Mar 252022

here’s the next of the shows that have gotten me out of the doldrums lately.  been meaning to post this all week, but life got in the way as happens sometimes.  on the other hand, i’ve listened to this around 4 times this week, and it’s still as fresh as a daisy.  enjoy!

louis hayes / woody shaw quintet
cologne, germany
february 1, 1977

woody shaw (tp)
rené mclean (ts, as, ss)
ronnie mathews (p)
stafford james (b)
louis hayes (dr)

1 bilad as sudan
2 sashianova
3 book’s bossa

tt: 55:47

[radio station master tape>cd-r]
sound is a solid a

sample: t03 book’s bossa 192k.mp3

photo:  a modified copy of the cover of the woody shaw / louis hayes cd “the tour volume two”

Jun 092018

i had this on an extended rotation* of the best stuff on my well-travelled little usb drive (by now no doubt famous).  had to go back and listen to ‘the work song’ again, then find the nina simone version, then listen to this version again.  well. well, well, well.

this was shared on dime by ‘michaelmee’ back in february 2013, and well done there, michaelmee, thanks.

the cannonball adderley sextet
the half note – new york city
“portraits in jazz”
fm radio broadcasts
5 feb 1965

julian “cannonball” adderley – alto saxophone
nat adderley – cornet
charles lloyd – tenor saxophone
josef zawinul – piano
sam jones – bass
louis hayes – drums
alan grant – mc

set list

01 jessica’s birthday 9:11
02 interview 2:07
03 cajvalach 3:06
04 interview 0:39
05 sewing machine 3:16
06 interview 1:01
07 come sunday 5:56
08 interview 0:41
09 the little boy with the sad eyes 13:27
10 interview 1:16
11 the work song 5:10

tt 45:51

sample:  t11 the work song.mp3

* benny golson jazztet (chicago 2001); bill evans (kobe 1978); cannonball adderly (new york city 1965); gato barbieri (turin 1970); gerry mulligan (the hague 1988); hank jones (buffalo 1976); jackie mclean (ancona 1991) [i am as far as here so far]; yusef lateef (doetinchein 1971); woody shaw (utrecht 1982); von freeman & johnny griffin (amsterdam 1999); phil woods (amsterdam 1987); ny jazz giants (estival jazz 1992); mobley & griffin (cologne 1968); masters of groove (nyc 2001); and kevin eubanks (detroit 2011).

Jan 272016

Jazz Masters Septet 1982-07-25 Umbria - coverran across this today, was listening to it as i worked away, and thought it might be time for a break.  ‘diego60’ shared this on dime in 2010, it’s his own audience recording.  the band is quite a line up, and are playing their hearts out, so it’s nice diego60’s recording came out as nicely as it did.  but be warned, tracks 3 & 4 should be a single track… the cutover is a little jarring (but gave me a conveniently small file to convert for a sample)

jazz masters septet
orvieto, umbria italy
25 july 1982

bill hardman tp.
bob berg t.s.
curtis fuller tb.
bobby hutcherson v.
cedar walton p.
buster williams b.
louis hayes dr.

01 cedar’s blues 18:30
02 lover man 20:37
03 firm roots 5:48
04 firm roots end 9:58
05 b.williams presenting the group 0:28

tt 55:23


audience recording (sony tcd 5, sony ecm 990 bidirectional)/chrome maxell xl2s/direct to cd with tascam professional cdrw402

this was the last concert of umbria jazz ’82 wonderful night very good group!!

sample:  t03 firm roots (start).mp3

Jul 012015

listening to some louis hayes today.  turns out that i seem like a bit of a fan of his, with this being the third show here featuring louis hayes:  last october, we had eric alexander quartet feat. louis hayes — 5-feb-2014, an beal bocht café, riverdale ny, usa  and louis hayes – junior cook 5tet w/ woody shaw — 5 apr 1976, jazzclub ostertor, bremen, germany.  well!

this one falls in between, from 2003.  i think you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as i did.

louis hayes quintet
hamburg, germany
21 march 2003.

louis hayes (dr)
riley mullins (tp)
abraham burton (ts)
dave hazeltine (p)
gerald leon cannon (b)

