Nov 302015

this was seeded on dime by  ‘mtnview’ back in january 2009.  it lasted on the tracker for an amazing 2,227 days, and was downloaded 452 times.   this was also released as a bootleg twice, first on the fresh sounds label in 1990 and earlier this year on the hi hat label.

i can’t really add anything to mtnview’s summary:

to me, this is some of the best playing lee morgan’s group ever did, even though the sound quality is rough around the edges and the piano is a bit out of tune.

lee morgan
the both/and club
san francisco, california
source: fm radio broadcast
24 june – 4 july 1970

lee morgan: trumpet
bennie maupin: tenor sax
harold mabern: piano
mickey roker: drums
jymie merritt: bass

disc 1
1 peyote – 13:35
2 ceora – 16:20
3 speedball – 5:33
4 willow weep for me – 20:17
5 meofelia (?) – 13:29

disc 2
1 rakin’ and scrapin’ – 12:01
2 ujamma – 15:23
3 something like this – 12:59
4 ceora – 17:10
5 speedball/theme and closing 1:57

tt 2:08:49

sound quality b+, music a+

this is a recording made at the both/and club in san francisco, although it’s sometimes credited as “live at the lighthouse”. the liner notes from the blue note 3-cd live at the light lighthouse tell the full story. this was the gig they played right before the famous live at the lighthouse sessions in southern california and is not material released from blue note. to me, this is some of the best playing lee morgan’s group ever did, even though the sound quality is rough around the edges and the piano is a bit out of tune.

sample: t103 – Speedball.mp3


Nov 282015

this is one of a number of wonderful recordings from ‘csatennis’, all in the schenectady / albany new york area, a lot of them in the ramada inn (csatennis booked a series of sunday evening concerts at the schenectady ramada inn”).  csatennis hasn’t up- or down-loaded that much on dime, comparatively speaking, but wow! fantastic shows (like this one), and often of folks who i’d not previously been aware of.  anyway, a tip ‘o the hat to csatennis.

sal nistico & nick brignola
the golden fox
albany ny, usa

sal nistico – tenor
nick brignola – alto soprano, baritone
mike canonico – trumpet
mike wicks – bass
larry jackson – drums

01. billie’s bounce 6:43
02. like someone in love 18:45
03. stella by starlight 14:36
04. by myself part 1 7:36
05. by myself part 2 4:09
06. st. thomas 14:00
07. body and soul 10:29

tt 1:16:21

sound quality b
cassette -> windows media player – > wav -> tlh – flac

from csatennis’s comments:

this was a legendary event in albany. nick and sal were great friends from their days in the woody herman band together. they were both upstate new york hard playing italian boppers.

i remember this night well. sal called nick at 3am the morning before because he was drunk and fell on his horn, bending some keys. he tried to fix it with a fork, but that was fruitless so he needed to borrow nick’s tenor.

sal took a bus up from ny and dropped over to my house where he shared an ample supply of some very strong weed. then we began our trek to the club, nearly getting lost.

sal hadn’t been at a real session in a while and it was like letting out a caged animal. he just exploded as you can tell from this recording.

nick pretty much kept up with him and the two of them had a great time going after each other.

the rest of the band was a local rhythm section that played with nick at a lot of local bop gigs. this recording was made by the late sal maida who was the pianist on the gig.

hope you enjoy!


sample: t03 stella by starlight.mp3


Nov 262015

i downloaded a fairly recent roy hargrove show today, and was listening to this while it downloaded.  this was one of 3 related (and only partial) shows seeded by ‘orange’, but the only one that I downloaded back in 2010 and apparently the longest of the three partial shows.

update:  now on mega

roy hargrove
newport jazz festival,
newport, rhode island
14 august 1995

1. ?
2. waltz for carmine
3. ?
4. ?
5. wotb promo
6. beautiosity
7. ?

fm / tdk sa90 cassette / audacity / x-act / flac

broadcast on wotb

digitized and seeded by orange

sample: t06 Beautiosity.mp3


Nov 242015

thought it might be time for another bit of warne marsh…  always welcome, eh?

warne marsh & art pepper
north hollywood, ca
26 january 1977

art pepper, as
warne marsh, ts
lou levy, p
monty budwig, b
nick ceroli, d

01 night and day 14:19
02 but beautiful 13:12
03 i’ll remember april 15:06
04 billie’s bounce 18:00
05 subconscious-lee 12:14
music a++
recording b / b+

audience recording?
traded cdr > eac > flac
eac log file included. timings above from eac logfile rather than discography below as they differ very slightly.

in the posting on dimeadozen, the seeder watty62 said that

according to jack goodwin’s discography of warne marsh, there is a missing sixth track (see details below).
06 medley:
1-lady be good feat. levy
2-easy living feat. marsh
3- you go to my head feat. pepper (inc.) total – 7:00” ,

and another dime member said they had that… but i didn’t see them seed it ever.  oh well.

sample:  t05 subconcious-lee.mp3


Nov 052015

this is one of a number of ted curson shows that i downloaded from dime when, as always, there’s a flood of seeds & reseed after an artist dies.  r.i.p.  not having listened to any ted curson since, i thought it was time for a ‘ted curson day’ here in my home office, and so here’s this show for you to get things going.

ted curson quartet
paris, france

ted curson- tp,
hervé sellin- p,
riccardo del fra- b,
eric dervieu- d.

disc one 58:21

01. straight, no chaser 13:28,
02. lin’s garden 12:48,
03. marjo 8:07,
04. you stepped out of a dream 11:48,
05. cherokee 11:59,

disc two 37:27

01. tune up 11:41,
02. trompinette 12:42,
03. my old flame 12:58

total time 95:48

source: radio
sound: a-

sample: d101 straight, no chaser.mp3