Aug 032017

well, i was on a bit of a heath bros kick today.  which, by the way, is quite the way to get a day’s work in.  like those old lucky ads said:  picks you up when you’re down, calms you down when you’re tense.  etc etc.

started with jimmy heath and the heath brothers at mr c’s, 1978; followed by jimmy Heath at the ramada inn, august 17, 1975 (vol 1.. where’s vol 2 please?); finishing up with this fantastic show from japan in 1975, with both nat adderley (applause) and cedar walton (more applause), not to mention tootie heath!  actually, that last show was on twice, as i’d earlier trimmed 2-second gaps but had kept — and inadvertently played — the original files as well.  halfway through the second go-around… well, here ya go.  enjoy.  btw, times below may be off by 2 seconds or so. 🙂

jimmy heath and nat adderley
nhk 505
tokyo, japan
23 july 1995

nat adderley – cornet
jimmy heath – tenor/sop sax
albert tootie heath – drums
cedar walton – piano
ray drummond – bass

disc 1.
01 announcer speaker / winter sleeves / announcer speaker 15:50
02. sposin’ / announcer jh 5:27
03. round midnight / announcer jh 9:06
04. cedar’s blues / announcer jh 12:11
05. my heart stood still (ceder walton with trio, minus jimmy and nat) 8:17
06. worksong 8:55
total 59:48

disc 2
07. on the trail 12:32
08. announcer jh / no greater love/ announcer jh 5:45
09. announcer na / on green dolphin street / announcer jh 10:37
10. alone together/ announcer jh 7:18
11. gingerbread boy 10:44
total 46:56

total time 1:46:44

sound: a
source: radio > dime > tlh (decode) > wav > wavtrim 2.24 (trim space) > wav > tlh (re-encode) > flac level 5

additional comments:
downloaded from dime march 2008 (seeded by bluenote2005). there were 2-second gaps at the end of every track, which i have removed using wavtrim 2.24.   consequently, i have redone this info file and created new .md5 and .ffp files. — pete (dublin)


sample: d1 t06 worksong.mp3

covers by ‘angela’, downloaded in 2008 from comments on the dime tracker when i downloaded the original files.

Jan 272016

Jazz Masters Septet 1982-07-25 Umbria - coverran across this today, was listening to it as i worked away, and thought it might be time for a break.  ‘diego60’ shared this on dime in 2010, it’s his own audience recording.  the band is quite a line up, and are playing their hearts out, so it’s nice diego60’s recording came out as nicely as it did.  but be warned, tracks 3 & 4 should be a single track… the cutover is a little jarring (but gave me a conveniently small file to convert for a sample)

jazz masters septet
orvieto, umbria italy
25 july 1982

bill hardman tp.
bob berg t.s.
curtis fuller tb.
bobby hutcherson v.
cedar walton p.
buster williams b.
louis hayes dr.

01 cedar’s blues 18:30
02 lover man 20:37
03 firm roots 5:48
04 firm roots end 9:58
05 b.williams presenting the group 0:28

tt 55:23


audience recording (sony tcd 5, sony ecm 990 bidirectional)/chrome maxell xl2s/direct to cd with tascam professional cdrw402

this was the last concert of umbria jazz ’82 wonderful night very good group!!

sample:  t03 firm roots (start).mp3

Jul 122015

brought an ssd drive with around a hundred shows along with me on vacation, and i was listening to this show by the late cedar walton yesterday & today, on & off as we were in & out of our short stay flat here in dublin.  very nice, another “goody remaster”, and they are always very nice, from dr goody up on dime around two years ago.  make that fantastic, this is a fantastic show.  tip o’ the hat to the bold goody and in particular to the late cedar walton.

cedar walton trio
latitude st. germain
paris, france
21 march 1990

cedar walton – piano
david williams – bass
billy higgins – drums

disc 1
01 i’ve grown accustomed to her face
02 django
03 memories of you
04 theme for ernie
05 evidence – ruby, my dear
06 off minor
07 ’round midnight
08 blue monk – rhythm-a-ning
09 theme for red

disc 2
10 cedar’s blues
11 somewhere over the rainbow
12 cedar’s blues
13 lament
14 n. p. s.
15 fiesta española
16 on the trail
17 radio announcement
18 iron clad

tt : 141 minutes

goody remaster of a watten torrent:
watten’s source:
fm (jazz club, france musique)/yamaha kx500/audacity/xact >
goody’s additional lineage:
tlh (wav) > audition (hard limiting; click, pop & glitch repair;
tracking/splits/fades) > tlh (flac level 8; align sector boundaries; .ffp)

audio quality : a- (fm hiss)

goody’s comments:
i have no idea why there are 2 performances of “cedar’s blues”, but i’m not complaining! most likely, this broadcast was compiled from more than one date. watten’s original torrent had no splits for what are now tracks 10, 11 & 12. upon listening to a very long track 10 in the source, i discovered the other titles and tracked them for this edition. i also lowered the volume of all the tracks, as they were a bit hot and in the red, but not so that they appear distorted, fortunately. any big glitches i found are now repaired, and i came across many other little clicks, pops and static which i also did my best to repair or reduce. there may still be more of those here that i could have missed in trying to get this out to you, (hopefully, not,) to help celebrate cedar’s life and music. these performances are among his and the trio’s best. and what a trio it was! everyone gets multiple chances to really shine.

many thanks to watten for sharing his great recording!

rip cedar walton (and, of course, master higgins)
text updated for this edition – 8/20/13

sample: t11 somewhere over the rainbow.mp3