May 292017

it’s a bit of a busy time around here, so posts will be a bit irregular for the next while until we finish our move.  why not a bit of fred hersch to help me focus?  enjoy.

fred hersch trio
amsterdam, the netherlands
11 july 2009

fred hersch – piano
john hebert – bass
nasheet waits – drums

first set
01. the man i love – 9:11
02. endless start – 7:34
03. black dog pays a visit/lonely woman (ornette coleman) – 22:49
04. mandevilla (hersch) – 6:57
05. some other time – 8:30
06. change partners – 7:46

second set
07. (improvisaion) – 9:48
08. still here (hersch) – 8:18
09. forerunner (ornette coleman) – 7:28
10. the wind (russ freeman)/moon and sand (alec wiler) – 12:38
11. stuttering (hersch) – 7:02
12. work – 5:34

total time = 113 minutes

radio broadcast -> cdr trade -> eac -> wav -> tlh -> flac

sample: t10 the wind – moon and sand.mp3

no covers.

May 212017

after listening to this yesterday & this morning, i was thinking of uploading this show, but found that it is already available at galatabridge, a monographic website that

attempts to provide a chronological list of recordings featuring John Surman, be they commercially-released albums, radio or TV broadcasts, audience recordings, film soundtracks or otherwise.

if you like john surman / the trio,  well, you’ve probably already found the site.  if you are less familiar with the trio, then head over to galatabridge and have a listen to this great show by the trio, from jazzhaus, hamburg germany, in early 1970.

the version there appears to be the same as the one seeded on dime in aug 2016 by tomp


cover by lewojazz, included in the dime seed in 2016

May 202017

here’s another musician that i don’t have a lot by.  this full show (early & late sets) was seeded by ‘mottsmcg’ on dime in 2015.  according to robert glasper’s website, he’s performing in dublin in july, but as the robert glasper experiment, which is rather different than the robert glasper trio which we have here.  with luck he’ll come back to dublin in a “trio” incarnation.  rather nice having that sort of breadth of styles, even if you prefer one of them, isn’t it?
vicente archer

robert glasper trio
village vanguard
new york ny
24 february 2015

piano – robert glasper
bass – vicente archer
drums – damion reid

early set
t00 intro applause and r. glasper announcement
t01 sign ‘o the times – prince
t02 unknown
t03 applause and r. glasper announcement
t04 unknown
t05 unknown
t06 applause and r. glasper announcement
t07 levels – bilal

late set
t00 applause and r. glasper announcement
t01 bar and grill – j. mitchell
t02 rise and shine – r. glasper
t03 unknown
t04 unknown
t05 applause and r. glasper announcement
t06 unknown

source information: audience recording using sony pcm-m10 with internal mics; recorded at 44.1khz / 16-bit depth.

additional notes: these were seeded on dime on 26-feb-2015 (early show, seed #523771) and 6-apr-2015 (late show, seed #523771) by mottsmcg. the early show has a file or two with the wrong date (the 25th), but they are both from the same night, 24-feb-2015. i created new ffp and md5 files in addition to this combined info file, but all original files are unchanged.

sample: s1t01 sign ‘o the times.mp3
download: RobertGlasper_2015-02-24_VillageVanguardNYC

covers by pete

May 132017

lately, i’ve been listening more to groups for whom i have few, or even only one, show (not to take away from the many great, and sadly often late, jazz musicians, from whom i might have rather more shows or cds).  generally, those are groups less familiar to me & there’s a tendency to comparatively new jazz as well, which is a nice bonus.

this great (and long) recording by the wasserfuhr brothers, from early 2015 fit that bill to a tee.  their fifth album, landed in brooklyn, was released in february 2017.
benjamin garcia
oliver rehmann

julian & roman wasserfuhr quartet
stadtkirche, darmstadt, germany
23 jan 2015

julian wasserfuhr – trumpet
roman wasserfuhr – piano
benjamin garcia – bass
oliver rehmann – drums

101 intro martin schneider 1:08
102 7 gegner 7:01 *
103 intro roman wasserfuhr 1:41
104 susan 6:06 *
105 intro roman wasserfuhr 0:17
106 untitled 10:19
107 englishman in new york (gordon sumner) 10:49
108 intro julian wasserfuhr 1:04
109 l.o.v.e (bert kaempfert) 6:42
110 intro julian wasserfuhr 2:08
111 bachelor (over the ear look) * 5:08
set 1: 52:23

201 geno the shoeshine 8:11 *
202 intro julian wasserfuhr 2:05
203 hilmar 3:33 *
204 behind blue eyes (pete townshend) 9:15
205 intro roman wasserfuhr 1:32
206 sncf 8:29 *
207 intro roman wasserfuhr 0:58
208 you are a friend of mine * 9:52
209 intro roman wasserfuhr 0:38
210 toccata (lalo schifrin) 9:34
211 song for e. (lars danielsson) 6:23
set 2: 1:00:30

* julian & roman wasserfuhr

total time: 1:52:53

lineage: sound professionals cmc-25 > sony pc-d50 >
(wave: recording 44.1khz-16bit) > audacity (editing > flac) > hdd
recording & editing: jaype

sample: 203 hilmar.mp3 & an extra sample 204 behind blue eyes.mp3

covers by pete.

