8 march 2009

lew soloff: trumpet
jean-michel pilc: piano
francois moutin: bass
billy hart: drums

1. set
01. night and day
02. intro
03. the meaning of the blues
04. sharp turns
05. livin’ in you

2. set
06. mean what you said
07. orga
08. round about midnight medley
09. encore

tt 2:14:20

source: edirol(r09) to wave – cut/fade with adobe audition – wave to flac8 with dbpoweramp

lew soloff ist einer von den seltenen musikern, die in ihrer vielseitigkeit und wandlungsfähigkeit so wie gut wie absolut einzigartig sind: als lead trompeter in jedem stil zuhause, vom big band jazz zum jazz rock, vom hardbop zum salsa und pop, aber auch als solist ein wunderbar innovativer musiker. so ist er einer der gefragtesten trompeter für studio und bühne. begonnen hat lew soloff als trompeter und gründungsmitglied der sensationellen jazz rock band „blood, sweat & tears“ und gewann mit dieser formation neun goldene schallplatten und einen grammy.  seine mitstreiter sind einmal die beiden franzosen jean-michel pilc und francois moutin, die aber seit einigen jahren in new york als gefragte begleitmusiker etabliert sind. der amerikanische drummer billy hart komplettiert das quartett.  er hat in den 40 jahren seiner karriere mit den absoluten spitzenmusikern der welt gespielt: herbie hancock, gerry mulligan, eddie harris, the new york jazz quartet, nur um einige zu nennen.  und zusammen sind sie alle ebenso vielseitig wie ihr bandleader.

lew soloff is one of those rare musicians who, in its versatility and adaptability as well as absolutely unique: as a lead trumpeter in any style home, from big band jazz to jazz-rock, from hardbop to salsa and pop, but also as a soloist, a wonderfully innovative musicians. he is one of the most sought after trumpeters for studio and stage. lew soloff began as a trumpeter and founding member of the sensational jazz rock band “blood, sweat & tears” with this and won nine gold records formation and a grammy.  his collaborators are again the two frenchmen, jean-michel pilc and francois moutin, but since a few years in new york as demand accompanying musicians are established. the american drummer billy hart completes the quartet. he has worked in 40 years of his career with the absolute top musicians in the world played: herbie hancock, gerry mulligan, eddie harris, the new york jazz quartet, just to name a few. and together, they are all just as versatile as her band leader.

sample: t04 sharp turns.mp3
download: LewSoloffQuartet_2009-03-08_CountDavis_LinzAustria.zip

Apr 242020

this show was a couple of years after les mccann returned to music, several years after his stroke.  it’s a fun show, from a musician who’s back in his groove.  this is the sort of thing i used to listen too all the time, but which i thought of as more blues than jazz mostly.  whatever, running across it on the usb drive was like slipping on a comfortable old pair of trousers.

how’s everybody tonight?  two, three, four, yeah, happy to be here.

also:  where i can’t find an artist’s website, i’ve started adding instead other links, to something hopefully a bit biographical.

les mccann & m’jobi
‘jazz open’
stuttgart, germany
17. juli 2004

les mccann – fender rhodes, voc
ronnie cuber – saxaphone
cornell dupree – guitar
gordon edwards – bass
buddy williams – drums
more musicians (?) unknown

cold duck time
what’s going on
little blue volkswagen car
a little 3/4 for god & co
someday we’ll met again

t.t.: 59′,29”

tv-broadcast>hifi video-master>acoustica wave editor>hd>cdwav>flac frontend level 8>cdr (audio) or cdr (flac)

sample: t01 cold duck time.mp3
download: LesMcCann_MJobi_2004-07-17_StuttgartGermany.zip

Apr 192020

julia hülsmann is one of my favorite pianists, but in fairness a lot of that is because of her collaborations with theo bleckmann, who i like partly for his fine versions of songs by brecht, weill, eisler, etc.  but instead of a hülsmann/bleckmann show of weill or brecht covers (tempting! perhaps one of those will come later), here’s a super performance by the julia hülsmann trio.  turns out it’s not all about weill and brecht after all.

julia hülsmann trio
‘the end of a summer’
theater am goetheplatz
bremen, germany

julia hülsmann– p
marc muellbauer – b
heinrich koebberling – dr

disc 1
01. the end of the summer 07_23
02. announcement julia hülsmann 01:21
03. konbanwa 06:49
04. announcement julia hülsmann 00:41
05. kiss from a rose 05:54
06. announcement julia hülsmann 00:18
07. last one out 05:09
08. ulmenwall 07:11
09. announcement julia hülsmann 00:16
10. quint 04:52
11. unknown title 05:57

disc 2
01. announcement julia hülsmann 00:59
02. kauf dir einen bunten luftballon > zahlen bitte 12:08
03. announcement julia hülsmann 01:58
04. senza 06:17
05. gelb 06:37
06. announcement julia hülsmann 01:28
07. rond-point 04:39
08. announcement julia hülsmann 03:06
09. grand canyon 06:00
10. announcement julia hülsmann 00:51
11. whole lotta love 05:12

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium 2300 > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps)


sample: d1t03 konbanwa 06-49.mp3 and d1t07 last one out 05-09.mp3
download: JuliaHuelsmann_2009-03-20_trio_BremenGermany.zip

