Oct 092020

well, i was going to upload something completely different a day or two ago, but the flacs turned out to be corrupt!  i was able to decode them to wav, and then i said ah to hell with it.  instead, here’s one of several james moody shows that i’ve been listening to since.  i could listen to this all day.  these are just fun shows, between the music (‘natch!), and the sense of humour that comes through so well.  of course, i’m a sucker for a cheap laugh, being practically weaned on p.g. wodehouse.  ok, those are perhaps more dry than cheap, but be that as it may, it was hard to pick, so we’re going for the longest of the james moody shows on offer — sure, you have a better tie-breaker?

james moody
jcf theater
skidmore college
saratoga springs ny
26 june 2007

james moody,ts,voc
renee rosnes,p
todd coolman,b
adam nussbaum,dr

01 invitation 17:23
02 body and soul 10:53
03 ann jm 1:31
04 gingerbread boy/giant steps 11:15
05 “bennies” from heaven (jm,voc) 11:13
06 ann jm 1:25
07 con alma 11:02
08 moody’s mood for love (jm,voc) 4:02
09 st. thomas (theme) 2:22

tt 71:12

dsbd> cdr>cool edit pro 16-441
sound quality is ex enjoy!!!!!


sample: t07 con alma.mp3
download: JamesMoody_2007-06-26_SaratogaSpringsNY.zip

Jan 312018

piano & guitar is a great combination.  and then when you add in harry sweets edison & james moody on a few tracks…


gene harris quartet
oakland, ca
1 january 1999

gene harris – piano
luther hughes – bass
paul kreibich – drums
frank potenza – guitar

special guests:
harry “sweets” edison – trumpet (tracks 7, 11, 13)
james moody – tenor saxophone (tracks 7, 13), flute (track 9)

disc 1 (tt: 1h2m6s)
01. announcer (52s)
02. introduction (1m47s)
03. this masquerade (10m10s)
04. talk (2m39s)
05. you don’t know me (9m37s)
06. talk (4m46s)
07. blue monk (10m2s)
08. talk (2m19s)
09. wave (9m4s)
10. talk (3m49s)
11. mean to me (6m57s)

disc 2 (tt: 13m30s)
01. talk (41s)
02. bluesology (11m25s)
03. talk and applause (1m23s)

tt 1:15:37 (of which 57:16 is music)

audience recording (unknown microphone) > minidisc > cd >
asunder 2.7 (cdparanoia) > audacity 2.0.6 > flac

sample: d1t03 this masquerade.mp3
download: GeneHarris4tet_1999-01-13_Set2_Yoshis_OaklandCA.zip

no covers.

Dec 022016

vf-jm-tf-1983-08-12-amsterdam-front-coveri was in the mood for listening to a bit of von freeman, and ended up on a bit of a tommy flanagan kick, listening to all three days of this tommy flanagan trio + guests run from 1983.  coming back to von freeman, here’s the full show from the 2nd day, when von freeman & james moody join the tf trio.

tommy flanagan trio with von freeman & james moody
international jazz festival amsterdam (de meervaart)
amsterdam, netherlands
friday, 12 august 1983

tommy flanagan trio: tommy flanagan (p), rufus reid (b), billy hart (d)
von freeman & james moody (ts)

set 1 – tommy flanagan trio

06 announcements
07 confirmation
08 the intimacy of the blues
09 monk medley – thelonica (incomplete)
10 relaxin’ at camarillo

set 2 – tommy flanagan trio with von freeman & james moody

01 announcements
02 take the a train * #
03 the preacher * #
04 announcements
05 my little brown book *
06 i remember you *
07 announcements
08 like someone in love
09 announcements
10 yesterdays #
11 freedom jazz dance #
12 announcements
13 i’ll remember april * #
14 announcements

* with von freeman
# with james moody
fm > tape > recording, tracking and editing wav file in audacity > cd-r > wav > tlh (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)

audio quality:
a- (fm)

the tommy flanagan trio at the international jazz festival amsterdam (de meervaart), thursday
through saturday, august 11-13, 1983. the trio acted as the festival’s “trio in residence”.
the trio had several guests passing through on these three days: guitarists herb ellis & emily
remler (august 11); tenor saxophonists von freeman & james moody (august 12); and trombonists
buster cooper & al grey (august 13).

before the sets with guests, the trio had their own sets. dutch radio broadcasts: all three
concerts were recorded and later aired in more than 10 separate broadcasts. radio announcements
by the late michiel de ruyter.

these were originally seeded in 4 separate seeds on dime: all the trio tracks of the three
successive nights in one separate upload of the tommy flanagan trio; and a separate seed for
the performances with the guests on each night. (the trio seed included “like someone in love”,
set 2 track 8 above, as it featured only the trio.)

this has been repackaged to present the entire performance from 12 aug 1983, with set 1 by
the trio, and set 2 by the trio with von freeman and james moody.

these notes have largely been copied from the original seeder’s notes.

sample: t03 thepreacher.mp3
download: VonFreeman_James Moody_TommyFlanagan_1983-08-12_Amsterdam.zip

Nov 072014

Dizzy Gillespie 1965-11-24 Olympia, Paris - screenshot 1 another demux from a video mastered for dvd.  the dvd’s (in .vob format) are demuxing fine, but i’m having trouble with the .flv’s.  i know i’ve done that before, so am baffled that now it’s not working for me.

i downloaded this when ‘vdgg86’ seeded it in february last year.  vdgg86 has only seeded a few things, but both that i’ve downloaded have been fascinating little gems from another era.


dizzy gillespie
paris, france
24 november 1965

dizzy gillespie (tp, voc)
james moody (ts, as, fl)
kenny barron (p)
christopher white (b)
rudy collins (d)

1 one note samba
2 con alma
3 tin tin deo
4 poor joe

running time – 33:31 (19:21 + 14:10)

Dizzy Gillespie 1965-11-24 Olympia, Paris - screenshot 3original video lineage
tv > unknown source > mpeg2 > authoring

additional audio demux lineage
as above (.vob) > mediacoder > audio (.ac3)
mediacoder settings: audio only; format copy audio; encoder ffmpeg (at 224 kbps).
there were three vob files, _0, _1 and _2. _0, which had 0.4 seconds, did not decode properly and has not been included.

video specs per original seed
audio: dolby ac3 48000hz 2ch 224kbps
video: mpeg2 video 720×576 (4:3) 25.00fps 7000kbps

original seeder’s comments
both partis was originally broadcasted by french tv at the time.
sourced from french tv master tape. this show is one of the hundreds french tv jazz shows i have.

additional comments:
i’ve updated this info file based on comments on the dime tracker. this was originally seeded as “dizzy gillespie a l’olympia 1967 (with jimmu smith)”. according to the intro (by norman granz in perfect french, according to comments on the dime tracker), the first part is the dizzy gillespie group, followed by the jimmy smith trio. only the dizzy part of the show is included here.

sample:  dizzy gillespie 1965-11-24 olympia sample.mp3
download: DizzyGillespie_1965-11-24_OlympiaParis_demux.zip