Jan 292022

i don’t have much jazz by australian bands, and still less has made it up here, and i’m thrilled to have run across this (which of course reminds me of my australian friends, none of whom i’ve seen in far too long).  this also reminds me for some reason of kate westbrook, which i really cannot explain.  i’ve been listening to this as i’ve been putting this post together.  for me, this is something to listen to (i’d never work with it playing!  nor is it for the car.) but fortunately doing this doesn’t tax my poor brain overmuch, and it’s gotten the attention it deserves.  it’s only chance that there’s a posting at all this weekend, as we were supposed to go to derry/londonderry, but that fell through.  oh well, maybe in the spring!

way out west
soundlounge at seymour centre
chippendale (sydney), australia
12 aug 2017

peter knight – flugelhorn, trumpet, laptop, spoken words
satsuki odamura – koto
paul williamson – tenor & soprano saxophone
lucas michailidis – electric guitar
ray pereira – marimba, percussion
howard cairns – double bass
james mclean – drums

01.music for april
02.band intro
03.is the moon really that far away?
05.the birds
06.talk/intro by paul/tuning
07.blues for a jungster
09.anthony blaise

tt 1:15:35

audience recording
church audio11 (cardiods) > ca9100 preamp > zoom hn4 > 24/48 > wavepad sound editor > 16/44 > tlh > flac16


way out west self-titled album out now on jazzhead.com

sample: t05 the birds 256k.mp3
download: WayOutWest_2017-08-12_SeymourCentre_SydneyAustralia.zip

photo:  promotional photo from the internet.

Jan 222022

well, it’s pretty hard to follow vsop ii.  i was going to post this show until i noticed that one, so i’m going to let this charming vlady bas homage take the hit, instead of something in the “w” range.  listening to it again today, i really liked it — good jazz, and the “feel” of a live event like this (but well recorded) — homages not being something i often have the patience for, though an homage where the… homagee? … is there is kinda nice!  the volume was a bit variable, curiously.  i was disappointed that josé miguel lopez didn’t play the intro by the monty alexander trio but, sure, if you didn’t know it was missing, you wouldn’t know it.

vlady bas homage
cuartel de conde duque
barrio malasaña
madrid, spain
19 may 1984

<< monty alexander trio >>>
not broadcast

<< vlady bas & the monty alexander trio >>

vlady bas (vladimiro bas zabache), alto sax & clarinet,
monty alexander trio:
monty alexander, piano
brian bromberg, bass
bobby thomas, drums

101 intro j.m.lopez (4:12)
102 blues (improvisation) (7:43)
103 satin doll (ellington – strayhorn) (9:28)
104 stella by starlight (victor young) (7:56)
105 what’s new (bob haggart) (10:44)
106 comments j.m.lopez (4:00)
107 these foolish things (jack strachey) (10:48)
108 blue bossa (kenny dorham) (5:39)

201 intro j.m.lopez (1:25)
202 sweet georgia brown (ben bernie and maceo pinkard) (9:28)
203 comments j.m.lopez at change of lineup (2:27)

<< jam session >>

vlady bas, alto sax
jean luc vallet, piano
dave thomas, bass
peer wyborys, drums
fernando sobrino, piano (on track 205, autumn leaves)
josé antonio galicia, drums (on 206, blues)
carlos villa, guitar (on 207, impressions)

204 secret love (slim whitman y freddy fender) (14:39)
205 las hojas muertas (autumn leaves) (joseph kosma) (12:43)
206 blues (bas) (9:59)
207 comments j.m.lopez (2:46)

vlady bas, alto sax
carlos villa, guitar
fernando sobrino, piano.
david thomas, bass
josé antonio galicia, drums

301 impressions (coltrane) (complete) (15:57)
302 intro j.m.lopez (3:27)

paula bas, vocals
jaime “jimi”, guitar
(unidentified rhythm section)

303 1984 intro paula bas (0:51)
304 chega de saudade (jobim, arrangement by “jimi”) (5:30)
305 i’m just a lucky so and so (duke ellington) (7:08)
306 comments j.m.lopez (0:15)

vlady bas, alto sax
vladislav sendecki, piano
lenny white, drums
david thomas, bass

307 on green dolphin street (bronislaw kaper) (12:46)
308 comments j.m.lopez (00:57)
309 lover man (jimmy davis) (15:56)
310 milestones (miles davis) (13:14)

401 intro j.m.lopez (1:08)
402 outro j.m.lopez (0:51)

tt 3:11:58


rtve website (untracked mp3) > ffmpeg (convert to wav) > cd wave editor (tracking) > tracked flac
metadata edited using foobar2000.
original mp3 was vbr 256 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 44.1 khz.
see also included mediainfo details for the original mp3’s.

downloaded as mp3, 15 & 16-nov-2020 from the rtve website.
tracks 1xx from discópolis jazz show 11024 “sesiones tesoro vlady bas & monty alexander”, 25 july 2020

tracks 2xx from discópolis jazz show 11031 “vlady bas homenaje 2”, 1 aug 2020

tracks 3xx from discópolis jazz show 11038 “vlady bas homenaje 3”, 8 aug 2020,
except track 309, 401 & 402 from discópolis jazz show 11045 “sesión rne 179: tomás san miguel”, 15 aug 2020


josé miguel lopez chose to skip the 3-song warm up by the monty alexander trio, unfortunately, but
even without that it is still the longest show that i’ve run across on discópolis. as josé miguel
said, “fue largo, fue largo de verdad”. it’s a wonderful show, although the quality of the recording
is a bit variable (which seems odd, if you ask me), with the last third noticably better
than the rest.

jml was not happy with the details available & goes on at some length about it in track 207.
“documentamente hablando un desastre”…. “por favor, que desastre”. i am actually quite sympathetic,
but it really is very funny. bottom line: the line up as shown is jml’s best effort at reconstruction,
for which big thanks are in order.

