nrk archives


this page is devoted to jazz shows from the nrk archive.  i hope to include links to the video when shared for download, to demuxed & tracked audio versions (.m4a), and a database of the shows that i’m aware of on the nrk archives.  this is something of a work-in-process.  links to shows in the video & audio sections are here unless noted.  there are a lot of ways you can download these videos, including the onethat i used, the adobehds link detector. i’ve also used jdownloader2 successfully on other sites.



now that i’ve figured out how to demux & track using ffmpeg, it makes sense to have a central location for sharing those.  so as i do so, i’ll drop them in here too.

list of shows in the nrk archives 

v.a. = various artists

some of the videos on the nrk website have also been released commercially; i don’t know all of which those are, and have identified none on my webpage.  so download & share at your own risk.

as noted above, this is a work in progress.  the listing is available here.


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