Oct 262022

i was out of town for 2 weeks and had a number of shows to listen to and maybe share up here.  but no:  it turned out that i couldn’t access the files.  so, nothing this month until now!  maybe we’ll have a little flurry of activity over the this week (hopefully! i’m out of town this weekend as well).

ellen andrea wang
bremen, germany

ellen andrea wang – double bass, vocal
andreas ulvo – piano
erland dahlen – drums

01 heart beat / band intro
02 fjord ferry
03 sacred
04 high 5
05 perfect danger
06 away
07 holding on
08 du hoie fryd for rene sjæle
09 air
10 follow me
11 call me
12 be mine

min 82:41

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

bremen 2
sounds in concert

sample: 01 heart beat 256k.mp3
download: Ellen Andrea Wang 2017-03-18 Moments, Bremen Germany.zip

photo:  youtube screenshot of a 2017 performance in oslo with the same lineup.

Oct 012022

following a recent question, i’ve found that the rss feed is not working.  so if you’ve not been getting the feed from feedburner… that’s why.  hopefully, i’ve just fixed that.  if not, well, we’ll just see, won’t we?

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