May 072017

i must have seen something about barbara thompson earlier this week and forgotten it, because the other day, there was a search for barbara thompson & also her homepage, inexplicably open in my browser.  some mid-spring fugue perhaps. it all ended with me listening to this.  with a lot of kurt weill, you know it started well for me, and so it also ends up here.  incidentally, this performance was not long after the release of the kurt weill tribute barbara song, and features most of the songs from the album.

barbara thompson with the medici quartet and the bbc singers
queen elizabeth hall, london, england uk
17 november 1995

weill – songs arranged for saxophone & string quartet
love songs in age – music for the poetry of philip larkin

barbara thompson – saxophones
pete lemer – piano
paul westwood – bass
simone rebello – drums

medici quartet
paul robertson – violin
cathy thompson – violin
ivo jan von derver – viola
anthony lewis – cello

bbc singers
conducted by bo holgren
penny vickers, judith bingham – soloists

set one / disc 1 [40:47]

weill – songs arranged for saxophone & string quartet

01. speak low (arr, john dankworth) [6:20]
02. surabaya johnny (arr, geoffrey bergen) [6:08]
03. zuhälterballade (arr, barry guy) [8:24]
04. it never was you (arr, richard rodney bennett) [6:31]
05. september song (arr, mike westbrook) [6:46]
06. theme and variations on mack the knife (arr, barbara thompson) [6:38]

set two / disc 2 [53:38]

love songs in age – music for the poetry of philip larkin

01. the horns of the morning [8:28]
02. ugly sister [5:34]
03. the dance [7:30]
04. love songs in age [8:16]
05. like the train’s beat [7:57]
06. this is the first thing [3:23]
07. poor sidney bechet [12:30]

source: bbc radio 3 fm > denon tu-400l tuner > vhs > vhs lp > archos gmini 120
> audition > flac. recorded off air and transferred by ‘psykies’ 19th november 2010

notes from original taper ‘psykies’
“recorded by me off air direct from the original live broadcast to a panasonic hi-fi vhs video recorder in sp audio only mode. sometime in the mid to late 1990’s i misguidedly transferred all my radio recordings to vhs lp audio mode. this combined with the age of the tapes has resulted in some evident distortion throughout.”

i think psykies is a bit of a perfectionist. – pete

d1 t04 it never was you.mp3
d2 t02 ugly sister.mp3

cd covers by pete.  design is cropped from a screenshot of “the testament of dr mabuse” (fritz lang, 1933),
at approx. 42:34 into the movie, from the version issued by eureka video (eka40071).

May 032017

on monday, i listened to most of the shows that i have recorded on may first.  there were a few, but not as many as i’d expected.  not a popular day musically, i guess, unlike say new years eve.  this was one of them, which i quite liked.

looking into ben goldberg online was a bit surprising, aside from the clarinet which i don’t really associate with the leaders of jazz groups (unlike drummers, for some reason).  his webpage bio says that “my musical life was a dichotomy: i played jazz on the saxophone and classical music on the clarinet…. [and] started playing and studying klezmer music, which has a virtuosic clarinet tradition.”  klezmer!  i find it fun, upbeat & infectious – but not something i’d associate with jazz.  which probably says more about how i pigeonhole things & how little i actually know about music.

ben goldberg trio – jazzatelier – ulrichsberg, austria – 1 may 2014

ben goldberg, clarinet
greg cohen, bass
kenny wollesen, drums

1 drops off +
2 habituary +
3 you can´t write a song called “you
heard it over the radio” any more 19:14
4 nine plus five 6:58
5 the because of 7:46
6 palindromic +
7 song #1 16:01
8 snow note 6:15
9 bungaloid lens 5:44
e long last moment 3:50

total: 65:52

dig.aud.rec: okm ii studio prof. + m-audio microtrack ii
lineage: wavelab 5 > trlh
remark: bg´s announcements edited out

sample: t4 nine plus five.mp3

cd covers by pete.  the cd covers use portions of a john tenniel illustration from an 1871 edition of through the looking-glass, downloaded from the “from old books” website