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JamesTaylor 1974-05-26 Front Cover

[update 27-apr-2016:  it’s come to my attention that this has been released by www.concertvault.com (see here and here), so i have deleted the .zip file.]

changing pace a little (i.e., this isn’t jazz), here’s a phenomenal 1974 concert by  james taylor at carnegie hall in nyc.  ‘crazydaren’, the seeder on dime, thought it was actually a combination of his shows over two days, and i’d be inclined to agree.

the download files includes a bit of artwork that crazydaren shared back in 2007.



james taylor
the complete carnegie hall concert
carnegie hall, new york city
26-27 may 1974

first set
1. you can close your eyes
2. riding on a railroad
3. blossom
4. long ago and far away
5. sunshine sunshine
6. me and my guitar
7. country road
8. you’ve got a friend
9. promised land

second set
10. migration
11. let it all fall down
12. brighten your night with my day
13. one man parade
14. anywhere like heaven
15. don’t let me be lonely tonight
16. fire and rain
17. you’re the one (that i adore)
18. rock ‘n’ roll is music now
19. mockingbird

20. ain’t no song
21. sweet baby james

time: 79:10

source: kbfh master reels > dat > cdr > eac > sound forge 6.0 > cd wave > 1shn/1cdr
remastered by als, march 2003


james taylor performed at carnegie hall on may 26th and may 27th in 1974.
these two shows were probably the final two shows of jt’s four-week u.s. tour to promote
“walking man.” the dir concert network had permission to tape both shows and it is not
clear whether this version represents one of the shows or a combination of both shows.
my gut feeling is that it is probably a combination of both shows. kbfh broadcasted this
version of the show on june 30, 1974. this version is superior in every way to the hugely
popular and widely circulated “carnegie hall” kts bootleg. the overall sound quality is
stunning, crystal clear stereo. the soft songs are perfect, although the loud songs are
so full the sound nearly distorts. the kts bootleg was probably sourced from a second or
third generation cassette. the addition of the six songs not included on the kts bootleg
dramatically changes the flow of the show. kts would have you believe that jt jumped from
“fire and rain” to “mockingbird.” not so. jt beautifully built the show to a peak
culminating with carly’s arrival just after the start of “mockingbird.” for jt fans this
version is essential. some minor editing was necessary to best represent the original
concert experience from the perspective of the audience. i edited out the kbfh
announcements. i edited in several “soft endings” where the audience applause would have
otherwise abruptly ended (due to harsh kbfh edits or announcements). no edits were made



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