Apr 242014

noticed this when tidying up a few things, and so i thought it was time for a bit more gypsy jazz guitar.  i snatched it when nocturnalnph seeded it in july 2012.  a nice clean fm recording from three greats of gypsy jazz / jazz manouche.

i’ve shown the location as “théâtre de boulogne-billancourt” as that sounds like what the announcer says at the end of track 1.  also, babik reinhardt & his son david performed there two days earlier on 14-may in david’s first public appearance, at age 6, at the django d’or “international jazz awards”.  i expect that this show was also part of the django d’or as well, but don’t find any trace of it.

the lineup isn’t clear, except that it features babik reinhardt (one of the sons of the great django reinhardt).  nocturnalnph thought that along with babik were his cousin boulou ferré and christian escoudé.  certainly, those three played together on other occasions and it’s a very possible lineup for that night… particularly with the django d’or taking place!

(note: i’ve not updated the info file.)

trio gitane featuring babik reinhardt guitar
théâtre de boulogne-billancourt
paris, france
16 may 1993

babik reinhardt – guitar
? – gtr (possibly christian escoudé)
? – gtr (possibly boulou ferré)

01. django medley – (26:01)
troublant bolero/sweet chorus/?/djangology/belleville/
premier rendevous/just one of those things
02. hunter (4:16)
03. tears (6:59)
04. ? (8:53)

total time: 46:10

from cbc/cbof-fm “jazz sur le vif” airdate ‘xx/xx/94
fm> maxell-ur90> (rec)jvc kd-v22> (pb)technics rs-t73> realtekac’97 soundcard> polderbits sound recorder> polderbits sound editor> wav> flac(7)(asb)

sample:  t02 hunter.mp3

download: TrioGitane_1993-05-16_Paris.zip

Apr 222014

fedorai ran across the 100 greatest bootlegs blog recently.  like my blog, it shares only in flac (free lossless audio codec) format, but doesn’t have a lot of jazz.

i don’t claim to be sharing anything that might remotely be described as “the greatest”… just whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

but “100 greatest bootlegs” is a great idea and gets a big tip o’ the hat from me (even if i question the sad dearth of jazz in their selection).  as does the all-to-rare use of flac, so many such blogs sharing low-quality mp3.

also like my site, the 100-greatest blog doesn’t share commercial releases, saying that “the music available for download on this blog has not been released officially by the artists and record companies. If any forthcoming releases contain music available here the links will be removed and the post kept for informative purposes only”.

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Apr 222014

i got a copy of this back in 2011, when ‘frekem’ seeded it.  the detail below lists a number of tracks (numbered “–“) which are listed in the gerry mulligan discography at www.gerrymulligan.com, but are not included in the recording.   i can only guess that they either were not broadcast or were just not recorded — i.e., i have no idea, really!  whatever happened, still it’s a nice show.

gerry mulligan quintet
theater de speeldoos
zaandam, the netherlands
16 december 1976

gerry mulligan (bar, ss, p)
mike santiago (g)
tom fay (p)
george duvivier (b)
bobby rosengarden (d)

01 song for an unfinished woman (11:12)
02 walk on the water (7:20)
03 idol gossip (5:23)
04 song for strayhorn (8:00)
05 darn that dream (piano solo, gerry mulligan) (5:31)
06 out back of the barn (7:39)
— satin doll
— my funny valentine
07 north atlantic run (7:34)
— taurus moon
— unknown
08 line for lyons (nc) (3:48)
— k-4 pacific

tt 56:27

lineage: fm > ? > cd-r > wav > tlh (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)
audio quality: a- (fm)

the gerry mulligan quintet at “theater de speeldoos” in zaandam, the netherlands, for dutch tros radio (program sesjun), thursday december 16, 1976.

sample:  04_song_for_strayhorn.mp3

download: GerryMulliganQuintet_1976.12.16_Zaandam_NL.zip

Apr 102014

MDFwFr1_thumbnailafter checking for new jazz shows on dime, i had a look at the oldest running jazz seed: this show by miles davis is still on dime after almost 9 years (it’ll be 9 years on  17-may-2014).  wow.  i don’t even know who the seeder was — they’re now just listed as “unknown”.  it was an fm broadcast, recorded from the soundboard… the quality is superb.  and late 1970 is a fantastic period for miles, imho.

artwork:  i’ve included cd covers by jamie lochhead, from his site jaime lockhhead.co.uk (see his terms of use).

miles davis septet
fillmore west auditorium, san francisco ca
15 october 1970
kpfa-fm radio broadcast

miles davis (tpt)
gary bartz (ss, as)
keith jarrett (el-p, org)
michael henderson (el-b)
jack dejohnette (d)
airto moreira (perc)
jumma santos [jim riley] (perc)

01-honky tonk
02-what i say (incl. radio broadcast voiceover announcement)
05-bitches brew
06-funky tonk-the theme

total time: 63:49 mns

– this is not taken from the fillmore tree. the fillmore tree version is about 25 mns. this here is almost the complete show, only “directions”, the set-opener is missing: total time is about 64 mns. this fm source sounds great.

