Jul 042018

in madrid for a few days, i was lucky enough to catch the kenny garrett quintet at clamores jazz.  i’ve not been to clamores before — actually, i associate it more with clubbing (which they still do there, starting late & ending early, natch!) — but i quite liked the place.  i was a bit taken aback at 9pm to find myself just about the last person in the door for what turned out to be a 10pm show; i’ll be there earlier next time, and dinner be damned.  anyway, it was a great show though all i had to record with was an android phone (no it’s not really listenable, thanks for asking).  sometimes, k.g. reminded me of a younger pharoah sanders; googling today, i see that’s not just me (1) (2).  pharoah sanders was one of my favorite musicians at one point (and i’ll always have a soft spot for his music), so that added a bit of a kick to the show.  (i’ve only seen p.s. once, at the cork jazzfest a bit over a decade ago.)  the music in the last half hour didn’t really do it for me, though i must say kenny garrett knows how to get people up out of their seats — the energy when he switched from jazz to (i’m not sure what) kept me there.  and a long show, too:  i left after 2 hours, and they were still at it.

bottom line:  liked clamores, loved kenny garrett.  i’ll be back, and hope k.g. will as well.

kenny garrett / saxs
vernell brown / piano
corcoran holt / dbass
samuel laviso / drums
rudy bird / percussion


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May 042018

i’m off to sao paulo for a short visit.  fortunately, i found a usb solid state drive loaded with a wide variety of music, from some trip or other…  beefed it up with a half-dozen shows in brazil (why not?).  so we might have a bit of a break here.  then again, i might get a bit of a break there.  (“then again”… that’s a nice little idiomatic phrase, isn’t it?)

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Oct 222017

just heading home after a visit to raleigh, nc, usa, home of one of my favourite online stations, wncu fm.

they were having – sorry, are still having – their fundraising week.  it’s one of two jazz stations on the internet radio in the kitchen at home (yes, wpfw fm in d.c. is the other, of course.)  bandwidth costs money, so…

and so… what’re your favourite internet jazz stations?

and if they live on listener donations, think about giving them some spondulix (but don’t tell us if you donate… that’s your business).


here i am, in atlanta on the way home. cheers.

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Sep 292017

just installed an iogear 2-port hd-cable kvm switch (model gcs62su).  setup was easy, & it’s working great.  the audio however follows the kvm switch, which i don’t want.  my workaround is streamwhatyouhear, so the jazz plays on both home & work computers.   also, latency on my home computer: 10-15 seconds to switch the keyboard & mouse.  it’s a few years old, running win7.  my work laptop (new, with win10) has no such problem.

listening to tingvall trio right now.

Oct 242016

i’ve enabled registration for the site, as an experiment.  if it gets clogged with spammers, i’ll just turn it off again.

you can register below to the right, where it says “register” in the ‘meta’ section.  or here: link

also, as mentioned earlier, i’ve added an rss feed.  actually, i see one in the ‘meta’ section also, but haven’t tried that link yet.  so you can give it a try, or use the feedburner rss feed, on the right sidebar under ‘follow cipjazz’rss-05


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Sep 282016

center-coverthis is for an old college friend of mine.  the zip files are only going to be available for a couple of days (until he downloads the files). the comments below & the picture (cd cover?) are from the original seed.

i don’t listen to this sort of thing anymore, but i must say:  these songs have held up very well.  a quick check of the sound quality turned into listening to the whole show.  “one never knows, do one?”

the monkees
pantages theater
hollywood, los angeles, california, usa
september 16, 2016

micky dolenz
michael nesmith
peter tork
+ backing band

lineage: q2 zoom>unknown equilization>flac>wav>cdwave (for tracking)>flac (level 8 using traders little helper)
taped by elliott marx

set one (54:15):

01 intro
02 last train to clarksville
03 papa gene’s blues
04 your auntie grizelda
05 saturday’s child
06 she
07 a little bit me, a little bit you
08 she makes me laugh
09 the girl i knew somewhere
10 sometime in the morning
11 me & magdalena
12 shades of gray
13 randy scouse git
14 for pete’s sake
15 you bring the summer
16 listen to the band
17 what am i doin’ hangin’ round

set two (57:22):

18 mary mary
19 circle sky
20 porpoise song
21 long title: do i have to do this all over again
22 words
23 sunny girlfriend
24 (i’m not your) steppin’ stone
25 you just may be the one
26 you told me
27 birth of an accidental hipster
28 goin’ down
29 d.w. washburn
30 tapioca tundra
31 daydream believer
32 pleasant valley sunday
33 i’m a believer

notes: this was billed as michael nesmith’s final performance with the monkees – he has appeared sporadically in guest slots during their on-going 50th anniversary tour, but, peter tork had a family emergency that precluded his ability to perform in arizona, so, nesmith stepped in. this was the perfect lead in to this show – tork returned and nesmith had two previous shows to “warm up”. the result has monkee fans all over the internet in a tizzy; this was a fabulous performance with a once in a lifetime setlist which was completely different from what they had been playing the entire tour, and even different from the previous two shows that tork missed.

