Nov 022014

updated jan 2023:  listening to this again for the first time in probably 8 years, and i really enjoyed it.  yes, there was a bit of crowd noise, but it worked (for me at least, again!) to give it that ‘live show’ feel.  it’s a long show too, and they took the time to play some long numbers, always nice!  i’ve added the musicians’ urls i could find & a photo (which i wasn’t doing 8 years ago).

i’ve downloaded two ernie watts shows from ‘ijwthstd’ on dime.  ijwthstd doesn’t give much information about anything*, and (be warned) there is a quite a lot of crowd noise in this.  but i really enjoyed it.  enough that i took the trouble to update the info file (below) with what i could, though i couldn’t understand the titles of the last two songs (not even sure those titles were announced).  maybe it caught me in just the right mood, i don’t know… so here’s the show from 2011 that was seeded back in january  2014.
*  on dime, he has a ul/dl ratio of 1.7, and high volume; should we complain too loudly?

ernie watts quartet
farmer’s market
los angeles ca
08 sept 2011

ernie watts, tenor sax
bob leatherbarrow – d
bruce lett – b
andy langham – p

soundcheck/set 1/set 2

0.1 soundcheck (5:45)
1.1 to the point (15:12)
1.2 konbanwa (good evening) (9:48)
1.3 for michael (11:04)
1.4 shaw nuff [dizzie gillespie-charlie parker] (10:12)
2.1 animal man (14:23)
2.2 blackbird [lennon-mccartney] (10:31)
2.3 you are there [john mandell] (7:54)
2.4 ? (12:59)
2.5 ? (9:27)

tt 1:47:15

dsm6 -> paclc -> r-09hr -> soundforge -> flac.
when asked “do you have any additional info about anything?”, taper ‘ijwthstd’ said he “was standing 10 feet away from a place that serves fried alligator.”

info file updated with lineup per dime tracker comments & track titles per ernie watts’ song intros/outros.

sample:  t2-02 blackbird.mp3

photo:  downloaded from, original source unknown. used without permission.