– according to p.losin: “the davis septet opened for leon russell and sea train for four nights at the fillmore west, october 15-18 (thursday-sunday). columbia probably recorded these shows, and the fillmore certainly did. none of the recordings of this show that i have heard includes “directions,” the standard set-opener…”

soundboard > kpfa-fm radio broadcast > ? > cd > eac (secure mode) > cubase sx2 (minor re-tracking, no sound processing applied) > flac 1.1.2 [-8, -v, sector aligned]

sample:  t03-sanctuary.mp3

download: md1970-10-15_fillmore_west_sanfrancisco.zip

Apr 092014

Diana Krall Hollywood Bowl 2009 f 50pcfeeling like a bit of jazz vocals, i tried to play this show by diana krall (i’d recently downloaded a video of a show by her, so ‘more of the same’ was the watchword of the day).

but this wouldn’t play in foobar2000.  so i had to decode the flacs back to wav (and then re-encode them into flacs again, though i suppose i didn’t have to do that).  then it played fine, so these are the re-encoded flacs.

interestingly, the flac fingerprint files (ffp) on the new flac’s were the same as the old — that makes sense, the ffp’s are on the underlying music not on the files themselves, but i’d never really thought about that.  (of course, i had to make a new md5 file.)

it’s a nice show.  so is the one from the day before (both were uploaded by scooter123).  both shows have almost exactly the same setlist, each with 1 different song (the 7th song, in both shows), so i’m only uploading this one.


diana krall
with the los angeles philharmonic orchestra
live at the hollywood bowl, los angeles california
22 august 2009

diana krall, piano and vocals
robert hurst, bass
jeff hamilton, drums
anthony wilson, guitar

los angeles philharmonic orchestra
conducted by benjamin wallfisch**
conducted by alan broadbent*

0. overture**
1. i love being here with you
2. do it again
3. lets fall in love*
4. band introductions
5. i’ve grown accustomed to his face*
6. banter
7. deed i do
8. banter
9. so nice
10. cheek to cheek
11. quiet nights*
12. banter
14. love letters*
15. banter
16. pick yourself up
17. ps i love you
18. i’m walkin’
19. boy from ipanema*

audience tape
quality a- (some wind noise and crickets)
lineage: schoeps mk4 > nbox > edirol > goldwave (volume boost, compression, 16ms delay and tracking)
> media monkey (flac conversion)

scooter123’s comments:
diana krall needs no introduction. this concert was the second of a two night stand at the historic hollywood bowl, and as a special bonus, with the los angeles philharmonic orchestra. this was from fob dfc, so its a slightly nicer pull than the previous night which i upped last week. i was fearing that the orchestra would get in the way, but they complemented her very nicely. some wind and cricket noise affects what would otherwise be a perfect recording. most of you guys probably don’t like classical, but i through in the overature as track 00, so delete it if you like.

sample:  t03 lets fall in love.mp3

download: Diana_Krall_2009-08-22_Hollywood_Bowl.zip

Apr 062014

Art Blakey Manchester 1961.05.06 front thumbnaili was trolling through old shows that i had on one of my various usb drives, stuff that i downloaded from dime in 2007, 2008, looking for something that might be worth reseeding.  my ratio on dime has been gracefully slipping and sliding since we moved to korea, which worries me.  given that i have a ul/dl ratio of 1.19 on over 2 tb of activity, this isn’t a big worry, but still… it was 1.21 back in august when we got here.

anyway (a word that i think i use a lot), i found this phenomenal show, which i downloaded back in 2007 when ricola seeded it.  but i haven’t reseeded it on dime.  why not?  well, it was issued in 2012 on the (spanish?) “head on fire” label, serial hof-71, in a limited edition of 300.  but i’m pretty sure that hof is a bootleg label.  not on any blakey discographies?  a release of only 300 cd’s?  a 2012 release from a label that has no web presence at all?  no, sorry, i don’t think it’s been officially released.  thanks for any further information.

but i don’t want to mess with the nice folks on dime.  so for the time being here it is, here but (just in case) not there.  until i can find out more about head on fire.  if there really is anything to find out.

btw, searching for ‘head on fire’ yielded some interesting and bizarre results.

art blakey and the jazz messengers
free trade hall
manchester, uk
6 may 1961

lee morgan – tp
wayne shorter – ts
bobby timmons – p
jymie merritt – b
art blakey – d

1. it’s only a papermoon 12.34
2. dat dere 8.55
3. are you real 10.40
4. night in tunisia 10.14
5. summit 9.10
6. like someone in love 12.30
7. kozo’s waltz 15.39

source: fm > unknown recording equipment > trade > cd > eac secure modus > flac frontend level 6 > flac
sound: a (really nice fm if you compare it with that age of recording!, listen to mp3 sample)

sample:  02 dat dere sample.mp3

download: Art_Blakey_1961-05-06_Manchester.zip