Aug 272016

fig_c_v4i’ve moved the entire blog to its own domain this morning.  it seems to be working fine, so far.

the blog started back in november 2012, almost four years ago, and has had over 175 concerts posted (don’t forget the 22 shows in that big miles in france post!), most of which are currently available.  about time to get its own domain, don’t you think?

“most of which”… um, yes.  i’ve removed all 27 .zip files that i was still hosting here.  around half have been reuploaded elsewhere (as planned for sometime anyway).  until i move the rest, if you get a 404 error like “the requested url /cipjazz/wp-content/uploads/delightful-downloads/… .. .”, just leave a comment & i’ll try to re-upload it for you right away.



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Aug 262016

fronthere’s a lovely little performance from otis brown iii, from late last year.  this is the only show of his as leader that i have, but there are probably a fair few shows with him as a sideman.  edit: in fact, i just downloaded a show with ob3.  there you go.

i’m trying out nero coverdesigner for the first time (covers included if shown on the page, as always).

otis brown iii
duc des lombards
paris, france
23 october 2015 (early set)

otis brown iii, drums
john ellis, tenor saxophone
jerry lžonide, piano
michael olatuja, bass
joanna majoko, vocals

01 (unknown) – 8:56
02 i have a dream – 10:11
03 you are still the one (fades in) – 8:34
04 (unknown) / god is on your side – 12:03
05 when i call – 9:36
06 (unknown) – 11:04
07 blackwell’s message – 9:30

total time 1:09:55

source : tsf, fm / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact / flac

sample: t05 when i call.mp3

Aug 242016

Monty Alexander 1998-08-22 CD Front Inserti’ve been listening to monty alexander all day, except when talking to people (a lot) or away (a bit).  been working very well for me today.  just… nice.  (probably shouldn’t use that word.  cheerful, maybe?  pleasant without being smooth jazz?  i don’t know.)  this one, the last, got the most smiles. despite which, ‘smile’ is not the sample.

monty alexander trio & friends
graz, austria
22 august 1998

monty alexander (p,voc *)
j.j. wiggins aka hassan shakur (b)
troy davis (dr)
caterina sapone (voc **)
erich kleinschuster (tb ***)
heinz von hermann (ts ***)

first set (51:50):

01. intro > mean to me – 5:06
02. unidentified tune – 6:38
03. linstead market – 6:35
04. unidentified tune – 7:30
05. smile – 7:31
06. for all we know – 6:47
07. regulator – 6:08
08. unidentified tune – 5:35

second set (68:05):

09. concierto de aranjuez – 11:05
10. moanin’ – 9:41
11. love notes – 7:58
12. caribbean circle – 8:07
13. medley: unidentified tune > fly me to the moon > unidentified tune > here’s that rainy day > angel eyes – 15:38
14. in the wee small hours of the morning ** – 4:07
15. too marvellous for words * > all blues *** – 11:30

lineage: sbd (md) > cd > hdd > tlh (flac 8)

sound quality: a

sample: t12 caribbean circle.mp3

Aug 192016

Jimmy Witherspoon - Estival Jazz 1985_frontso who doesn’t like jimmy witherspoon?  here he is at the estival jazz 1985, one of a series of great seeds on dime (“a swissbird , simplexsimplicissimus & supermax release”).  but i’d never heard of rosay wortham (or, according to, more often rozaa wortham).  she’s great, but probably jsut far enough into the ‘soul’ category to escape my rather divided attention.  and internet searches return very little beyond what’s on discogs.  hmmm.  anyway, this show’s a bit hard to classify, some jazz, some soul, some blues, all great.  good “friday late afternoon” music too.

like all the swissbird releases, this is a phenomenal soundboard, i’ve downloaded a number of them from dime (in this case, a reseed by ‘langtang’ in january 2015).  actually, over a couple of days, i downloaded this show along with shows by gal costa (2006); maceo parker & the roots revisited (1993); new york jazz giants (1992); slickaphonics (1988); and patti austin (2004).  someone somewhere was busy, or maybe just trying to keep their ratio above the plimsoll line. has a list of most of the swissbird releases, if you’re curious.  and his comments made me realize that there’ve not been any lately.  wonder what happened to swissbird, simplexsimplicissimus & supermax?

cd covers from the original seed.

rosay wortham & jimmy witherspoon quartet
estival jazz
piazza della riforma
lugano, switzerland
2 july 1985

rosay wortham, vocals
jimmy witherspoon, vocals
(remaining lineup unknown)

