Nov 082021

one of a number of great shows, mostly from washington dc, shared by ‘carville’ on dime, and originally from “‘dc,’ our anonymous donor”.  although i was living in dc at the time, this is not something that i would have gone to, as i would not have liked it then. i like it more now, especially in person; but with recordings, even live, my tolerance can start to wane, not sure why that is.  but no worry of that with this show, though i did have to put off listening until after work; it’s really something, like so many of the shows from the anonymous and eponymous “dc”.

fun facts:  did you know that ornette coleman & his son denardo coleman (on drums in this recording) played with the grateful dead?

malcolm goldstein ensemble
martin luther king public library
washington, dc (usa)
january 18, 1986

malcolm goldstein – violin
david murray – tenor saxophone & bass clarinet
henry threadgill – alto saxophone & flute
ray anderson – trombone
joseph celli – oboe & english horn
vincent chancey – french horn
borah bergman – piano
deirdre murray – cello
fred hopkins – bass
denardo coleman – drums
archie shepp – tenor saxophone * track 4 only

01. been in the storm too long
02. soweto stomp
03. my feet is tired but my soul is rested
04. that hung like fire on heaven*

total time = 73:52

source: “made from the master cassettes. from ‘dc,’ our anonymous donor, recorded from front row center with a small sony recording walkman, a binaural headphone/microphone combination (which could have been better in places), and a high bias denon 90 minute cassette.”

the ensemble was apparently originally billed as the malcolm goldstein-archie shepp ensemble, but shepp did not arrive until the beginning of the fourth and final piece (hence the applause heard then).

sample: t2 soweto stomp 256k.mp3

photo: copied from (credited to amy horvey), used without permission.

Jun 132021

here’s a couple of shows by jasper van’t hof, first a very short show at the berlin jazzfest with archie shepp that i downloaded back in 2014, which i really loved (are we back to the “duo” theme?), and then, being in a jasper mood, an older solo show which was on dime last month.  of these, the first track with archie shepp, revolution (mama rose) is definitely my favorite, but i think i prefer the solo concert overall.  looking online for more about the berlin show, i found a fascinating interview with archie shepp by accra shepp, his son.

jasper van’t hof – archie shepp
jazzfest berlin
berlin, germany
1 nov 2014

jasper van’t hof, pipe organ
archie shepp, sax, voice

1 – radio intro with interview – 3:19
2 – revolution (mama rose) – 12:07
3 – harlem nocturne – 9:41
4 – naima – 8:15 [encore]

total time: 33:22

tracks 1,2 and 4 (320 kbps)
rbb kulturradio
date: 2014-11-02

track 3 (256 kbps)
date: 2014-11-02

dvb-s > digital satellitereceiver humax pvr8000 > mp2
mpeg 1.0 layer-2; 48,000 hz stereo; 256/320 kbps
audioeditdeluxe > wav > jetaudio > flac compress level 8

recorded and edited by lewojazz

jasper van’t hof
debrecen jazz days
debrecen, hungary
5 sept 1979

jasper van’t hof – piano, keyboards

01. untitled 12:38
02. untitled 8:58
03. untitled 11:42
04. untitled 8:45
05. untitled 1:45
06. untitled 7:28
07. untitled 10:12
08. untitled 7:55
09. untitled 6:39
10. untitled 2:08

tt 1:18:10

lineage: sbd source > tape > (received in trade) 2.5″ hdd > eac flac frontend level 8


berlin t2 revolution (mama rose) 256k.mp3
debrecen t01 untitled 256k.mp3


the image is thumbnail of an undated photo from a listing on ebay, which i can no longer even find.

Jun 202015

i’ve been clearing some videos off my hard drive, and demuxing them in the process.  really, i don’t watch videos, and am only ever likely to listen to the soundtrack demuxed into an .m4a or .mp2.  i do keep the original videos, except of course that most of them were on a separate drive, which not being backed up crashed around a year ago.  but at least a lot of those had been demuxed.

anyway, here are three that transitioned in the past few days.  hard to say which i preferred.  as always, the demux is in the same format as the original… generally, i use mediacoder to extract the audio in ‘copy audio’ mode.  as i think i said before, these are an exception to my ‘flac only’ habit, but at fairly high quality (and with no alternative), you can take your chance.  oh, and if you’re not sure how to play .m4a / .mp2, try foobar2000.

carmen mcrae & her trio
san francesco al prato
umbria jazz festival
perugia, italy
xx july 1989

carmen mcrae, vocals and piano
eric “fats” gunnison, piano
scott colley, bass
mark pulice, drums

(no setlist)
tv broadcast by “ghiaccio bollente”, rai5 [dvbt channell], on thursday 27 november 2014, 03:20 hours in the morning [actually wednesday night].

