Feb 272016

BeadyBelle_2006-04-23_Koblenz_frontonlyworking away on my taxes today, listening to this show that i downloaded when ‘fbauer’ reseeded it on dime in 2012.  i have copies of 7 show by beady bell, from 2003 to 2001.  not sure why i picked this one to listed to today.

fbauer included cd covers, and almost 70 pictures (!) that i assume are from the show.


beady belle
“closer” tour
cafe hahn
koblenz, germany
23 april 2006

beats s. lech – voc, loops
marius reksjø – ac+el.bass
erik holm – drums
jørn øien – piano, rhodes, moog

cd1 62:54
1 closer 6:31
2 april fool 7:02
3 hindsight 7:49
4 skin deep 8:26
5 one and only 11:00
6 never mind 8:48
7 when my anger starts to cry 7:26
8 airing 5:49

cd2 34:19
1 ghosts 9:56
2 moderation 14:18
3 game 8:57

total time: 97:14 min

digital audience recording in a good quality by fbauer
okm ii r > a3 > sony sbm1 > sony tcd d100
sound sample provided in comments section

cover artwork inside
pictures by schwobbel

‘home’ 2001
‘chewbeagappic’ 2003
‘closer’ 2005
‘belvedere’ 2008
‘at welding bridge’ 2010

more beady belle at

seeded by fbauer on 2006-05-06
re-seeded by fbauer on 2012-06-30 for e.c.

sample: d1 t05 one and only.mp3
download: BeadyBelle_2006-04-23_CafeHahn_Koblenz.zip

Feb 262016

i’ve taken the files for a number of postings offline (the postings are still on the site, but not the zip files). the download link should not be working for these (just text “download: invalid download id.”).  i’ve also tagged the posting as “archived”.

if you’d like a copy of one of these, leave me a comment, and i’ll see if i can put it back up for you temporarily.

i’ll be doing this sort of cleanup regularly.  i think the large number of files is affecting the service — download are starting to truncate routinely.

perhaps coincidentally, a few webcrawlers have been doing heavy downloads lately; i’ve blocked all the webcrawlers i can.

so, between removing a number of shows and blocking the webcrawlers, i hope these problems will go away.

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Feb 192016

CD Front Insertmaybe it’s time for a little kurt weill?  i’m very fond of weill, and meret becker did a whole show of kurt weill back in 2001, thoughtfully shared on dime by ‘uuughh’.  my not understanding german is too bad, i expect the talk (and there’s quite a bit) would be interesting.  i’ve included .pdf’s of a review of the show (not that very night) by the “berliner zeitung”, both in german and in a wacky-as-usual google-translate version.  and there’s a nice little write-up about meret becker on femmetotale.de also (i stole the image for the cd cover from there).

uuughh does note that “it’s worth listening, but it is more for real fans and completists.  a unique show, meret talks a lot about the songs.”



meret becker: ‘speak low’ – a love letter to kurt weill
cine star
dortmund, germany
29 jan 2001

setlist (all tracks are from kurt weill, help appreciated):

04 und wie man sich bettet
05 seeräuber jenny
08 band introduction
10 denn für dieses leben ist der mensch nicht …
15 salomon song

source: md with mono mic
unknown lineage. i got this as wav-file.
wav > audition (tracking) > flac frontend lvl 8 > flac
the sound is b-/c, too much bass, sometimes are noises on the mic. it’s worth listening, but it is more for real fans and completists.
a unique show, meret talks a lot about the songs.

1st seed 2012-06-18 @ www.dimeaozen.org by uuughh

sample: t05 seeräuber jenny.mp3
download:  MeretBecker_2001-01-29_KurtWeill_DortmundGermany.zip

Feb 152016

a. and i had a great time on saturday night with our friend ksw & lyn, a friend of his, to see KoN & friends and ryu bok-seong’s jazz all stars.  it was a great show, and it was nice to catch up with ksw, who we haven’t seen for too long.  if you’re visiting seoul & see that he’s playing somewhere, then you really should go to the show.

there’s a fair few videos of KoN on youtube (search for nuevo gypsy violinist KoN )



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Feb 142016

i was listening to several bill charlap shows on friday, and then noticed he’d played piano also on a show i was listening to yesterday.  this is probably the best of his shows that i have, from a seed by ‘zootype’ on dime in nov 2014.  btw, Bill Charlap 2014-11-21-Scullers CD Front Insertpeter & kenny washington are not related.




bill charlap trio
live at sculler’s
allston, boston
massachusetts usa
21 november 2014
live broadcast on wgbh-hd-fm

bill charlap: piano
peter washington: bass
kenny washington: drums

disc 1 52:58 minutes
101 radio intro a 2:36
102 radio intro b 0:26
103 godchild (george wallington) 5:45
104 the best thing for you (irving berlin) 4:07
105 the blue room {rodgers and hart) 5:04
106 in the still of the night (cole porter) 11:36
107 it’s love (leonard bernstein, betty comden, adolf green) 8:26
[radio announcement removed]
108 uptown downtown (stephen sondheim) 5:52
109 too late now (burton lane) 9:01
[radio announcement removed]

disc 2 41:50 minutes
110 while we’re young (alec wilder) 7:43
111 nobody’s heart (rodgers and hart) /
– put on a happy face (charles strauss and lee adams) 11:28
112 like someone in love (jimmy van heusen) 5:17
113 cool (leonard bernstein) 6:33
[interview removed]
114 encore intro 0:14
115 – 8:27
116 radio outro 2:04

