Apr 122020

i was listening to a lovely show by barbara dennerlein that, shortly after i downloaded it in jan 2008, was released as spiritual movements no.2 — a super recording that you should check out if you like jazz organ.  so not that — though it was just lovely on an easter morning.  but now a few hours later, i find myself listening to more jazz organ in this peformance with emmanuel bex playing the organ along with the great philippe catherine and, coincidentally, the same aldo romano on drums as on this recent posting here.

bex-romano-catherine trio
jazz club live from the duc des lombards
paris, france
recorded and broadcasted on december 23rd, 2005

emmanuel bex : organ
philippe catherine : guitar
aldo romano : drums

disc 1
set 1 – 1/ a letter from my mother
2/ folk off
3/ embraceable you
4/ elsa (cut)

set 2 – 5/ ?
6/ danse pour victor
7/ open secret

disc 2
set 2 – 1/ ?
2/ softly as a morning sunrise
3/ fernando
4/ december
5/ manda (cut-end of program)

tt 1:46:45

lineage : fm -> hd -> cdwave -> soundforge -> wav. -> flac -> you
recorded and edited by svp, for you

sample: cd1 t04 elsa.mp3
download: Bex-Romano-Catherine_2005-12-23_DucDesLombards_ParisFrance.zip

Mar 212020

here’s what i was listening to last night when i finished up work.

romano-sclavis-texier “african flashback”
cully jazz festival 2007
cully, swizerland
march 28, 2007

louis sclavis – bass clarinet, soprano sax
henri texier – bass
aldo romano – drums

1. daoulagad (pour guy le querrec) (texier) 11:34
2. berbère (texier) 6:48
3. le long du temps (sclavis) 5:10
4. locking the lobbies (romano) 6:25
5. annobon (romano) 7:39
6. african panther 69 / surreal politik (texier) 7:09
7. trois enfants (sclavis) 5:51
8. standing ovation (for mandela (romano) 6:53
9. les petits lits blancs (texier) 8:15
10. viso di donna (romano) [4:03] > unknown [theme?] (4:23) [encore, incomplete]

tt: 70:12

sound: a
source: rsr 2 “jazzz” / 2007-06-04
lineage: fm > hd > cool edit pro > flac (8,asb,verify)
recorded & seeded by ubu

sample: t05 annobon.mp3
download: RomanoSclavisTexier_2007-03-28-Cully.zip

Jul 282017

cezar asked for a bit of the fritz pauer trio feat. betty carter, after i mentioned it on this post.  i had planned something else to celebrate being home in dublin (coming up next!), but thought what the heck?  also, i listened to it.  yes, only 11 mins with the fritz pauer group, but the little bits & bobs from 3 separate shows worked very well together (not to mention a bit of cyrus chestnut!).  definitely worth sharing, so here you go, cezar.

tip of the hat to hamhen, who seeded this on dime in nov. 2011.

fritz pauer trio feat. betty carter-
betty carter (voc), fritz pauer (p), günther lenz (b), aldo romano (dr).
mainz (germany), 1968 (venue and exact date unknown).

1 thou swell
2 blue moon
3 everytime we say goodbye

betty carter quartet-
betty carter (voc), khalid moss (p), curtis lundy (b), lewis nash (dr).
“liederhalle”, stuttgart (germany), june 15, 1981.

4 there’s no you
5 i can’t help it
6 medley:
-social call
-what’s new

betty carter and her trio-
betty carter (voc), cyrus chestnut (p), jon roland ariel (b), clarence penn (dr).
ludwigsburg (germany), november 1, 1991. (recorded at the festival “ludwigsburger jazztage”)

7 30 years
8 deep night
9 open the door
10 what’s new


swr 2, october 18, 2011.

dvb-c (320 kbps/ 48 khz) > technotrend tt-1501 dvb-c pci card > harddisk.
edits were made with the mp3directcut software.

sample:  betty carter & fritz pauer 1968-xx-xx t1 thou swell.mp3
download: Betty_Carter_Germany_1968_1981_1991.zip

Apr 292013

i haven’t yet downloaded a show from dime and put it straight up here, but i’m making an exception for this, just seeded by “ksisit” on dime.  i have copies of some much older gato barbieri shows, but this might turn out to be my favorite of the lot!

gato barbieri´s complete reunion feat. enrivo rava
hr sendesaal
33. deutsches jazz-festival
frankfurt, germany
27 oct 2002

gato barbieri ts
enrico rava tp, flh
danilo rea p
rosario bonaccorso b
aldo romano dr

barbieri rava

01 intro 1:15
02 20:49
03 10:33
04 11:29
05 9:53
06 10:00
07 1:14
08 12:46

dig. radio broadcast – wavelab – cd – cdex – tlh – you

sample:  gato barbieri 2002-10-27 t3.mp3

download: Gato_Barbieri_2002-10-27_Frankfurt.zip