Mar 312014

i ran across a bunch of shows by phil woods that i had downloaded in rapid succession.  that generally means that they were shows by yet another musician who i didn’t have much of and, often, someone whose name didn’t ring a bell (the latter being far from a select group, btw, which can be a bit embarassing in social situations).

anyway, here’s a show i downloaded in june 2011.  the comments by hamhen (the seeder) sum up the show nicely.  i wouldn’t mind chatting with hamhen sometime; he* is one of the seeders from whom i’ve downloaded enough shows to remember his handle!

* it seems a fairly safe bet that most follks on dime are male.  and such a specific pronoun (referring to one specific individual) can’t really be replaced with the unfairly maligned “they” (for multiple people only) or the truly awkward “he or she” (blech)

here’s another old one from phil woods, recorded in laren in 1969. toots thielemans sits in on three tracks, while woods lays out on “airegin”. the sound quality is quite good and certainly listenable though slighty muffled (obviously, the source tape did not age well). please check out the .mp3-ssample.

phil woods & his european rhythm machine-
phil woods (as), gordon beck (p), henri texier (b), daniel humair (dr), toots thielemans (harm*, g**).
laren (the netherlands), december 19, 1969.

disc one
1 freedom jazz dance
2 dyna-flowers
3 the unknown one
4 airegin*
5 blues**

disc two
1 who’s this who’s comin’*
2 i remember bird
3 riot

fm broadcast (exact lineage unknown, received in a cd-r trade)

sample:  d1 t04 airegin.mp3

Mar 212014

how can you resist a group with a name like that?  well, maybe until you’ve heard them… after that… who would think that just saxophones could sound so good?  i got this back in december 2005, when nocturnalnph upped it to dime.  i was going to re-up it, but i can’t figure out when it was.  maybe i’ll get that at some point in the future.  meanwhile, it’ll just go up here.

well, i also see that i’m still not posting as regularly as i had intended.  on the other hand, i’m averaging out at over a post a week this month.  that said, i’m off home for a week, taking my daughter to see her grandparents tomorrow, so there’ll be a short hiatus.  till i get back, then, eh?

29th street saxophone quartet
montreal, quebec
1991/92 ?

bobby watson – alto sax
steve wilson – alto sax
rich rothenberg – tenor sax
jim hartog – baritone sax

1. announcer intro (2:12)
2. in case you missed it (8:05)
3. what happened (7:33)
4. claudia’s car (8:12)
5. untitled (7:01)
6. conto kisti (6:21)
7. manteca (10:07)
8. ? (dropout-*right track only until 3:08) (8:08)

total time: 57:43

cbc-cbof fm “jazz sur le vif” airdate ’03/08/92

fm > basf t-120 > jvc-d830-u stereo hifi vcr > realtekac’97 soundcard > polderbits sound recorder > polderbits sound editor > wav > flac(7)(asb)

taped & transfered by nocturnal_n

t06 conto kisti.mp3
t03 what happened.mp3


Mar 202014

i’ve listened to this a number of times since i downloaded it from dimeadozen back in 2005.  the recording is ok but not great, and there’s a lot of background noise from the club.  for some of it someone (the guy who taped it & his friends?) gives some running commentary, e.g. from track 1…

“this is certainly wonderful, people are sitting around here, there’s a lot of, everybody around here, and they’re all digging this music, and they’re digging it terrific, wow!  arlene and jenny are right in front of me and they’re digging it tremendously… as a matter of fact, arlene is waltzing in that wheelchair, that [jeebly?] chair, so it’s right to music [?], you know, go ahead… somebody’s doing a, uh, winger fling, well it might be a charleston… she’s going every way, is she ever gone, wow!  no shoes. [arlene or jenny: “no dress, no dress”] no she has a dress but it’s about half backway [arlene: “i’ll say”], crazy man.  one leg up in the air and wow! there she goes again, c’mon.  […illegible, he sounds drunk…] for heaven’s sake  y’know what’s the matter honey… if she keeps this up she’ll be shot. she’s stopped, she’s bowing, taking a something, wup, she didn’t take it off… as a matter of fact, she’s very good.”

he keeps on chatting into the mic.  crazy, man.  sounds like a great evening.

howard mcghee
jam at christy’s 1949-52
christy’s restaurant, framingham, ma

joe gordon (tp); howard mcghee (tp); boots mussulli (as);
charlie mariano (as); brew moore (ts); rhythm unidentified

