Jun 172023

well, this has been hanging around a while!  i drafted it up back in 2019 but somehow never got around to posting it for some reason (probably got tired of looking up musicians).  but then i ran across it today, in a rather convoluted series involving stanton moore, skerik, and the buddy rich big band (in retrospect, i can’t quite figure that all out, it may have also involved clicking on the wrong folder by accident).  and here we are!

i read once that men tend to prefer female singers, and women prefer men singers.  that’s my experience (except for my wife, who just prefers having singers, full stop).  these are mostly male vocalists.  anyway, after a delay of several years, here it is.  i’ve cut short finding & adding links, to actually get this thing posted (and given how busy my life has been lately, there’s not been a lot of that!), so my apologies to musicians who do have an unlinked website.

torkestra: the great american songbook featuring judith owen, harry shearer, kermit ruffins, clint johnson and more
new orleans jazz & heritage festival
new orleans fair grounds
new orleans, la.
may 4, 2017

david torkanowsky, piano & band leader
jason marsalis, drums
neal caine, bass
clarence johnson, tenor, flute, clarinet
rex gregory, tenor, flute, cal
khari allen lee, sax
joe goldberg
brad walker
b.j. mcgivney (?)
jeffrey miller, trombone
rick trolsen, trombone
jeff albert, trombone
eric benny bloom, trumpet
ashlyn parker, trumpet
mark braud, trumpet
scott frock, trumpet
jesse mcbride, piano

1 radio intro 0:07
2 hello dolly (kermit ruffins) 2:12
3 fly me to the moon (beginning cut) (kermit ruffins) 2:12
4 night and day (judith owen) 5:19
5 you’ll get yours (harry shearer) 4:29
6 luck be a lady (dropouts) (clint johnson) 5:53
7 it happened in monterey (clint johnson) 3:49
8 all or nothing (clint johnson) 4:31
9 come fly with me (clint johnson) 3:56
10 band intro 2:08
11 they can’t take that away from me (clint johnson) 2:59
12 ut 1:43
13 radio outro 0:11

source: wwoz-fm > radioshark fm-receiver hardware > usb > sony vaio vpcs131fm (running ubuntu linux) > shark v1.0 (linux command line) > sox v.v14.4.0 > flac (level 8 compression) > copy 1 large flac file > macbook pro (2.3ghz, intel core i7, osx 10.11.6) > sox v14.4.0 > transcoded losslessly from flac to wav > dsp-quattro 4.4 (trimmed, repaired – see below, normalized by 5.7 db db, split into songs) > x audio compression toolkit 2.39 (sector boundaries repaired; level 8 compression) > flac
some additional editing was done with bias peak pro 6.2.0.
editing notes:
* severe glitching began about 1:05 into track 6 including several long dropouts. the bad section is faded out, removed and fades back in after 1 second of silence. about 15 seconds was removed.
* a 44-second station id removed at 4:08 into track 8

notes: track 2 ends abruptly and track 3 starts abruptly. it seems that perhaps wwoz broadcast the first few minutes of this performance from a recording then (at track 3) switched the broadcast over to the live feed. the performance was scheduled to start at 4:15 but the broadcast didn’t start until about 4:33…

sample: t07 it happened in monterey 256k.mp3
download: DavidTorkanowsky_2017-05-04_NewOrleansLA.zip

photo:  screen grab from a youtube video, that i think was of this performance.

May 122023

well, a bit of a hiatus, but we’re back!  today has been the day for dualing tenor saxophones, as in addition to this 2-hour show, i went on a bit of a nicole glover rampage including miki’s mood 65 feat. nicole glover chris lewis & marty jaffe – lockjaw/johnny griffin 2 tenors! on youtube, which i’d also recommend, and a very old (2011) interview with nicole glover by the oregon music news.  but seriously, can you ever get enough of eddie lockjaw davis & johnny griffin?  no you cannot! but i’ll take generous side helpings of pope & bowen and glover & lewis as well, thank you very much.  anyway, this is a just an ok recording but i like it:  the bass & drums are to forward, and sometimes it sounds as if pope & bowen have wandered away from the microphones.  maybe they did…

odean pope & charles bowen
rf club
philadelphia, pennsylvania
1 feb 1981

odean pope – tenor saxophone
charles bowen – tenor saxophone
cornell rochester – drums
gerald veasley – electric bass
mc is probably buzzy wilson

cd one (56:55)
01. introduction to first set 0:27
02. buzzy (charlie parker) 10:54
03. ceora (lee morgan) 19:14
04. introduction to donna lee 0:34
05. donna lee (charlie parker) 7:26 (bowen & rochester out)
06. introduction to confirmation 0:22
07. confirmation (charlie parker) 17:55

cd two (59:18)
01. introduction to second set 2:39
02. oleo, part one (sonny rollins) 2:12
03. oleo, part two (sonny rollins) 16:43
04. introduction to easy living 0:09
05. easy living (ralph rainger & leo robin) 7:08 (pope out)
06. introduction to nommo 0:45
07. nommo (jymie merrit) 20:33
08. 52nd street theme (thelonious monk) 9:07 (fades out)

total time: 116:13

master audience cassette tape > total recorder > cd wave editor > cd > eac > flac > vuze > dimeadozen

sound is a bit rough at the beginning but it settles down after the first couple of minutes.

