May 222022

here’s the last of this week’s three shows, and back to the trumpet with eddie henderson!  and finishing with my favorite of the three shows.  btw, this is not the 2003 album echoes also with henderson & de wilde in a quartet, which is currently on my wishlist.

eddie henderson & laurent de wilde quartet
paris, france
21 december 2012

eddie henderson (trumpet)
laurent de wilde (piano)
darryl hall (double bass)
laurent robin (drums)

01 blue in green 9:00 >
02 well, you needn’t 7:13
03 wilde interview 6:42
04 armageddon 13:26
05 jitterbug waltz 14:03
06 prince of darkness 9:02
07 goodbye 13:58
08 cantaloupe island 8:36 (cut out)

tt 82:00

fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : jazz club, france musique, live
interview by yvan amar

sample: t04 armageddon 256k.mp3
download:  EddieHenderson_Laurent de

photo:  cropped version of an undated, probably stock, photo of eddie henderson, from  used without permission

May 212022

here’s the second of the three shows mentioned.  a little different than the other two, being improvisation and something that you have to listen to (i.e. not for the car, nor over dinner!) but very much worth the time doing so.  if you like improvisation , you might take a look at the improvised music company (it’s from here in ireland); i’ve been to a number of shows they’ve put on, which always have been very good and which mostly i’ve enjoyed.

sidsel endresen & stian westerhus
elbjazz festival
kehrwieder theater
hamburg, germany
28 may 2011

1. guitar+voice improvisation 22:09

sidsel endresen – voc
stian westerhus – guitar, fx, electronics

cover artwork inside

fm recording 44.1khz wav by jpr
sound sample provided in comments section


more sidsel endresen at

more stian westerhus at

come and contribute to

seeded by fbauer on 2011-07-16

sample: endresen+westerhus_2011-05-28_6min_256k_sample.mp3

photo:  photo by svenn sivertssen of sidsel endresen and stian westerhus at nattjazz, 26 may 2011, downloaded from  creative-commons cc by-nc-sa 2.0 license.

May 212022

this is the first of 3 shows i’ve lined up.  been a rather busy week, but i dug some super shows out of the archive, including this one which made me realize that i’m on a bit of a trumpet jag lately.  always a good thing!  also: i realize just as about to post that the copy i have (and as uploaded) misspells gonzález.

also in the news, i’ve been listening to czech radio jazz (český rozhlas jazz) a lot lately, and recommend it.

jerry gonzález & the fort apache band
“jazzsommer graz”
graz, austria
july 14, 2000

jerry gonzález (tp,flh,announcements)
joe ford (ss,as)
bill o’connell (p)
andy gonzález (b)
steve berrios (dr,perc)

01. unknown tune [maybe ‘r.j.’ by ron carter?] (17:12)
02. evidence (10:00)
03. ann > timonbo (12:31)
04. ann > siempre junto a ti (18:07)

lineage: orf radio broadcast > analogue cable > mc > cd > hdd > audacity (editing, tracking) > flac 8

sound: a

sample: t02 evidence 256k.mp3

photo:  undated stock photo of a much younger jerry gonzález, from the internet.

May 132022

i moved from filefactory to 1fichier quite some time ago, and my ff subscription is running out in around a month.  so… those files might go missing.  if you have an ‘invalid download link’ issue on ff, just drop a note & i’ll see about uploading a fresh zip file to 1f.

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May 042022

still out of town, listening to this on a little bluetooth speaker the size of a pack of cards that has a surprisingly good sound.  i just threw a few shows on the laptop before i headed out, and really hit paydirt with this one.  aside from mark murphy’s super singing, all the musicians stretch their legs a bit, which is always nice.  and such singing!  enjoy!

mark murphy
sunside, paris, france
october 16, 2002

mark murphy (vocals)
george robert (alto sax)
giovanni mazzarino (piano)
stefano senni (bass)
andrea michelutti (drums)

01 stolen moments (oliver nelson, mark murphy) 17:25
02 when i fall in love (victor young, edward heyman) / my one and only love (guy wood, robert mellin) 11:49
03 red clay (freddie hubbard, mark murphy) 6:11
04 maiden voyage (herbie hancock) 17:33
05 skylark (hoagy carmichael, johnny mercer) 6:30
06 all blues (miles davis, oscar brown jr.) 10:43
07 summertime (george gershwin, dubose heyward, ira gershwin) 7:39 >
08 autumn leaves (joseph kosma, johnny mercer) 3:51 >
09 bye bye blackbird (ray henderson, mort dixon) 10:32
10 miles (mark murphy) 2:42
11 milestones (miles davis, jim britt) 9:40

tt 1:44:35

fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : les légendes du jazz, france musique, april 13 & 14, 2019

sample: t03 red clay 256k.mp3

photo:  screenshot of a youtube video of mark murphy at the 2002 sammys.

May 022022

off travelling again, here’s one of the shows that i brought with me.  a little bit of research reveals this to be “the green street trio with houston person”, according to the jazz fest website.  it’s a great show and one of those audience recordings that really makes you wonder how they do it.  mine seldom come out well at all, and my tomato plants never bear fruit either.  ah, well!

houston person
northampton jazz festival
northampton, ma
7 sept 2013

houston person – tenor
paul arslanian – piano
george kaye – bass
jon fisher – drums

01 do nothing till you hear from me
02 ??
03 violets for your furs ???
04 meditation
05 lester leaps in
06 since i fell for you
07 don’t get around much anymore
08 unknown blues
09 skylark

tt 1:08:13

quality a – from first row audience recording

recorded on zoom

new info file created with additional details per comments on the dime tracker when this was shared in oct 2014


sample: t06 since i fell for you 256k.mp3

photo:  cropped banner image from the northampton jazz festival history page, used without permission.