Jul 282017

cezar asked for a bit of the fritz pauer trio feat. betty carter, after i mentioned it on this post.  i had planned something else to celebrate being home in dublin (coming up next!), but thought what the heck?  also, i listened to it.  yes, only 11 mins with the fritz pauer group, but the little bits & bobs from 3 separate shows worked very well together (not to mention a bit of cyrus chestnut!).  definitely worth sharing, so here you go, cezar.

tip of the hat to hamhen, who seeded this on dime in nov. 2011.

fritz pauer trio feat. betty carter-
betty carter (voc), fritz pauer (p), günther lenz (b), aldo romano (dr).
mainz (germany), 1968 (venue and exact date unknown).

1 thou swell
2 blue moon
3 everytime we say goodbye

betty carter quartet-
betty carter (voc), khalid moss (p), curtis lundy (b), lewis nash (dr).
“liederhalle”, stuttgart (germany), june 15, 1981.

4 there’s no you
5 i can’t help it
6 medley:
-social call
-what’s new

betty carter and her trio-
betty carter (voc), cyrus chestnut (p), jon roland ariel (b), clarence penn (dr).
ludwigsburg (germany), november 1, 1991. (recorded at the festival “ludwigsburger jazztage”)

7 30 years
8 deep night
9 open the door
10 what’s new


swr 2, october 18, 2011.

dvb-c (320 kbps/ 48 khz) > technotrend tt-1501 dvb-c pci card > harddisk.
edits were made with the mp3directcut software.

sample:  betty carter & fritz pauer 1968-xx-xx t1 thou swell.mp3
download: Betty_Carter_Germany_1968_1981_1991.zip

Oct 222016

sheila-jordan-fritz-pauer-trio-1996-12-10-porgy-bess-front-coverwell, i liked that last one so much, i looked & found [part of] a 1968 concert by betty carter with the fritz pauer trio and this one, shiela jordan & the fritz pauer trio.  can you have too much of a good thing?  i think not in this case.  not sure if i’ll get to the betty carter show… only 3 songs, and i feel as if two uploads in a row is enough for the moment.  enjoy!

sheila jordan & fritz pauer trio
porgy & bess
wien = vienna (austria)
10 december 1996

fritz pauer (p,ann), johannes strasser (b), christian salfellner (dr), sheila jordan (voc,ann)

01. sj ann – 0:47
02. buffalo wings – 8:12
03. the best thing for me is me – 5:58
04. i’m a fool to want you – 5:26
05. where you at – 8:35
06. fp ann – 0:27
07. tricycle (p,b,dr only) – 14:02
08. all or nothing at all – 5:38

lineage: sbd (dat @ 48 khz) > cd > nero (flac 8) > hd

sound: a

this was the first set on that evening. unfortunately, the recordings of the second set are lost.

sample: t03 the best thing for me is me.mp3
download: SheilaJordan_FritzPauerTrio_1996-12-10_PorgyBess_Vienna_Austria.zip