May 122023

well, a bit of a hiatus, but we’re back!  today has been the day for dualing tenor saxophones, as in addition to this 2-hour show, i went on a bit of a nicole glover rampage including miki’s mood 65 feat. nicole glover chris lewis & marty jaffe – lockjaw/johnny griffin 2 tenors! on youtube, which i’d also recommend, and a very old (2011) interview with nicole glover by the oregon music news.  but seriously, can you ever get enough of eddie lockjaw davis & johnny griffin?  no you cannot! but i’ll take generous side helpings of pope & bowen and glover & lewis as well, thank you very much.  anyway, this is a just an ok recording but i like it:  the bass & drums are to forward, and sometimes it sounds as if pope & bowen have wandered away from the microphones.  maybe they did…

odean pope & charles bowen
rf club
philadelphia, pennsylvania
1 feb 1981

odean pope – tenor saxophone
charles bowen – tenor saxophone
cornell rochester – drums
gerald veasley – electric bass
mc is probably buzzy wilson

cd one (56:55)
01. introduction to first set 0:27
02. buzzy (charlie parker) 10:54
03. ceora (lee morgan) 19:14
04. introduction to donna lee 0:34
05. donna lee (charlie parker) 7:26 (bowen & rochester out)
06. introduction to confirmation 0:22
07. confirmation (charlie parker) 17:55

cd two (59:18)
01. introduction to second set 2:39
02. oleo, part one (sonny rollins) 2:12
03. oleo, part two (sonny rollins) 16:43
04. introduction to easy living 0:09
05. easy living (ralph rainger & leo robin) 7:08 (pope out)
06. introduction to nommo 0:45
07. nommo (jymie merrit) 20:33
08. 52nd street theme (thelonious monk) 9:07 (fades out)

total time: 116:13

master audience cassette tape > total recorder > cd wave editor > cd > eac > flac > vuze > dimeadozen

sound is a bit rough at the beginning but it settles down after the first couple of minutes.

thanks to cw aka t for this recording.

you can donate to the tax deductible odean pope fund (

sample: Odean Pope & Charles Bowen 1981-02-01 Philadelphia t03 Ceora 192k

photo: odean pope at bach dancing & dynamite society, half moon bay, ca, usa 8/7/88 (probably 7-Aug-1988) © brian mcmillen, downloaded from wikimedia commons, the free media repository

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    [edit] thanks to those who messaged about the broken dl link! fixed now! [/edit]

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  6. Thanks! Odean pope’s a favorite.

  7. Hello. Please restore the entry zoot sims & al cohn – 17 oct 1978, sankei hall, osaka, japan. Thank you.

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