Aug 272015

i’ve been listening to some concerts by male jazz singers, including (in the order that i’m playing them):  frank sinatra (1958), seth mcfarland (2015), mose allison (1983), gregory porter (2011), john pizzarelli (2010), the amazing jimmy scott (2004), mel torme (1991, with george shearing on piano), nat king cole (1944), ray charles (1961), tony bennett (2008)…  a number of those are “well, of course“, but i don’t have that much of some of these artists (only have the 1 sinatra show, for example, but it’s pretty good alright!).

anyway, it seemed a good time to share some of those shows here.  let’s start with gregory porter at duc lombards in paris.

gregory porter
duc des lombards
paris, france
7 november 2011, early set

gregory porter (vocals)
chip crawford (piano)
aaron james (bass)
emmanuel harold (drums)

1- ut
2- water
3- be good
4- children of the night
5- skylark
6- ut
7- ut (fade in)
8- ut
9- for all we know
10- nineteen sixty what
11- (fade in) god bless the child

tt 1:04

some fm hiss due to bad weather condition

source : fm (tsf jazzlive) / naimuniti / r-09hr / audacity / xact

sample: t04 children of the night.mp3

Aug 232015

another one that i ran across while tidying up a bit.  this is great!  going to have to put a copy of this in my car.  tried to buy the cd from their website, but i don’t believe they really ship to korea for free & couldn’t find how to contact them.  i’ll try again later…

i was sorry to read on their website that slim richey, the guitarist, passed away in may of this year.  my condolences.  however, the jitterbug vipers are still performing (only in the austin area, in case you need a good reason to go there), but with a new lineup.  and to think that i’ll be in transit through dallas/fortworth next month… no, probably a bit too far to go during my layover. and sarah is also part of the duo kaliyo

the jitterbug vipers
the continental club
austin, texas
13 march 2014

sarah sharp- vocals
slim richey- guitar
francie meaux jeaux- bass
masumi jones- drums

1. intro
2. adder on a ladder (phoebe’s dream) <sarah sharp/kristopher lee wade>
3. banter
4. a viper just the same <sarah sharp/kristopher lee wade>
5. banter
6. what a little moonlight can do <sarah sharp>
7. so high <tab benoit>
8. stuff it <sarah sharp/elizabeth mcqueen>
9. banter
10. billie’s blues <billie holiday>
11. banter
12. that was just the sauce talking <sarah sharp/jacob jaeger>
13. banter
14. who put the benzedrine in mrs murphy’s ovaltine <harry “the hipster” gibson hipster>
15. viper moon <sarah sharp/slim richey>
16. banter
17. dangerous <sarah sharp/katie holmes>
18. undecided <sid robin/charlie shavers>
19. banter/band intros
20. when i get low i get high <marion sunshine>

tt 01:02:43

source 1: audience [rode nt4 stereo mic]
source 2: onstage [apex condenser mic x 2]
source 3: soundboard [main mix]
>tascam dr-680 [44.1khz, 16bitwav]
taped by joshua cain, mixed in audacity by scdegraaf

sample: t06 what a little moonlight can do.mp3

Aug 232015

while jenny scheinman is, according to wikipedia, “renowned as a jazz violinist, she has credits with artists in many genres”.  clearly: this was shared on dime as ‘jazz’, i’d call it singer-songwriter, folk, maybe a bit of blues… anyway, i was tidying up a few things and ran across it on my hard drive.  as is so often the case, the name didn’t ring a bell (i am starting to think i’m not very good with names of musicians & groups), so i gave it a listen (or perhaps another listen?).  lovely show, and i look forward to hearing some of her works in other genres (including jazz :-).

