Jul 312022

here’s the next show, the fantastically named bellevue nurses with a live version of mingus’ the black saint and the sinner lady.  they’ve stretched out tracks 3 & 4 (or mode c and modes d-e-f, if you prefer) compared to the studio lp.  wonderful performance.

bellevue nurses
play charles mingus ‘the black saint and the sinner lady’
5. nuejazz festival
kulturwerkstatt auf aeg
nuremberg, germany

peter fulda – ld
andrey lobanov – tp
manuel scherer – tp
kim barth – as
lutz häfner – ts
norbert emminger – bs
gerhard gschlössel – tb
ralf bauer – tba
frank wuppinger – g
michael flügel – p
markus schieferdecker – b
julian fau – dr

01. track a – solo dancer 07:55
02. track b – duet solo dancers 06:26
03. track c – group dancers 11:16
04. mode d – trio & group dancers > mode e – single solos & group dance > mode f > group & solo dance 22:56

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps) [radio station – br klassik]

sample: t02 track b – duet solo dancers 256k.mp3
download:  BellevueNurses_2017-11-11_BlackSaint&SinnerLady_Nuremberg.zip

photo:  of the show, downloaded from the br-klassik.de website.  used without permission.

Jul 302022

here’s one of two shows that took my fancy this past week.  first, an audio demux of a video from the 2016 montreux jazz festival. antonio faraò is one of my favorite pianists, and guitar-and-piano is such a nice combination.  so despite being “just” m4a 128/44, i thought i’d share this.  no sample as it’s not tracked.

biréli lagrène, antonio faraò, ira coleman, lenny white
montreux jazz festival
montreux jazz club
montreux, switzerland
15 july 2016

biréli lagrène – guitar
antonio faraò – piano
ira coleman – bass
lenny white – drums

1. [00:01:10] unknown
2. [00:11:10] unknown
3. [00:19:55] unknown
4. [00:31:50] one take (biréli lagrène)
5. [00:42:20] unknown
6. [00:50:05] black inside (antonio faraò)
7. [01:00:50] unknown
8. [01:13:20] unknown
9. [01:21:10] unknown
10.[01:30:50] wolfbane (lenny white)
11. giant steps (john coltrane)

duration: 1:59:42

source (no tracking):
montreux website webstream > jdownloader2 > mp4 file > ffmpeg (trim dead air) > mp4 file
ffmpeg used to trim 7:50 of dead air at the start. original duration 1:59:42, new duration 1:51:55
ffmpeg command like: ffmpeg -y -accurate_seek -ss 07:50 -i “input.mp4” -vcodec copy -acodec copy “output.mp4”
additional demux audio source:
video .mp4 as above > ffmpeg (demux) > audio .m4a
ffmpeg command like: ffmpeg -y -i “input.mp4” -vn -acodec copy “output.m4a”


sample: (no sample)
download: BireliLagrene_AntonioFarao_2016-07-15_MontreaxJazzFest_demux.zip

photo:  screenshot from the video.

Jul 232022

well, we’re back in the saddle again after a little hiatus including that 10 days when the site was down.  it was just a little problem with a wp upgrade and some unhappy plug-ins, as i’d hoped.

anyway,  if you’re in the mood for some b3 jazz — and i am! — this might be the thing for you.  and the venue!  that is such a great way to see a show!  around here, the dublin jazz co-op has (as i may have mentioned once or twice) been putting on a series of shows on sunday nights at the workman’s club, in the vintage room, which is bigger than my living room, but by not much.  worth a visit if you’re in town of a sunday & there’s a series running.

i’ve tried to fill in the set list a bit, and in the process discovered that 3 of tony monaco’s students were at the show and 2 of them, monty hogan and phil something played the b3 on the first few songs in the second set.  one of them gave quite the unsolicited testamonial.  how do you teach the b3 organ, or any instrument, remotely?

btw, monaco talks a lot throughout but it was quite interesting (and his students are no slouches in that regard either).  if i had the time, i’d re-track this and really boost the levels for the chats (both to hear them in general but also, e.g. for the car, to be able to delete it).  maybe i’ll do that someday – one more little project to add the the pile!

tony monaco house concert
lafayette, co
22 dec 2017

tony monaco, hammond b3 w/leslie speaker
with guests monty hogan & phil (something) on b3 on set 2 tracks 1,2,3
alex heffron, guitar
bk kahn, drum

set 1 (59:49)

01 ut (8:44)
02 what are you doing new years eve? (14:18)
03 ut (10:34)
04 ut (12:06)
05 the christmas song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) (7:07)

set 2 (56:05)

01 oh christmas tree (8:02) – monty hogan on b3
02 winter wonderland (7:19) – monty hogan on b3
03 ut (7:47) with phil (surname?) on b3
04 ut (6:23)
05 tm talking (5:51)
06 indonesian nights (7:45)
07 song intro (jimmy smith: “you play too many notes!”) (6:13)
08 i’ll remember jimmy (tony monaco) (6:45)

set 3 (17:47)

09 song intro (1:31)
10 the way you look tonight (6:43)
11 amazing grace (2:44)
12 i been so many places in my life and time (6:49)

tt 2:06:52

source : dpa 4027 -> lb -> sont m10
location: 4th row rfc.
transfer: sony m10 (24/96) wav ->
usb cable -> pc
editing: wavelab plugins -> flac(16)
md5’s and sbe checked and verified.

recorded by patrick h.

notes: house concert in lafayett, co with a christmas spirit. around 50-60
attended. roy and i say in the same 4th row close to dead center. vaulted
ceilings and open floor plan. pa was used with mic on guitar amp and and 2
mics on drums, b3 ran through it also.

sound at the venue was very good.
recording sound is very good.
crowd noise is minimal.

performance: a+
sound quality: a-

support live music!

> july 2022: info file updated (original file retained), july 2022, including
an attempt to identify the songs. created an md5 checksum file.

sample: Tony Monaco 2017-12-22 Lafayette, CO S208 I’ll Remember Jimmy 256k
download: TonyMonaco_2017-12-22_houseparty_LafayetteCO.zip

photo: screenshot of a youtube video of this show, performing “a song for you”.  this & a few other screenshots are included in the .zip file.