“impressions” was broadcast twice, incomplete at the end of the second broadcast and complete at the
start of the third broadcast. i’ve only included the complete version.

as noted above, track 309 “lover man” was broadcast out of order in the fourth broadcast, as the very
last piece, as jml tries to fit everything in. i’ve put it back in the original sequence as performed.
as broadcast, the order was 308-310-401-309-402. also, track numbering reflects the original
broadcasts not how you might burn this onto cds (like, who even does that anymore? and even if you do,
why number based on the cd, in the first place?)

conde duque, in barrio malasaña, is a phenomenal place. before it was restored, conde duque was on
occasion a venue for giant outdoor parties, one summer in the early 1990s, as was the nearby templo
de debod (at least if memory serves; the templo at least sounds insane). it’s now beautifully restored,
with art exhibits, concerts, and so forth. it is, and was, a phenomenal venue. conde duque is a very
short walk from the plaza españa, and well worth a visit if you’re in the area, both to see it and for
the art exhibits.

sample: 206 Blues (Bas)
download:  Vlady Bas 1984-05-19 Conde Duque, Madrid Spain.zip

photo:  stock photo from discogs.com

Jan 222022

i should look at the last part of the alphabet more often.  this isn’t complete, and i’m not sure it’s in the right order, but this really is a “super group”, not much else to say.  funny, i almost never listen to herbie hancock nor either of the marsalises.  baffling, really, i’ll have to do something about that.  anyway, if you want the full recording, check the youtube link below.

vsop ii
nhk hall
tokyo, japan
19 may 1983

wynton marsalis (trumpet)
branford marsalis (tenor sax, soprano sax)
herbie hancock (grand piano)
ron carter (bass)
tony williams (drums) [how is it i can’t find a webpage for tony williams?!]

1. the sorcerer 11:04
2. ringo oiwake 8:40
3. jitterbug waltz 9:11
4. new song no. 3 8:40
5. well you needn’t 10:55
6. arboretum 9:35
7. sister cheryl 10:54

tt 1:09:02

fm-sbd > ? > cdr > eac > flac
converted to flac july, 2017 by senormogul9 using nch switch plus

– – – – – – –
this has been made available in a lot of places, actually

issued as a bootleg by hi hat, same set list and lineup, with note that it was
originally broadcast on nhk radio, see

available in mp3 format (cbr 128 kbs, sampling 44.1 khz) from pastdaily.com, at

shared in shn format on the dr.fusion blog may 2016 (file links have expired), at

it was also shared several times on dime, twice as (or similar to) this version, and twice in a
90-minute video with a slightly longer setlist in a different order (* if not included in the above).
that video (or version of it) is also on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1L4eTD-9lI

* riot
2 ringo oiwake
5 well, you needn’t
1 the sorcerer
4 new song no. 3
* opus 1.5
3 the jitterbug waltz
7 sister cheryl
6 arboretum
* hesitation set ii

sample: new song #3 256k.mp3
download: VSOP II 1983-05-19 NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan.zip

photo:  screenshot from the youtube video of this show (link above)

Jan 162022

first, happy new year to everyone!

this show wasn’t too long after the trio issued good times, in 2016.  the bayreuth.de website (& maybe originally a press release) describes that album as “the three full blood jazz musicians trace their roots back to their parents’ sounds. the result is a tribute to the deep, classic sound of the piano trios in the 1960s.”  i couldn’t (as in, literally couldn’t) have said it better myself.

ulf kleiner – hanns höhn – david meisenzahl
darmstadt, germany
21 oct 2017

ulf kleiner – piano
hanns höhn – bass
david meisenzahl – drums

101 carioca(vincent youman) 6:06
102 amanka (phil bodner) 7:00
103 good times (ulf kleiner) 6:43
104 the groove of love (ulf kleiner) 5:15
105 you must believe in spring (michel legrand) 8:15
106 cuban jam (kleiner/höhn/meisenzahl) 4:57
201 my ideal (richard a. whiting) 8:00
202 without a song (vincent youman) 7:11
203 the look of love (burt bacharach) 7:23
204 mo‘ better blues (bill lee) 6:47
205 the shadow of your smile (johnny mandel) 7:44
206 pieciu piwo prosce 7:50
207 myer‘s waltz 5:11

total time: 1:28:22

lineage: line audio cm3 > sommer cable neutrik nc3 mxx-emc xlr >
zoom h5 with external battery > audacity (editing > flac) > hdd

recording and editing: jaype
seeded on dime 2017-11-10

sample: Good Times (Ulf Kleiner)
download: Ulf Kleiner-Hanns Hoehn-David Meisenzahl 2017-10-21 Darmstadt Germany.zip

image:  stock photo from the internet