Jul 122020

this was “uploaded and processed by thosespacesinbetween” which i think might be (some of?) the (former?) planetfuncamp crew up in old lyme, connecticut, up to their usual fine work, especially the bold lisa e — a tip o’ the hat to lisa e.  i have friends in fairfield, just an hour up the road; if i’m ever able to make it over there again, i’ll have to pop up the freeway to check out old lyme & the old lyme inn.

roxy coss quartet
old lyme inn
old lyme, ct, usa
9 jan 2015

sax’s: roxy coss
drums: willie jones iii
guitar: rafal sarnecki
piano: adam birnbaum
bass: dave baron

set i

01. announcements and intro
02. tricky
03. banter
04. recuring dream
05. perspective
06. banter
07. happiness is a choice
08. banter
09. push

set ii

01. introduction
02. waiting
03. the story of fiona
05. almost my own
06. banter and band intros
07. don’t cross the coss

tt 1:40:05

recording location: directly behind piano table top
recorded using: teac vr-10 with internal mics
input level set to: +6

attendees: lisa e.
any and all photos and/or video taken by d.e. palm
uploaded and processed by thosespacesinbetween

sample:  set 1 t09 push.mp3 and set 2 t07 don’t cross the coss.mp3
download: Download

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