Jul 182020

this is perhaps the sort of thing that i generally prefer live, ideally in a small venue, but this audience recording worked very well for me and feels like it captured the show quite faithfully.

sean conly trio
brooklyn, ny
may 19 , 2018

sean conly – bass & composition
michaël attias – alto saxophone
tomas fujiwara – drums

1 ut
2 ut
3 ut

tt 44:29

aud zoom h2n – soundforge – flac

sample: Sean Conly Trio 2018-05-19 Ibeam, Brooklyn NY t1
download: Download

image is from sean conly’s website and is no doubt copyrighted by sean conly.


  4 Responses to “sean conly trio – 19 may 2018, ibeam, brooklyn, ny, usa”

  1. plgfysrxrw

  2. Pete, thanks for this, and good to see your increased activity recently! Hope all is well with you, Cheers, MonkSpheres

    • yes, all well, thanks! i’ve finally had time to come up for air. hope you’re also fine.


  3. […] made the (5 hour by car) trip to see both shows?  probably.  i realize this is the first concert in some time with no piano, just horns, bass & drums, so if  you’re in the mood for that, i think […]

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