jenny scheinman
alexandria, virginia
21 August 2014

jenny scheinman – violin

instrumental 1:39
still just a child 6:46
brother 4:51
got my name in the paper 3:07
deadheads 3:53
when he’s sleeping* 3:22
you throw down* 4:29
instrumental?* 2:23

church audio ca-11 cardoid mics -> battery box -> oade acm marantz pmd 620
-> sound forge xp -> cdr wav -> flac (level 8)

opened for bruce cockburn trio

sample: t07 you throw down.mp3

Aug 082015

yes, i know that i included a show by carmen mcrae (perugia, italy, from july 1989) in my recent ‘demux three-fer’ back in june, but since i was actually listening to this show over vacation (and since it makes another nice ‘three-fer’ ;-)… not to mention it’s another fantastic show! well, here ya go.  this is a digital fm recording, btw, but at 320kbps i don’t think we should complain to loudly; play it loudly, maybe?  carmen mcrae was older (when this was recorded) than the other two carmens featured today, but was still at the top of her form (and continued performing & recording into the early 1990’s!  wow!). (a fan website, but a very good source of information)

carmen mcrae & trio
festival “berliner jazztage 1975”
berlin, germany
8 november 1975.

carmen mcrae (voc), thomas john ranier (p), harvey john newmark (b),
donald o’bailey (dr).

1 on a clear day (3:14)
2 this masquerade (4:05)
3 ain’t nobody’s business (3:56)
4 star eyes (3:33)
5 a song for you (4:01)
6 no more blues (5:42)
7 them there eyes (3:17)
8 ballad of thelonious monk (4:25)
9 i am here (4:56)
10 you know who you are (6:37)
11 perdido (3:48)

broadcast: rbb kulturradio, september 30, 2011

dvb-c (320 kbps/ 48 khz) > technotrend tt-1501 dvb-c pci card > harddisk.
edits were made with the mp3directcut software.

sample:  t09 i am here.mp3

Aug 082015

continuing with the second of our three carmens, here’s carmen souza in bremen from only 5 years ago.  again, very good recording (off the air), though quite different than the last show, as you might expect.   i really like this concert – not just super but also a long show, it must have been fantastic to be there.  again, digital or cd editions available for download.

carmen souza & band
kulturzentrum schlachthof
bremen, germany
21 november 2010

carmen souza, theo pas’cal, jonathan idiagbonya, davide (dado) pasqualini

01 dj
02 dos eternidade (carmen souza)
03 mõsta li ma bo (carmen souza)
04 indõfeso (m.: theo pasõcal, t.: carmen souza)
05 afri k‡ (m.: theo pasõcal, t.: carmen souza)
06 sem valor (m.: theo pasõcal, t.: carmen souza)
07 magia ka tem (carmen souza)
08 band intro
09 coragem irmon (toi vieira)
10 tentž midj (carmen souza)
11 pergunt‡ sem fin (m.: theo pasõcal, m.: carmen souza)
12 levant‡ no bai (m.: theo pasõcal, t.: carmen souza)
13 sodade (m.: amandio cabral, luis morais, t.: luis morais)
14 song for my father (horace silver)
15 vaidade ? leviandade (m.: theo pasõcal, t.: carmen souza)
16 confian?a (m.: theo pasõcal, t.: carmen souza)
17 afri k‡ (reprise) (m.: theo pasõcal, t.: carmen souza)


fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

globale dorfmusik live – 2011-02-20

sample: t12 levant no bai.mp3


Aug 082015

we had a nice and very productive vacation (if not perhaps as relaxing as it might have been), split between spain & ireland.  spain was the productive part, but also, as always, a lot of fun.  so, in honor of spain, here are three shows, all featuring women named carmen, that i listened to over the vacation.

let’s kick this off with carmen lundy, from a quarter-century ago.  it’s an excellent recording (from fm) and a really good performance from this “young american singer” – not so young anymore, but now with a string of albums & still performing.  why not buy a digital download?  (actually, i’ve taken to buying the cd’s and ripping them myself… something about having the cd is nice.)

carmen lundy
bass clef, london

carmen lundy (vcls)
peter ind (bs)
terry disley (pn)
allan ganley (drs)

1. instrumental
2. a time for love
3. all of you
4. do nothin’ till you hear from me
5. everything must change
6. easy to love
7. at the end of a love affair
8. i hear music
9. sophisticated lady
10. love wants to dance
11. there is no greater love
12. the lamp is low
13. dindi


source: recorded off air to tape and converted to flac in magix acl.

sample: t04 Do nothin’ till you hear from me.mp3