Jul 112013

i listened to this around 3 times over the past week… not sure why, but it got under my skin. but in a good way, so… i’ve included a 10-minute sample (the shortest track) instead of just truncating at 120 seconds. have a listen.

ray barretto sextet
blue note
new york city, ny, usa

ray barretto- conga,
michael philip mossman- tp,
adam kolker- p,
hector martingon,
jairo moreno,
vince cherico- d

01. taboo 12:09,
02. work song 10:22,
03. talk 2:32
04. brother ray 17:58,
05. autumn leaves 10:22



sample: ray barretto 1996-08-03 t02 work song.mp3

download: RayBarrettoSextet_1996-08-03_BlueNoteNYC.zip