01. opening jazz tune [6:16]
02. johnny joy [7:06]
03. let`s have a ball tonight [4:40]
04. the shadow of your smile [4:19]
05. love me all the time [4:16]
06. don`t mean a thing [3:59]
07. see baby ain`t i good to you [4:22]
08. big fine girl [3:03]
09. ain`t nobody`s business [4:48]
10. big boss man [4:14]
11. don`t got it [5:39]
12. moment`s notice [9:35]

tt 1:02:25

a swissbird , simplexsimplicissimus & supermax release

soundboard > dat > 1st copy > eac > wave > flac frontend (align on sector boundaries level 8) > torrent on

sample: t03 let’s have a ball tonight

Aug 162016

just got my hands on a copy of charles mingus at the newport jazz festival on 4 july 1959.  yowza!  enjoyed it so much that i listened to most of his 1964 european tour (that i have anyway):  12-april in oslo; 13-april in stockholm; 14-april in copenhagen; 16-april in bremen; and 28-april in stuttgart.  whew!  i’m not “mingus’ed out” but i’m about out of mingus (from that era).

have to check if any of those are released, and maybe post another this weekend, but meanwhile for those of you with an irish connection, from the 13-april-1964 show:

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Aug 092016

took a break today & put all of this together into 1 folder, fixed a few things, etc.  good show & recording, quite long with two sets.  and, for me, good music to listen to while working.  might listen to it again.  it was taped by ‘royboy’, but my copy of the dime tracker doesn’t have the original seeder; guess they’d dropped off dime by the time i downloaded it in 2014.

i’m still a bit to busy for cd covers… but who burns cd’s anymore any how?  still, nice to have a picture of some kind, isn’t it?

benny green
dazzle restaurant & lounge, denver, co
15 june 2013

benny green (piano)
david wong (bass)
kenny washington (drums)

early set

d1t01 introduction
d1t02 benny’s crib
d1t03 don’t scat
d1t04 cactus flower
d1t05 tales of malone
d1t06 priestess
d1t07 certainly
d1t08 ?
d1t09 la portuguesa
d1t10 sonny clark
d1t11 ?

time 1:09:52

late set

d2t01 just a tad
d2t02 kenny drew
d2t03 harold land
d2t04 golden flamingo
d2t05 flying saucer
d2t06 ?
d2t07 ?
d2t08 bish bash
d2t09 time after time
d2t10 bean and the boys
d2t11 pensativa

time 1:27:30

total time 2:37:22

source: core sound binaurals > battery box > edirol r-09 @ 24/44.1
transfer: hd > macbook pro > adobe audition cs6 > xact > flac

taped by royboy

rename & replay gain, august 2016 [by pete]
the early set was mis-named as from the next day, and the entire show was hard to hear.
i corrected the filenames, moved all files into 1 folder, added replay gain & updated the
checksum files.

sample: d2t03 harold land.mp3

Aug 082016

i noticed this on my main drive this morning and wondered what it was doing there… i thought all the bluegrass had been moved to a backup drive.  i was in the mood for a bit of bluegrass, so i put it on.  but lo and behold, it’s more like “the jazz david grisman” (mostly), and when ‘maxpower’ seeded it on dime, he classified it as jazz.  well, well.  and they did finish up with some bluegrass, in the end.

in washington, dc, back in the 1980s, there was a lot of bluegrass, and wamu-fm had a bluegrass show on every afternoon, which i’d catch the end of , on my drive home.  that was how i got interested in bluegrass, though i don’t listen to much anymore.  there’s a lot to be said for serendipity.

no cover today – just taking a very short break, don’t have the time.

david grisman quintet
winston-salem, north carolina
30 july 1994

david grisman – mandolins, guitar
james kerwin – bass
joe craven – percussion, violin, mandolin
mathew eakle – flute and bass flute
enrique coria – guitar

disc 1 56:59

1. e.m.d.
2. barkley’s bug
3. nature boy
4. dawg’s bull
5. band intros
6. mad max
7. 16/16
8. manha de carnaval
9. svingin’ with svend

disc 2 53:56

1. acousticity
2. janice
3. april’s wedding bossa
4. caliente
5. crowd
6. dawgology
7. band intros, crowd
2nd encore:
8. pigeon roost

source: soundboard > dat x 1

transfer: panasonic sv-3700 > ua-5 > usb > wavelab @[16/48]
mastering in wavelab with izotope ozone 4 dithered to [16/44.1] > cd wave > tlh > flac
transfer and mastering march 22, 2009

sample:  t09 svingin’ with svend.mp3