rhino records owns the rights to the monkees’ catalogue, and, they have already announced that this show was neither filmed nor profess- ionally recorded – fortunately, amateur archivist elliott marx took it upon himself to record the show “from start to finish” and shared this recording on facebook. i asked him if he was able to share the lossless files and he shared them via webtransfer; i took his flac files – which, he noted, he had equalized and added fades; it also sounds like he used the auto setting on the mic levels – and extracted to wav to track in cdwave, then re-encoded back to flac to share here on dime.

this is a stunning performance, featuring four songs from their outstanding new album “good times!” including the universally hailed “me & magdalena”, which was written by ben gibbard from death cab for cutie. the recording itself is very strong, especially by monkee fan standards; it’s very clear and enjoyable for the hardcore fan and casual listener alike. as it stands, the recording is a document of historical import in the world of monkee fans, as this is the end of the road for the living members of the band; micky and peter continued the tour in las vegas without papa nez.

please don’t profit from this transfer – share it, post it, give it away, but, don’t make money off of it.

sample: t02 last train to clarksville.mp3  t33 im a believer.mp3
flac Monkees_2016-09-16_LosAngeles_master_FLAC.zip
mp3 Monkees_2016-09-16_LosAngeles_master_MP3.zip

Jun 052016

one of my usb hard drives went belly-up lately, and so i replaced it & in the process rearranged all my hard drives & backups.  the files all move ok, but i find that the folder datestamps are all wrong, which is a pain.

i couldn’t find any routine that would do that quickly & easily.  so i wrote (and so i’m sharing also) this windows powershell routine to correct the folder datestamps.  the timestamp turns out to be midnight (00:00) but i didn’t care about that.

to run the routine

create a .ps1 batch file to call the powershell routine.  copy the ps1 batch file & the ps1 script file into the same folder where the folders to update are..  run the ps1 batchfile.

note! the routine fails on all but basic characters, and on a lot of them too.  so folders with names including @ [ ] & and some other characters are a problem.  (i fix that when i create the ps1 batch file in excel, actually.)

ps1 batch file syntax

.\folderdate_v3.ps1 "foldername" "yyyy-mm-dd" "reference"

including the ” as shown above, where
.\  is because i copy the files into the same folder as noted above
folderdate_v3.ps1  is the name of the routine to run
“foldername” is the name of the folder to update
“yyyy-mm-dd” is the new date stamp (e.g. “2016-06-01”)
“reference” is any text you want (it will display on the output but doesn’t actually do anything

this file can have as many lines as you want, 1 line per folder to update.

sample file: folderdateBAT.zip

the ps1 script

this is stored in a separate .ps1 file.  i called my file ‘folderdate_v3.ps1’

sample file: folderdate_v3.zip

param([string]$Vfoldername = $args[0], [string]$Vdate = $args[1], [string]$Vcat = $args[2])

$Vtestpath = Test-Path $Vfoldername

if ( $Vdate -eq '1900-01-00') 
 { Write-Host "Skipped (date)" $Vcat " " $Vdate " " $Vfoldername} 
 if ( $Vtestpath -eq 'True')
 $a = get-item $Vfoldername
 $a.CreationTime = $Vdate
 $a.LastWriteTime = $Vdate
 $a.LastAccessTime = $Vdate
 Write-Host "UPDATED" $Vcat " " $Vdate " " $Vfoldername
 else { Write-Host "Skipped (path)" $Vcat " " $Vdate " " $Vfoldername }




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Apr 192016

i’ve moved a lot of the .zip files to filefactory.com, and will be moving more later.  i’d be interesting in a bit of feedback on downloads from there.  my experience is that it works fine, but as expected it’s both a bit of a bother (so many banners urging you to join) and a bit slow.  but, i think, probably a bit more reliable than this was getting, as they were throttling my downloads from time to time.

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Feb 262016

i’ve taken the files for a number of postings offline (the postings are still on the site, but not the zip files). the download link should not be working for these (just text “download: invalid download id.”).  i’ve also tagged the posting as “archived”.

if you’d like a copy of one of these, leave me a comment, and i’ll see if i can put it back up for you temporarily.

i’ll be doing this sort of cleanup regularly.  i think the large number of files is affecting the service — download are starting to truncate routinely.

perhaps coincidentally, a few webcrawlers have been doing heavy downloads lately; i’ve blocked all the webcrawlers i can.

so, between removing a number of shows and blocking the webcrawlers, i hope these problems will go away.

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