1. perhaps
2. all god’s children
3. body & soul
4. don’t blame me/gone with the wind/million dollar baby
5. three little words
6. walkin’

howard mcghee (tp); boots mussulli (as); jesse powell (org);
warren kane (d)

7. rifftide
8. body & soul
9. just you just me

sample:  t02 all gods’s children.mp3


Mar 192014

i recorded this at the irish association of korea‘s 2014 st patrick’s day festival, at d-cube plaze, sindorim, here in seoul.  bard are a korean traditional irish band, and boxty rebellion are an irish band from shanghai, china.  in the links below, there’s nothing for

this was the first recording with the zoom that i have felt pleased with. still, there is the inevitable background chatter especially the boxty rebellion set. anyway, i’ve broken the longer gaps between songs out into separate tracks so they can be easily deleted (which i’ll be doing if i burn this to a cd for anyone). my daughter fionnuala minded the zoom during the boxty rebellion set, but then we had to leave before the 2nd sets by bard and by boxty rebellion, so it’s not the entire peformance. i did not record any of the dancing between bard and boxty rebellion, as it was just pre-recorded music.

in the links below, btw, there is nothing for bard as i could not find any homepage.  there was a nice article about them in 2012 in the korea times though, and a web search will for
“seoul irish music bard” will give plenty of hits!

bard & boxty rebellion
2014 st. patrick’s day festival
d-cube plaza, sindorim, seoul
15 march 2014

0. mc (“no smoking please!”)

bard (set 1)
1. unknown (4:08)
2. (gap) (1:00)
3. unknown (3:55)
4. (gap) (0:39)
5. unknown (3:29)
6. (gap) (0:51)
7. unknown (5:22)
8. chat (1:04)
9. unknown (5:45)

boxty rebellion (set 2)
10. intro (1:02)
11. unknown (3:31)
12. unknown (3:21)
13. chat/tuning (0:32)
14. unknown (2:35)
15. unknown (3:15)
16. molly malone (3:54)
17. unknown (4:07)
18. unknown [the pogues] (3:25)

bard (set 3) & boxty rebellion (set 4)
– not recorded

source: zoom h4n (44.1/16) just to right of soundboard > cd wave editor (tracking) > tlh > flac

Bard 2014-03-15 SPD Fest Seoul 1t03
Boxty Rebellion 2014-03-15 SPD Fest Seoul 2t03


Mar 072014

i’ve been quite fond of agnes obel for a few years now, and was sorry to miss her when she played in brussels while we were there (and, no surprise, she’s not coming to seoul on this tour).  taper ian macdonald (ianmacd) uploaded a recent show of hers to dime, along with her opening act.

you don’t always see both the warm-up and main act seeded, and when you do, you might not care about one or the other act.  but in this case i was curious…. who might open for agnes obel?  i thought it was a good match (not always the case) and a pretty good recording.  so, although it’s not jazz, here’s a very nice show by agnes obel.

i’ve included all of ianmacd’s comments in the posting below, even though they’re a bit long, as they might be of interest.  (they’re in the d/l also, of course.)  (redirects to the feral & stray site)

feral & stray
(supporting agnes obel)
het concertgebouw
amsterdam, the netherlands
4 february 2014

01. [06:18] anchor
02. [03:22] threads
03. [00:48] [banter]
04. [05:05] quiet soul
05. [00:39] [banter]
06. [04:14] falling
07. [05:27] all the birds in the world
08. [00:58] [banter]
09. [04:15] safe and sound

total running time: 31:10

type: audience master, recorded from seat 30 of row 12, approximately 15 metres back from the suspended left-hand side pa stack.
source: schoeps ccm 41v microphones (dina mounted) -> marantz pmd661 recorder > audacity > flac
taper: ian macdonald (ianmacd)

feral & stray a.k.a. erin lang once again provides a fragile, almost whispered
opening set in support of agnes obel, this time in the illustrious setting of
amsterdam’s famed concertgebouw.

the quality of the recording is excellent, perhaps a little better than the
one of rotterdam from the previous night. the set-list is identical.

as always, samples are attached to the torrent to allow you to decide whether
this is something for you.