94:46 minutes

hd over fm broadcast;
hd-fm tuner>pc>stereo 16-bit 44.1 kbps wav>
tracked and edited in audio editor>wavs>
sbes repaired, checksum files and flac-8 files created in trader’s little helper
a zootype project november 2014


sample: t10 while we’re young.mp3
download: BillCharlap_2014-11-21_Scullers_BostonMA.zip

Feb 112016

CD Front Insert v2since i was down in the “z” section, i was listening to this (back-to-back with some old madeleine peyroux… good mix, actually). ‘grateful c2d’ seeded it on dime in august 2012, and this show has been languishing at the far end of the alphabet ever since.  but now, happily, re-encountered.  go to her shows, buy her albums.

[update:  i just got a couple of her cd’s, “until tomorrow” and “if you knew her”:  very nice.  and, which is a bit unusual, she writes a lot of  her songs.  as the liner notes to “until tomorrow” note, “jazz singers who produce original material are usually the exception rather than the rule“.  and should be supported in particular.]

one thing that bugs me: when i lived in belgium and could get klara radio, i could never figure out when the concerts were playing (there’s me with no dutch!).  opportunities missed, ah well.  i will probably say the same about korea (though k-pop concerts are maybe more likely than jazz…?).

oh… i changed the picture on the cd cover, as i’d already used the picture for another cover.  but both covers are in the .zip file, since i’d made the first one anyway.


zara mcfarlane – jazz middelheim 2012
antwerp, belgium

zara mcfarlane (vocals)
binker golding (tenorsax)
peter edwards (piano)
max luthert (bass)
moses boyd (drums)

1. introduction (lies steppe)
2. blossom tree
3. night and day
4. captured -> lazy afternoon
5. on green dolphin street
6. more than mine
7. feed the spirit
8. until tomorrow
9. band presentation
11. chiaroscuro

interview with zara mcfarlane from the same day, before the concert

klara radio fm (cable) -> wintv-hvr3000 -> adobe audition cs5.5 -> wav
noise reduction applied in adobe audition.
cdwave editor (tracking) -> tlh (flac 8)

sample: t11 chiaroscuro.mp3
download:  ZaraMcFarlane_2012-08-18_AntwerpBelgium.zip

Feb 102016

Zoot Sims & Al Cohn 1978-10-17 covercontinuing with our kyoto japan theme, here’s a great show by zoot sims from osaka, just south of kyoto.  if flying, you’ll probably use osaka kansei airport as we did.  this is a very good recording – as ‘fuwafuwatime’ said when posting this on dime in nov 2010, “you will be surprised for the sound quality”.

zoot sims & al cohn
sankei hall
osaka, japan
17 october 1978

zoot sims (ts)
al cohn (ts)
jimmy rowles (p)
bob cranshaw (b)
mousie alexander (ds)

disc 1 – first show
01. comes love
02. dream dancing
03. unknown
04. unknown
05. unknown
06. unknown
07. unknown

disc 2 – second show
01. you stepped out of a dream
02. blue lester
03. unknown
04. them there eyes
05. unknown
06. emily
07. unknown
08. unknown
09. unknown

original master’s boot cdr>wav>flac

original seeder’s comments
this is ultimate & perfect sound quality.
this aud and sbd are the same qualities.
you will be surprised for the sound quality.

sample: d2 t09 unknown.mp3
download: ZootSims_AlCohn_1978-10-17_FromZtoA_OsakaJapan.zip

Feb 102016

MDkyoto64Frwe just had a great long-weekend (for lunar new year) in kyoto, japan.  fantastic city, which you should visit if you’re going to japan.

anyway, here’s an old recording made in kyoto, from miles davis’ 1964 japan tour.  i’ve got 3 different versions of this, and had a lot of difficulty choosing which one to post here.  there’s another version (in mp3) on bigozine2.com, which is also where the cd covers come from (except on the front cover, i removed “mp3 version”).

miles davis quintet
maruyama ongaku-do hall, kyoto (japan)
15 july 1964

miles davis (tpt)
sam rivers (ts)
herbie hancock (p)
ron carter (b)
tony williams (d)

1 if i were a bell (f. loesser) 10:44
2 oleo (s. rollins) 5:22
3 stella by starlight (n. washington-v. young) 8:56
4 walkin’ (r. carpenter) 7:21
5 all of you (c. porter) 10:11
6 seven steps to heaven (v. feldman-m. davis) [incomplete] 2:56

audience recording
cd > wav > tlh > flac
hooligan3244 said he ‘ripped this from cd 2 of “the unissued japanese concerts” (label
domino 891212). while converting the wav to flac, tlh created the md5. most of the info
is added from peter plosin’s “miles ahead”.’

sample: t06 seven steps to heaven.mp3

download: Mile Davis_1964-07-15_KyotoJapan.zip