1 glen’s place (hubbard)
2 peace (silver)
3 soul eyes (waldron)
4 pentagon (hazeltine)
5 pyramid (silver)
6 dear lou (mullins)
7 check in (hayes/ mullins)
tt 1:35:23

fm >telefunken ht 870 tuner >telefunken ha 870 amplifier >sony mds-je320 minidisc deck (normal play mode)

transfer (february 2014):
sharp minidisc deck md-r2 >denon pma-425r amplifier >terratec aureon 5.1 pci soundcard via spdif > audacity 2.0.5 > harddisk > flac 8

sample:  t02_Peace.mp3

Oct 152014

Eric Alexander Quartet Feat. Louis Hayes cd cover (front)here’s another show featuring louis hayes, this time as a sideman, that jazzbike2 shared on dime back in feb 2014.  the seed included a number of photos of the show (included), so i took the liberty of making a pretty basic cd cover (front only).  when you consider that louis hayes was born in 1937, and so it 77 years old… !,53770

eric alexander quartet feat. louis hayes
linda’s jazz nights
an beal bocht café
riverdale, ny
5 feb 2014

eric alexander, tenor saxophone
rick germanson, piano
tyler mitchell, bass
louis hayes, drums
rale micic, guitar tracks 10-11

01 impresssions 10:20
02 the nearness of you 11:38
03 samba d’orfeus 13:36
04 barbados 10:27
05 just one of those things/alexander announcement 03:16
06 bolivia 13:34
07 on a clear day 12:05
08 skylark 10:29
09 alexander announcement 00:41
10 i love you 08:32
11 parker’s mood 10:05

sound quality: a. ambient audience noise.

notes: support linda’s jazz nights by coming out for these shows:

zoom reset to low to eliminate overmodulation after first few seconds of track 01
photos accompany

aud/h2zoom with built-in mikes 16bit/44.1khz in wav sony soundforge pro 10 to adjust volume, split tracks, convert to flac

sample:  t04_Barbados.mp3

Oct 142014

LouisHayesJuniorCook1976-04-05IchibanLivei got this back in jan 2011 when ‘kinebee’ seeded it on dime.  woody shaw really is great.  i have to give another listen to the other shows headlining louis hayes too.  i loved this… and then find ichi-ban listed on the hard bop page on tripod.  no surprise there!

this was recorded just a month before the same quintet (plus guilherme franco) recorded ichi-ban, with much the same songs (only much longer live than on lp, as you’d expect).  i’d like to get a copy, but a quick search only turned it up on diskunion jazz in japan.  gosh, they’re only “right next door”, maybe i’ll give it a try.  i’m still waiting for some cds from cdjapan… took them 10 days to ship.  i can read the cdjapan website without google translate, but i’m thinking to myself that diskunion might be faster.

i was in a couple of diskunion stores in tokyo last month, including the one specializing in jazz.  it was great!  pressed for time at each, which isn’t the best way to buy anything, and only travelling with carry-on for a 5 day trip, so space was also a serious consideration.  but i was very happy with 8 of the 9 cds that i bought.

i’m trying to find where to buy jazz cds here in seoul… it’s a search that’s fighting with a lot of similar priorities.  so any tips appreciated.  i suspect won’t be anything like japan, where every shop or restaurant that i went into seemed to be playing jazz, often very nice jazz at that, which was a real surprise.  here it’s more like k-pop is the soundtrack to the city.

louis hayes/junior cook 5tet w/woody shaw
jazzclub ostertor
bremen, germany
5 april 1976

woody shaw – trumpet
junior cook – tenor saxophone
ronnie matthews – piano
stafford james – bass
louis hayes – drums

disc one (1:18:08):
1. dj intro – 0:29
2. the moontrane – 18:56
3. book’s bossa – 23:31
4. pannonica – 11:25
5. ichi-ban – 23:46

disc two (37:00):
1. brothers and sisters – 23:01
2. outro & band introductions – 3:46
3. round about midnight – 10:12

ndr (norddeutscher rundfunk) digital radio broadcast

digital broadcast > hifi vhs > dat > .wav at 48 khz via s/pdif and m-dio 2448 digital soundcard > soundforge 6.0 > cd wave > shn > hdd (checksums verified) > .wav > flac frontend (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

ndr currently transmits an mpeg1 layer at a minimum of 2/192 kbps; however, the bitrate could actually have been higher at the time of this broadcast. to my knowledge, there is no better recording available.

sample:  t4 pannonica.mp3