agnes obel
het concertgebouw
amsterdam, the netherlands
4 february 2014

01. [03:24] louretta
02. [04:02] philharmonics
03. [00:39] [banter/band introduction]
04. [04:06] beast
05. [05:29] fuel to fire
06. [06:43] on powdered ground
07. [03:11] chord left
08. [01:15] [banter]
09. [04:49] aventine
10. [00:31] [banter]
11. [05:24] dorian
12. [05:19] wallflower
13. [04:41] riverside
14. [00:21] [banter]
15. [05:15] run cried the crawling
16. [04:29] words are dead
17. [05:47] the curse
18. [02:00] [encore break]
19. [01:06] [banter]
20. [04:36] just so
21. [00:41] [banter]
22. [05:05] katie cruel

total running time: 79:05

type: audience master, recorded from seat 30 of row 12, approximately 15 metres back from the suspended left-hand side pa stack.
source: schoeps ccm 41v microphones (dina mounted) -> marantz pmd661 recorder > audacity > flac
taper: ian macdonald (ianmacd)

after rotterdam last night, i can relax in the knowledge that i have an
assigned seat for this evening’s show in the illustrious setting of the
capital’s concertgebouw.

it’s funny to think that it was just three and a bit years ago that the newly
discovered agnes was playing upstairs at the paradiso on an electric keyboard
to a standing crowd of 250 people.

her star was on the rise from the very beginning and she is now able to sell
out one of the most beautiful and prestigious venues in the city. the electric
keyboard is long gone, replaced by a much more befitting steinway grand piano.

if you live in the netherlands, belgium, france, germany or her native
denmark, you’d have to have been living in a bunker for the last four years
not to have heard of agnes obel.

despite debut album sales of 450,000 copies, however, she remains something of
an unknown quantity in much of the rest of europe and beyond. i remain
convinced that it can only be a matter of time before the rest of the world
wakes up to her subtle, understated songs and the enchantment of that fragile,
fluttering voice.

the main hall of the concertgebouw can house 1,674 people, although i note
that the lousy seats behind the stage were obviously not made available for
sale. nevertheless, there must easily be 1,500 people in attendance this

feral & stray a.k.a. erin lang once again provides a fragile, almost whispered
opening set, her banter full of hyperbole for the beautiful audience, the
“courageous, fearless women” with whom she is on tour, etc.

agnes follows and performs an almost identical set to the night before. the
differences arrive in the encore, where ‘brother sparrow’ and ‘smoke &
mirrors’ make way for ‘just so’ and ‘katie cruel’. it’s the first time i’ve
heard ‘just so’ on the aventine tour, and it’s good to hear it live again
after more than two years.

the concertgebouw is world-renowned for its superb acoustics, and that it is
deserving of that fame is a detail overwhelmingly proven this evening. the
sound in here tonight is beyond amazing. agnes herself remarks at one point,
“you really hear everything in here, i think.”

if i said the vocal harmonies in particular were impressive last night, the
clarity with which they can be appreciated tonight is simply jaw-dropping.

listening to the recording now through headphones, i have to remind myself
that it was made from the audience by some scruffy bloke, not streamed
directly from the radio. apart from a few winter sniffles from those around
me, there’s really very little to remind you that this is a covertly made
amateur recording.

truthfully, audience recordings don’t get much better than this. i sincerely
hope you enjoy it.

as always, samples are attached to the torrent to allow you to decide whether
this is something for you.

feral and stray – 02_thread.mp3
agnes obel – 01_louretta.mp3


Mar 052014

i just reseeded this on dime, after a 7 year gap (i got a copy when “ricola” uploaded it in october 2007).  i was listening to it yesterday, and just had to post it!  the show was recorded almost a year after the oscar peterson trio (same lineup as here) lp “live and at its best”, a period and a lineup that really had all the cylinders firing.   and, being taped from fm, it’s a super recording.  it’s fairly long too, around 1:45… so enjoy

oscar peterson trio
ndr funkhaus (norddeutscher rundfunk)
hannover, germany
1 may 1965

oscar peterson -p;
ray brown -b;
ed thigpen -d;

cd 1

01 the lamp is low 7.12
02 witchcraft 4.55
03 you look good to me 7.29
04 have you met miss jones? 6.20
05 cubano chant 7.16
06 my one and only love 5.04
07 someday my prince will come 5.43
08 bess, oh where’s my bess – it ain’t necessarily so 7.19

cd 2

09 satin doll 7.00
10 ill wind 5.40
11 yours is my heart alone 8.30
12 whisper not 6.10
13 waltz for debbie 7.00
14 sposin’ 7.45
15 tricotism 10.30

source: fm > unknown recording equipment > tape > cd transfer > trade > cd > eac secure modus > flac frontend level 6 > flac

sample:  t10 ill wind.mp3