Apr 232022

hans rettenbacher died in dec 1989, aged 50, and joe nay died in a car crash in dec 1990,  aged 56.  both very young.  r.i.p.

with radio studio recordings, i sometimes wonder to what extent a performance’s length was set by the show’s time slot.  not that all venues & performers don’t plan or expect how long performances will be; of course they do, but that’s a bit different.  if it’s a live broadcast, i assume the show and the performance have generally been fit to each other, like a recent live broadcast on rté raidió na gaeltachta (though it ran a few minutes over).  for broadcasts of shows in other venues, i pretty well assume the show has been trimmed, if not re-arranged to boot for reasons best know to the producers.  but studio performances like this… i like to think the band kept on playing, if they were in the mood.

joe nay sextet
orf landesstudio oberösterreich
linz (austria)
march 2, 1989

joe nay (dr)
allan botschinsky (tp)
curtis fuller (tb)
stan sultzman (ss,ts,fl)
john taylor (p)
hans rettenbacher (b)

01. back home to san francisco – 6:55
02. windfall – 9:06
03. just to one – 12:53
04. strugglin’ days – 9:05
05. boo’s delight – 11:58

tt 49:57

lineage: ö 1 radio broadcast (fm via analogue cable) > mc > cd > hd (flac 8)

sound: b + (tape hiss)

sample: t03 just to one 256k.mp3
download: JoeNay_1989-03-02_ORFStudios_LinzAustria.zip

photo:  a (apparently) stock photo of joe nay, from the internet.  also the only photo of him that i could find.

Jan 272016

Jazz Masters Septet 1982-07-25 Umbria - coverran across this today, was listening to it as i worked away, and thought it might be time for a break.  ‘diego60’ shared this on dime in 2010, it’s his own audience recording.  the band is quite a line up, and are playing their hearts out, so it’s nice diego60’s recording came out as nicely as it did.  but be warned, tracks 3 & 4 should be a single track… the cutover is a little jarring (but gave me a conveniently small file to convert for a sample)

jazz masters septet
orvieto, umbria italy
25 july 1982

bill hardman tp.
bob berg t.s.
curtis fuller tb.
bobby hutcherson v.
cedar walton p.
buster williams b.
louis hayes dr.

01 cedar’s blues 18:30
02 lover man 20:37
03 firm roots 5:48
04 firm roots end 9:58
05 b.williams presenting the group 0:28

tt 55:23


audience recording (sony tcd 5, sony ecm 990 bidirectional)/chrome maxell xl2s/direct to cd with tascam professional cdrw402

this was the last concert of umbria jazz ’82 wonderful night very good group!!

sample:  t03 firm roots (start).mp3
download:  JazzMastersSeptet_1982-07-25_UmbriaJazzFest.zip

Sep 262014

sticking with that “graz” theme, here’s another that i downloaded at around the same time (mid 2011), also from a performance in graz.  but the similarities end there a bit… 11 trombonists vs 2 pianists?  hmmm.  both good, a bit different though.

the announcer does chat a bit between tracks, though, but not too much (unlike, say, most french announcers).

slide hampton & the world of trombones
graz, austria
11 august 2000
(“jazzsommer graz”)

locksley ‘slide’ hampton, robin eubanks, curtis fuller, earl mcintyre, benny powell, andrew williams, john david gibson, delfeayo marsalis, dennis wilson, douglas purviance, erich kleinschuster* (tb), dado moroni (p), reggie johnson (b), alvin queen (dr)

disc 1:

01. radio intro (0:54)
02. lester leaps in (14:06)
03. stolen moments (13:34)
04. someday my prince will come (10:02)
05. blues for erich* (16:10, fade out)

disc 2:

01. tune up (10:11)
02. lush life (10:52)
03: lament* (12:20)
04. maiden voyage* (8:26, fade-out)

lineage: orf radio broadcasts > analogue cable > dat (48 khz) > cd > hdd > audacity (tracking, editing) > flac 8

sound quality: a

sample:  04 maiden voyage.mp3

download: SlideHampton_Graz_2000-08-11.zip