Jul 072019

i was watching the 1955 version of guys & dolls, with frank sinatra and marlon brando a week or two ago, and ‘if i were a bell’ has popped up a number of times since, including this fun performance from cleo laine.  and it is fun! which is more than i can say for brando’s singing in the movie (not that he ever sang ‘ding dong ding dong ding’… that would have been a real treat), though he was a good choice in other respects.   they must have been thinking of this movie when they made paint your wagon.

cleo laine, johnny dankworth, and guests
uk tv special 1980

cleo laine – vocals
johnny dankworth – saxophones

henry mancini – piano
stephane grappelli – violin
sky (uk prog rock band)

01 if i were a bell
02 cavatina
03 wave
04 it can’t be love
05 the days of wine and roses
06 track 06
07 nuages
08 cannonball
09 track 09
10 music

standalone tv sound tuner -> revox b77 -> alesis masterlink (track splits, fades) -> cdr -> eac to flac
no dsp applied

sample: t01 if i were a bell.mp3
download: CleoLaine_1980-xx-xx_UK_TVSpecial_w_Grappelli_Mancini.zip

Jul 012019

here’s a nice bit of straight-ahead italian jazz that alphaboogie shared on dime back in november 2011.  just hit lucky on a random dive into the “r” part of the alphabet. [edit] this is actually the 2nd show from rosario gulliani up here – i didn’t realize that when i posted this, but it seems to have worked better for me this time than last!

here’s an updated info file, fixing some names (easier than re-zipping the files).

also, i’ve added a new hosting service.  hope it works out ok for you.

rosario gulliani quartet
28 april 2001

rosario gulliani: sax
pietro lussu: piano
dario rosciglione: bass
marcello di leonardo: drums

set list *
01 mimi  9:37
02 remy  8:38
03 root song  13:57
04 ut  11:45
05 love for my mother  4:49
06 my mans benny  13:34
07 oriental folk song  14:55
08 the awaking of the creature  15:12

tt 1:32:36

* the order of the set list is not the same order of the tunes during the concert.

broadcast source fm jazz club
fm to wav to flac
edit in soundforge pro 10

by ((craf[°=°]tape))

sample: t03 root song.mp3
download RosarioGiuliani_2001-04-28_SunsideParisFrance.zip