Aug 202022

i’ve been meaning to upload this for a few days, just been too busy — the first week back after vacation is always a bit hectic!

amina figarova and her band
scullers jazz club
boston, massachusetts usa
22 march 2019

amina figarova – piano
alex sipiagin – trumpet
bart platteau – flutes
morgan guerin – tenor sax
brian burke – bass
brian richburg, jr. – drums

01 radio-stage intro 0:38
02 road to the sun 10:57
03 stage intro 2:42
04 all we dance 7:03
05 – 8:24
06 morning mist > on my way 11:03
07 stage intro 1:14
08 snow mess 11:13
09 stage intro 0:37
10 circles 11:36
11 – 8:49
12 stage intro 0:39
13 no time for 18:57
14 radio outro 0:37

94:38 minutes

wgbh hd-fm boston live broadcast
hd over fm broadcast;
hd-fm tuner>pc>stereo 16-bit 44.1 kbps wav>
tracked and edited in audio editor>wavs>
sbes repaired, checksum files and flac-8 files
created in trader’s little helper

a zootype project march 2019

sample: t02 road to the sun 256k.mp3

image:  cropped & altered screenshot of a youtube video of a performance by amina figerova at the jazz standard, nyc, in nov 2018.

Aug 122022

here, on the last full day of vacation, is something a little sad and sweet from the great anouar brahem.  the oud has such a lovely sound!

among other things, this vacation, i’ve moved the concert database from a popular spreadsheet program to db browser for sqlite, which i have to say is a lot quicker and easier for searching than the spreadsheet had become.

anouar brahem trio
festival grenzenlos
murnau, germany
september 2005 (exact date unknown, the festival ran 22-25 sept 2005)

anouar brahem, oud
francois couturier, piano
jean-louis matinier, accordeon

00 interview (in french)
01 le pas du chat noir (anouar brahem)
02 leila au pays du carrousel (anouar brahem)
03 pique-nique à nagpur (anouar brahem)
04 l’arbre qui voit (anouar brahem)
05 déjà la nuit (anouar brahem)
06 leila au pays du carrousel (anouar brahem)

43 minutes

thanks to lewojazz for the master

br (mp2, 320 kbps) / audacity / xact / flac 8

sample: 04 l’arbre qui voit 256k.mp3

image: an altered screenshot of a youtube video of a 2005 performance in catania by the same trio.

Aug 082022

having recently seen girl from the north country at the olympia with my wife, which we both enjoyed, i was glad to actually find this show lying around.  while i’m not the biggest dylan fan, i’d not have guessed that gftnc was all dylan’s music (sometimes even for songs that i knew).  and the music was really good (except hurricane, which didn’t seem to fit the story).  listening to this too, i kept forgetting that these are all dylan covers too, mostly from blonde on blonde which would be from the period that i would have listened to most.

absolutely sweet marie
leer, germany
3 feb 2017

steffen faul, trumpet
matthias müller, trombone
alexander beierbach, saxophone
max andrzejewski, drums

01 with god on our side
02 could irons bound
03 the lonesome death of hattie carroll
04 talking
05 rainy day women # 1 & 35
06 pledging my time
07 visions of johanna
08 one of us must know
09 talking
10 i want you / stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again
11 leopard-skin pill-box hat
12 just like a woman
13 most likely you go your way and i’ll go mine
14 temporary like achilles
15 absolutely sweet marie
16 4th time around
17 obviously five believers
18 talking
19 sad-eyed lady of the lowlands
20 talking
21 einzug des nobelkomitees zur verleihung des literaturnobelpreises (steffen faul)
22 hamburguesa for you (steffen faul)
23 duquesne whistle (bob dylan/robert hunter)
24 sad-eyed lady of the lowlands
25 in my time of dyin’
26 north country blues

min 102:54

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

nordwestradio in concert: pop & jazz

sample: t07 visions of johanna 256k.mp3
download: AbsolutelySweet

image:  a cropped photo of the poster for this show, from facebook /