thanks to cw aka t for this recording.

you can donate to the tax deductible odean pope fund (http://www.jazzbridge.org/donate)

sample: Odean Pope & Charles Bowen 1981-02-01 Philadelphia t03 Ceora 192k
download:  OdeanPope_CharlesBowen_1981-02-01_RFClub_PhiladelphiaPA.zip

photo: odean pope at bach dancing & dynamite society, half moon bay, ca, usa 8/7/88 (probably 7-Aug-1988) © brian mcmillen www.brianmcmillenphotography.com, downloaded from wikimedia commons, the free media repository

Mar 312023

violin, sax and b3?  max grosch must have seen me coming a mile off (as they say)!  and this show very much lives up to its promise.  while it’s lovely when one or another instrument is taking the lead, i just went crazy for the bits when they’re all blasting away full tilt.  i can’t remember such a lineup before, but then that might just be my memory.  there’s also a nice recording of max grosch & matthias bublath (on piano) on youtube.

max grosch band
munich, germany
16 apr 2013

max grosch (violin)
florian trübsbach (soprano & alto saxophones)
matthias bublath (b 3 organ)
vladimir kostadinovic (drums)

01: radio intro – 0:40
02: alligator boogaloo – 7:50
03: radio announcer & grosch statements – 3:47
04: renaissance man – 9:48
05: fields of gold – 8:14
06: radio announcer & grosch statements – 2:37
07: play it back – 8:50
08: over the rainbow (no violin) – 8:14
09: radio outro – 0:25
10: pilgrimage (voice over, not complete) – 4:06

tt 51:31

lineage: br-klassik radio broadcast –> analog cable –> cd –> hard disc –> audacity –> tlh (flac 8)

recorded by bayerischer rundfunk @ unterfahrt, munich (germany), april 16, 2013

very good sound quality

sample: t04 renaissance man 256k.mp3
download: MaxGrosch_2013-04-16_MunichGermany.zip

Mar 042023

i’ve been on bit of a myra melford jag lately, which was kicked off by this very long show from 1995.  researching this show online (result: nil), i saw that padovaoggi.it had a webcast of a show from the same period (which i missed, of course), but which is included in the quite interesting selection of recordings from their archives (hosted on mixcloud.com; 96k mp3/m4a … sigh!).

myra melford trio
cologne, germany
16 may 1995

myra melford (p)
lindsey horner (b)
newman baker (d)

1. evening might still (14.57)
2. even the sounds shine (12.45)
3. the death of danny love (11.37)
4. unknown title (13.35)
5. now & now (07.36)

6. changes i & ii/breaking light/that the peace (36.55)
7. only in change (05.40)

tt 1:42:19

source per original seeder:
“fm” -and- “cdr in trade–eac–flac level 6–dime”

sample: t05 now & now 256k.mp3
download: MyraMelford_1995-05-16_Loft_CologneGermany.zip

photo:  downloaded from the internet (actually the padovaoggi.it page, see above, where the file name suggests it might be from 1993?), but it’s available all over the internet.  original source unknown.

Feb 262023

here’s a little something from brazil, part of their show at the 25th tiradentes culture and gastronomy festival last august, that ‘bigfootpezao’ shared recently.  the festival site describes the palmeira d’água quintet as “formed by saxophonist marlon wesley, guitarist rodrigo canton and bassist lucas sales, palmeira d’água trio brings to this show the classics of bossa nova and samba jazz. with very good arrangements and brazilian sound, the trio enchants everyone wherever they go.”  well, i was enchanted.  it was just the thing for a rather nice sunday today.  so far, the most pleasant sunday i’ve had all year, and this went very well with it.

i’m finishing the day off by going to hear the andrea jones quartet at the dublin jazz co-op.  what with a really bad cold & its decision to just hang around, this’ll be my first show of the year.  and i’ve been hoping to see andrea jones since i saw her supporting some graduating dcu students in their final student performances last spring, but events have conspired against me until now.  so needless to say i’m very much looking forward to this!

no links to any of the musicians as i could not find any.  maybe i’ll try again later.

palmeira d’água quinteto
palco sesc santíssimo
tiradentes, mg
(partial set)

marlon wesley – sax
rodrigo canton – guitar
lucas batista – bass, voice
pedro pecher – keyboards
guilherme de faria – drums

01 – (cuts in the end of the tune)
02 – prenda (batista)
03 – ainda (wesley)
04 – devaneando ao luar (wesley)
05 – amendoim (faria)

approx.: 26 min.

lineage: ca11 > ca9200 > zoom h4n > audacity (tracking, split) > wav 44.1 khz, 16 bit > tlh > flac

sample: t2 prenda 256k.mp3
download: PalmeiraDAgua_2022-08-21_TiradentesMGBrazil.zip

photo: from the 24th tiradentes culture and gastronomy festival page for the palmeira d’água trio.  original source unknown.  used without permission.