original video lineage:
dvb-t > vodafone tv connect pvr receiver > .ts files on kingston 16gb usb pen > manually batching > ts file > webtorrenting
additional demux audio lineage:
as above (.ts) > mediacoder x64 (audio only; format copy audio; encoder auto select; source auto select), using audio stream 548 > .mp2
original audio: mp2; bit rate 192 kbps, 2 channels, 48.0 khz
demux audio : mp2; bit rate 192 kbps, 2 channels, 48.0 khz

additional notes from original info file:
this lady in the same league as billie or sarah vaugham appeared for ten consecutive nights in a old unused church where many festival shows of the past decade took place: i don’t know which precise night is this from. note: the “live at umbria jazz” official egea cd was recorded instead at giardini del frontone the following year, and featured mark simon in place of a here stunning colley
sorry, no tracklist given for the moment, it’s a sixty and more minutes video with a couple of minutes of italian tv intros at the beginning…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

archie shepp “swinging the blues”
festival jazz à la villette 2014
paris, france
14 sept 2014

archie shepp – saxophone ténor, saxophone soprano, voix
olivier miconi – trompette
pierre durand – guitare
darryl hall – basse électrique
steve mc craven – batterie
marion rampal – chant

joe louis walker – guitare, voix
amina claudine myers – piano, orgue, voix

(no setlist provided)

94 minutes

original video source: culturebox (webcast) > hdd > .flv
demux audio source: as above > mediacoder x64 (audio only; format copy audio; encoder auto select; source auto select) > .m4a (duration 1:39:05)
> yamb beta2 > trim first 5:00.00 minutes (all crowd noise > clapping) > .m4a (duration 1:34:05)

audio demux details:
original audio: aac-lc; bit rate 125 kbps ; 2 channels; sampling rate 48.0 khz; duration 1:39:05
demux audio : aac-lc; variable bit rate 125 kbps (135k max); 2 channels; sampling rate 48.0 khz; duration 1:34:05

additional details from original info files:

à propos
à 77 ans, le big boss du free jazz poursuit son errance musicale à travers les festivals les plus prestigieux.

il y a 50 ans, archie shepp publiait son premier album en leader, produit par john coltrane : « four for trane ». né en 1937, celui qui se destinait au métier d’acteur s’est rapidement tourné vers le saxophone et l’enseignement avant d’être l’un des premiers musiciens de free jazz à être enregistré.

très actif dans les années 1960, archie shepp s’est toujours illustré, au travers d’une longue carrière controversée, par son engagement politique et par son attachement au blues. le temps d’un soir pour jazz à la villette, « archie va jouer le blues » aux côtés de la pianiste-chanteuse amina claudine myers (associée à l’aacm de chicago) et du guitariste joe louis walker qui, lors de ses jeunes années, a partagé la scène avec ses idoles john lee hooker et jimi hendrix.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

cassandra wilson “tribute to billie holiday”
munich, germany
6 december 2014

cassandra wilson: vocals
gregoire maret: harmonica
brandon ross: guitar
lonnie plaxico: bass
jon cowherd: piano
john davis: drums

no setlist

running time: 1:16:53

original video source: arte webcast-> mp4
additional demux audio source:
as above > mediacoder x64 (audio only; format copy audio; encoder auto select; source auto select) > .m4a
from original video: aac-lc; variable bit rate, 125 kbps (242 kbps max); 2 channels; sampling rate 48.0 khz
demux audio : aac-lc; variable bit rate, 125 kbps (133 kbps max); 2 channels; sampling rate 48.0 khz

no samples, but each file is under 100mb.


May 252013

downloaded an interesting looking show by archie shepp today, from around a year after this one.  before, though, had a ‘senior moment’… archie shepp? who’s archie shepp?  oh, yeah, i’ve downloaded 8 or 9 of his concerts from dime… that archie shepp.  right.  in the process, listened to this one, which joerg uploaded very soon after the performance.  very nice.  here it is.

archie shepp quartet
rolf-liebermann-studio, ndr
hamburg, germany
18th & 19th september 2008

archie shepp, ts, voc (yes, he does sing on this one)
tom mclung, p
wayne dockery, b
steve mccraven, dr

setlist (1 – 4; 18th september; 5 – 9: 19th september):

01 hope 2 17:20
02 don’t get around much anymore 10:15
03 hambone – mama rose 18:24
04 blues 06:14
05 ain’t misbehavin’ 11:06
06 steam 10:23
07 stars are in your eyes 12:45
08 burning bright 08:26
09 in a sentimental mood – down home new york 08:12

tt: 1:43:05

source: dvb-s@320, 48khz > raw data > projextx > mp3directcut > mp2
(lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)

sample:  02 don’t get around much anymore.mp3

download: Archie