Apr 172020

i was feeling like some of my old favorites, and eddie lockjaw davis is certainly one of those.  this show was near the end of his long career, and this recording has a casual, intimate quality, between davis’s laid back playing, the recording itself (the notes have it as “b+” only) and the occasional background talk of people near the taper (maybe that’s why).  and at almost 2.5 hours, you can really settle in for the afternoon with a good book and the great eddie lockjaw davis.  go for it.  and the eponymous kimball of kimball’s east?   he passed away at 91 in 2011.

eddie “lockjaw” davis
kimball’s east
emeryville, ca, usa
june 14, 1985

eddie “lockjaw” davis – saxophone
buddy montgomery – piano
wyatt ruther – bass
eddie marshall – drums

disc 1: 71:17
1. day in day out (trio) – 8:10
2. just friends – 7:47
3. on green dolphin street – 8:16
4. just one of those things – 6:51
5. light and lovely – 8:19
6. it could happen to you – 6:53
7. a night in tunisia (piano trio) – 6:40
8. this can’t be love – 6:00
9. lover come back to me – 7:41
10. but beautiful – 4:38

disc 2: 77:34
1. wave – 9:03
2. robbin’s nest – 7:10
3. bye bye blackbird (incomplete) – 4:3
4. on the trail (inc.) – 5:16
5. theme – 2:16
6. all of you (trio) – 5:58
7. broadway – 6:01
8. corcovado – 8:52
9. avalon – 5:34
10. don’t blame me – 4:18
11. in a mellow tone – 7:58
12. love for sale (inc) – 6:56
13. theme – 3:32

total time 148:51

source: audience
sound: b+

sample: d104 just one of those things.mp3
download: EddieLockjawDavis_1985-06-14_KimballsEast_EmeryvilleCA.zip

Apr 122020

i was listening to a lovely show by barbara dennerlein that, shortly after i downloaded it in jan 2008, was released as spiritual movements no.2 — a super recording that you should check out if you like jazz organ.  so not that — though it was just lovely on an easter morning.  but now a few hours later, i find myself listening to more jazz organ in this peformance with emmanuel bex playing the organ along with the great philippe catherine and, coincidentally, the same aldo romano on drums as on this recent posting here.

bex-romano-catherine trio
jazz club live from the duc des lombards
paris, france
recorded and broadcasted on december 23rd, 2005

emmanuel bex : organ
philippe catherine : guitar
aldo romano : drums

disc 1
set 1 – 1/ a letter from my mother
2/ folk off
3/ embraceable you
4/ elsa (cut)

set 2 – 5/ ?
6/ danse pour victor
7/ open secret

disc 2
set 2 – 1/ ?
2/ softly as a morning sunrise
3/ fernando
4/ december
5/ manda (cut-end of program)

tt 1:46:45

lineage : fm -> hd -> cdwave -> soundforge -> wav. -> flac -> you
recorded and edited by svp, for you

sample: cd1 t04 elsa.mp3
download: Bex-Romano-Catherine_2005-12-23_DucDesLombards_ParisFrance.zip

Apr 102020

a beautiful friday afternoon here in dublin, time to kick back and listen to some super jazz by china moses.  enjoy!

china moses & band
niendorf, germany
4 july 2015

china moses voc
luigi grasso sax
pierre bauzerand keys
alexander davis b
shaney forbes dr

01 put it on the line
02 disconnected
03 blame jerry
04 lobby call
05 dinah’s blues
06 nicotene
07 breaking point
08 watch out
09 running
10 whatever

min 63:18

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

in concert 2015-09-19

sample: 07 breaking point.mp3
download: ChinaMoses_2015-07-04_NiendorfGermany.zip

Apr 042020

the name of this quartet has for some reason stuck in my head, a tiny bit of viral marketing for me anyway, probably due to associations with bebop, hard bop, post bop… though i don’t get that association, other than the word.  leaving that aside, it is a great name and this is a bit addictive, and long enough (set 1 is 50 mins, set 2 is 37 mins)  good thing it’s a weekend, eh?  having looked online, i suspect this could be broken up into tracks corresponding to pieces from the albums, but i’m of the same mind as punkjazz (who shared this on dime, and speaking of good monikers…): don’t mess with an uninterrupted set.  if they’d wanted tracks, they’d have stopped for a minute.

mathew shipp’s nu-bop quartet
miller theatre
nyc usa
october 27 2007


mathew shipp piano
daniel carter reeds, trumpet, flute, voice
william parker bass
guillermo e brown drums, electronics

2 sets played as continuous pieces……i walked in from intermission just as the 2nd set was starting, so there’s a few minutes where i’m still settling into my seat, and the sound is a bit distant

first set was recorded from the 4th row, 2nd set from the 10th row. somewhat boomy sound on the bass, but otherwise an excellent recording.

sample: set 1 24.00 to 34.00.mp3
download: MatthewShipp_NuBop4tet_2007-10-27_MillerTheatreNYC.zip

Apr 032020

if you’re looking for something a little different, check out the krzysztof penderecki page on ubu web, where there are a number of pieced by penderecki, including his to the victims of hiroshima among a number of assorted tracks.   it’s a fascinating site, where you can easily lose yourself in the huge amount of film, music, writing and what i’ll unfairly just lump into “other stuff”.  to get you started, there’s a handy top-ten page, with a lot of different people have listed their “top 10” selections.


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