Sep 242016

shorty-rogers-at-the-rendevous-1951-1953-frontsometimes the thought really is as good as the deed.  here are two short performances by shorty rogers (among others!), live at the rendezvous ballroom in sunny balboa beach, california, from the early 1950s.  given the age of the recordings, these are phenomenal recordings.  i’ve always heard about ‘west coast jazz’, ‘west coast sound’, but never really thought about it much.  now, the next stop will be shelly manne, no doubt.  anyway… enjoy!

shorty rogers
rendezvous ballroom
balboa ca
late 1951

art pepper, chet baker, bob enevoldsen, gerry mulligan
hampton hawes, joe mondragon, lawrance marable

shorty rogers – trumpet
chet baker – trumpet
bob enevoldsen – valve trobone
art pepper – alto sax
probably also wardell gray – tenor sax (name stated at 0:16 of #3)
gerry mulligan – baritone sax
hampton hawes – piano
joe mondragon – bass
lawrance marable – drums

1. popo
2. ?
3. apropos
4. ?
5. godchild
6. ?

tt: 25:59

lineage: unknown

jam session 100
1953 july 11
the rendezvous ballroom, balboa beach, ca

shorty rogers, trumpet
conrad gozzo, trumpet
mayanrd ferguson, trumpet
bob enevoldson, trombone
unknown, trombone
unknown, trombone
herb geller, alto sax
jack montrose, tenor sax
bill perkins, tenor sax
bill holman, baritone sax
unknown, tuba
lorraine geller, piano
john simmons, bass
chuck flores, drums

lineage: boot lp “jam session record no. 100” (js-100) > wav > flac
sound quality: mono recording, b+/a-

side 1
01 sometimes i’m happy
02 how high the moon
03 short snort [removed, official release, proper box]

side 2
01 take the a train
02 c jam blues
03 the great lie
04 buzzy [removed, official release, proper box]

reference note:
there were four records made in this “jam session” series,
and one, js-103, has already been posted on dime to good effect

shorty rogers 1951-xx-xx rendevous t05 godchild.mp3
shorty rogers 1953-07-11 jam session 100 t01-2 how high the moon.mp3


Nov 242015

thought it might be time for another bit of warne marsh…  always welcome, eh?

warne marsh & art pepper
north hollywood, ca
26 january 1977

art pepper, as
warne marsh, ts
lou levy, p
monty budwig, b
nick ceroli, d

01 night and day 14:19
02 but beautiful 13:12
03 i’ll remember april 15:06
04 billie’s bounce 18:00
05 subconscious-lee 12:14
music a++
recording b / b+

audience recording?
traded cdr > eac > flac
eac log file included. timings above from eac logfile rather than discography below as they differ very slightly.

in the posting on dimeadozen, the seeder watty62 said that

according to jack goodwin’s discography of warne marsh, there is a missing sixth track (see details below).
06 medley:
1-lady be good feat. levy
2-easy living feat. marsh
3- you go to my head feat. pepper (inc.) total – 7:00” ,

and another dime member said they had that… but i didn’t see them seed it ever.  oh well.

sample:  t05 subconcious-lee.mp3


Apr 122013

here’s one of the last concerts by the great art pepper, recorded just a week after “art pepper: unreleased art, vol. 1”.  possibly from an fm broadcast — the quality is fantastic.  go out now, and buy some art pepper cd’s (i’m planning on getting “the route”, art pepper & chet baker, plus whatever else catches my eye).

art pepper quartet
unknown venue
tokyo, japan
28 november 1981

art pepper as,cl (2)
george cables p
david williams b
carl burnett dr

1) 16:00 bésame mucho
2) 05:45 when you´re smiling
3) 10:50 everything happens to me
4) 07:55 straight life

source/ lineage/ /quality: fm – copy from master –revox a 77 – denon cdr 1000 – audacity – flac – dime – a-

sample:  04 Everything Happens to Me.mp3