Sep 262017

even though i posted a george coleman show from 12 nov 1979 back in january this year, i can’t resist posting this one.  it’s a good recording but not perfect (the seeder or taper rated it b+), and oh my goodness but this goes on and on (though in fairness, it is over two nights).  so naturally, it was the first thing i put on a fresh usb drive for the car — currently more like a georgecolemanmobile, but then i don’t drive much here.

i’ve split the two nights into separate .zip files, but the info file & checksum files are for all files being in one folder.
update:  track 12 is apparently missing from the zip files, but can be downloaded at

george coleman quartet village vanguard april 16-17 1985 fixed
village vanguard nyc
april 16-17 1985

george coleman – tenor and alto sax
harold mabern – piano
al foster – drums
jamil nasser- bass
unknown on vocals track 22

tracks 01-11 april 16, 1985
tracks 12-29 april 17, 1985

01 it could happen to you 15:38
02 lollipops and roses 13:56
03 unknown blues 12:23
04 like someone in love 18:11
05 lo-joe/coleman announcements 01:04
06 the chief 13:49
07 somewhere in the night 16:18
08 new york housing blues 14:44
09 samba d’orfeo/theme 18:54
10 mr. pc 15:12
11 the masquerade is over 15:27
12 the song is you (incomplete) 08:24
13 someday my prince will come 19:16
14 i want to talk about you 24:10
15 subway ride 13:02
16 new york medley: i love new york/i’ll take manhattan/how about you/harlem nocturne/autumn in new york 17:49
17 new york, new york 05:15
18 ceora 18:52
19 unknown uptempo blues 17:40
20 stars & stripes/strike up the band 17:56
21 the song is you 06:13
22 lo-joe 00:25
23 you’re nobody til somebody loves you 01:49
24 uptempo blues 15:31
25 tadd’s delight 15:37
26 mohawk 12:17
27 something cool 05:13
28 tico tico 07:42
29 four 20:21

tt = 6:23:20

source: audience, probably cassette tape
sound quality: b+


thanks to bluenote2004 for the original seed of this in 2008. it listed the year and personnel incorrectly. many tunes were unidentified. some still are. check sound samples in comments.

sony soundforge pro 10.0 used to join fragments, redo track splits, eliminate blank spots between songs, equalize to boost bass with width of 1.4 octaves centered around 100 hz.

still needs pitch correction on some tracks – who can do?

07: interruptions during piano solo, with audio degradation and speed problems
16: interruption in sax solo between nocturne & autumn in ny. popping
18: beginning cut, interruption during piano solo
25: popping
26: popping, tape flip during piano solo
27: popping
27: popping

t08 ny housing blues.mp3
t26 mohawk.mp3


no covers today.

Nov 302015

this was seeded on dime by  ‘mtnview’ back in january 2009.  it lasted on the tracker for an amazing 2,227 days, and was downloaded 452 times.   this was also released as a bootleg twice, first on the fresh sounds label in 1990 and earlier this year on the hi hat label.

i can’t really add anything to mtnview’s summary:

to me, this is some of the best playing lee morgan’s group ever did, even though the sound quality is rough around the edges and the piano is a bit out of tune.

lee morgan
the both/and club
san francisco, california
source: fm radio broadcast
24 june – 4 july 1970

lee morgan: trumpet
bennie maupin: tenor sax
harold mabern: piano
mickey roker: drums
jymie merritt: bass

disc 1
1 peyote – 13:35
2 ceora – 16:20
3 speedball – 5:33
4 willow weep for me – 20:17
5 meofelia (?) – 13:29

disc 2
1 rakin’ and scrapin’ – 12:01
2 ujamma – 15:23
3 something like this – 12:59
4 ceora – 17:10
5 speedball/theme and closing 1:57

tt 2:08:49

sound quality b+, music a+

this is a recording made at the both/and club in san francisco, although it’s sometimes credited as “live at the lighthouse”. the liner notes from the blue note 3-cd live at the light lighthouse tell the full story. this was the gig they played right before the famous live at the lighthouse sessions in southern california and is not material released from blue note. to me, this is some of the best playing lee morgan’s group ever did, even though the sound quality is rough around the edges and the piano is a bit out of tune.

sample: t103 – Speedball.mp3


Apr 162015

when i found myself listening to this one a second time in a row, it seemed a likely candidate for a posting here.  again from dime (thanks to smegma0), this january just past.  and a fairly long show too, at almost 2 hours.

george coleman quartet
880 club
hartford connecticut
12 nov 1979

george coleman – tenor sax
harold mabern – piano
jamil nasser – bass
walter bolden – drums

0. introductions 2:34
1. sonnymoon for two 17:19
2. this masquerade/ 17:58
3. what’s going on/ 15:15
4. body & soul 21:18
5. on green dolphin street 24:00
6. summertime 17:51

total time: 1:56:14

lineage: fm (wwuh?) broadcast -> cassette -> <digitization> -> cd -> dbpoweramp rip -> flac -> audacity 2.0.5 for repair -> dime

background [from seeder]:
i got this from a friend i used to go to the 880 club with all the time in the late 70s/early 80s. he recorded this off the radio. i know nothing of the equipment used at any step but this was the lineage.

the transfers my friend made to cd were too hot and were direct from the cassette, it seems, not even edited to remove tape flips! so in audacity i had to reduce the levels, run the “clip fix” routine against the entire recording (one flac file at a time), clean up the start and end of most files (and the middle of some), and normalize. so if i can get my hands on his original cassettes i’ll redigitize them properly and re-distribute this really wonderful show.

songs 2 and 3 cut at the end.

sample:  t2 this masquerade.mp3