Oct 312015

this is like a blast from the past, reminds me of the music i’d listen to in the dc / charlottesville area in the late 70s to mid 80s (if perhaps a bit more polished than some show then, eh?).  it sounds like a fantastic show and this excellent good audience recording does it justice i think.  great show, great fun, i’da like to have been there.  so, here ya go for halloween… enjoy!


masters of the telecaster
city winery, new york, ny
20 sept 2015

roy buchanan birthday tribute

jim weider, g.e smith, john jorgenson & johnny hiland teles
josh dion – drums
jeff hill – bass

hot cha
last time
hey good lookin’
down by the river
i’m a ram
dark is the night
soul went down
big boss man
sweet dreams
treat her right
ge blues tune
drink up and go home > little sister

tt 2:09:25

schoeps mk4 v > lunatec v3 > sony pcm m10 > wav > flac

sample:  t02 Lucille.mp3

download: MastersoftheTelecaster_2015-09-20_CityWinery_NYC.zip

Oct 222015

elvin jones jazz machine - lugano 99 fthis is just a “what i happen to be listening to & thought would be good to share” posting.  i downloaded it from dime when ‘unclewolfi’ seeded it in 2007.

i’m not listened to elvin jones jazz machine much, not sure why as today it was working very well for me.  unclewolfi didn’t seem pleased with the recording (“not the best recording i captured from the radio”) but i think that has to be taken as the relative assessment that it is.


elvin jones jazz machine
estival jazz
piazza della riforma
lugano, switzerland
9 july 1999

elvin jones – dr
carlos mckinney – p
thadeus expose – b
antoine roney – s
robin eubanks – tb

01. wise one 14:44
02. doll of the bride 41:01
03. e.j.’s blues 05:16

tt 1:01:02

source: astra sat > nexus-s > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(astra sat uses MPEG1 Layer 2/192 kbps)

seeder’s comments:
not the best recording i captured from the radio.
it comes from rete due & seems to be a little rough &
in some parts the piano sounds a little bit overloaded.
but all in all it’s a wonderful concert.

sample:  t02_doll_of_the_bride_(6 minute sample).mp3
download: ElvinJonesJazzMachine_1999-07-09_LuganoSwitzerland.zip

Oct 212015

this is probably my favorite diana krall show.  super show, great (fm) recording.  this show was part of a week-long john coltrane tribute at the village vanguard, which must have been quite something (i need to see if i can get copies of more shows from that week!).  instead of being “one that i’ve been listening to in my car”, this is “one that i need to put in my car”.  or maybe not… would that do it justice?


diana krall
the village vanguard
new york, new york
28 september 1997

diana krall – piano, vocals
russell malone – guitar
christian mcbride – bass

01. intro 1:51
02. all or nothing at all 8:04
03. my shining hour 9:36
04. talk & intros 2:34
05. i miss you so 5:31
06. how deep is the ocean 7:53
07. lost mind 5:01
08. just you just me 6:21
09. i don’t know enough about you 5:18
10. they can’t take that away from me 5:49
11. dedicated to you 4:12
12. peel me a grape 5:48
13. bessie’s blues 8:19
14. outro music 2:15

wbgo-fm broadcast
from week long john coltrane tribute at the village vanguard

tascam da-20 > tascam cd-rw900
fm > dat master > dat clone > cdr > eac secure >
audacity (edits) > cd wave (tracks) > flac
total time – 78:41

note: low level fm static consistent throughout broadcast

sample:  t05_i_miss_you_so.mp3
download: DianaKrall_1997-09-28_VillageVanguard_NYC.zip

Oct 152015

this show was originally recorded for the united nations refugee fund at the request of princess grace of monaco.  it was seeded on the lossless legs site a few years ago.  it’s a very good recording indeed, and makes you realize how sinatra become such a sensation.  this seems to have been issued by a number of bootleg labels over the years, and this appears to come from one of them.  the download was in .shn format; i’ve converted it to .flac using trader’s little helper (tlh) and you can download in either version.

here’s what sinatraguide.com has to say about the show:

this concert has been floating around in various formats for a long time, yet despite it’s historic importance and good recorded sound, official release has yet to see the light of day. recorded as part of a charity benefit for the united nations fund for refugee children, this was a starry evening, with an introduction (in french) given by noel coward….  and behind the podium was a young quincy jones, who has since described this concert as a highlight of his early career.  the concert itself is stunning – showing off sinatra in his prime, relaxed and at his ease as he bends notes and plays around with tempos with his inestimable grace and style.

frank sinatra
the sporting club
monte carlo, monaco
14 june 1958

01. introduction by noel coward
02. come fly with me
03. i get a kick out of you
04. i’ve got you under my skin
05. where or when
06. moonlight in vermont
07. on the road to mandalay
08. your lover has gone
09. april in paris
10. all the way
11. monique
12. bewitched
13. the lady is a tramp
14. you make me feel so young

source: fm > ? > cdr > eac > wav > shn

really excellent sound especially for 1958 it’s unbelievable

sample: t07_on_the_road_to_mandalay.mp3