Feb 242023

this was part of a 5-day run at birdland for the release of one is the other.  despite that, this show only had 3 pieces from the (then) new cd: lennie grooveteule’s redemption, and amethyst, i suppose in part because lee konitz was a guest musician for part of the show.  i quite like that — for me, it’s more interesting than just playing through the cd.

there’s a bit of chat at the beginning of some of the songs, but it’s still a very good recording — just enough chatter to remind you that this is an audience recording.  i’d say better than the taper’s assessment “very listenable, nonetheless”.

billy hart quartet
new york city, ny usa
set 1

billy hart-drums
mark turner-tenor sax
ethan iverson-piano
ben street-bass
lee konitz (guest)- alto sax on tracks 8, 9

1-birdland introduction
2-southampton bhq
3-amethyst bhq
4-lennie groove
5-billy hart intros
6-neon bhq
7-billy hart intro of guest lee konitz
8-subconscious lee bhq w/konitz
9-body and soul bhq w/knitz
10-teule’s redemption bhq

lineage- audience capture on roland edirol r-05 internal mics> wav to flac via tlh> torrent creation via tlh > dime

taper’s comments:  set promoting the release on 2014-03-04 of billy hart quartet’s new ecm disc, one is the other. most of the music went unannounced, except for lennie’s groove. i’ve differentiated the tracks of the quartet alone as bhq, so if anyone knows the names of these tunes, please help with the setlist. that too goes for the tracks with guest lee konitz. he seemed to be there as a guest/friend of particularly ethan iverson. not sure if he was there on any of the other nights or sets of this engagement.
good recording that suffers in spots from table noises from wait staff at club and nearby chatter. very listenable, nonetheless.
support billy hart and the members of his quartet (and lee konitz) by buying their officially released material and seeing them live.
many thanks to dolphyfan for providing track names.

sample: t04 lennie groove 256k.mp3
download: BillyHart_2014-03-07_Birdland_NYC.zip

photo:  downloaded from flickr account of daníel starrason (the photographer).  the photo’s flickr page includes the comments “drummer billy hart performing with vincentz, hart & brown at giant steps concert venue in svendborg, denmark” and “taken on april 10, 2014”.  used without permission.

Feb 012023

here’s a group that i’ve been listening to a lot over the past week.  these guys sound like a whole lot of fun to see live; i hope they make somewhere (near) where i happen to be sometime.

jazzdor strasbourg-berlin festival
kesselhaus kulturbrauerei
berlin, germany
03.june 2014

quentin ghomari – tp, tb
raphaël quenehen – sax
sébastien palis – p, b3, acc
thibault cellier – b
jérémie piazza – dr

01. baleze (sebastian palis) 08:22
02. announcement raphaël quenehen 00:40
03. skätefilk (sebastian palis) 08:24
04. auprès des douces eaux (quentin ghomari) 05:03
05. announcement raphaël quenehen00:22
06. chameau (sebastian palis) 07:08
07. announcement raphaël quenehen 00:48
08. gibril circus (quentin ghomari) 10:02
09. announcement raphaël quenehen 00:51
10. funeral boogaloo (sebastian palis) 10:11

tt 55:54

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – dlf]


sample: t06 chameau 256k.mp3
download: Papanosh_2014-06-03_KesselhausKulturbrauerei_BerlinGermany.zip

photo:  shared by ‘unclewolfi’ when uploaded to dime.

Jan 212023

i’ve listened to this a few times over the past several weeks, and finally decided it had spent too much time in my foobar2000 playlist not to share it here.  nonets and tentets are so nice, more depth of sound than a small combo but still not a full orchestra, a cozy in-between.

leïla olivesi nonet – suite andamane
studio 104, maison de la radio & de la musique
paris, france
april 2, 2022

leïla olivesi (piano, voice, direction)
quentin ghomari (trumpet, flugelhorn)
fidel fourneyron (trombone)
baptiste herbin (alto sax, flute)
adrien sanchez (tenor sax)
jean-charles richard (soprano & baritone saxes)
manu codjia (guitar)
yoni zelnik (double bass)
donald kontomanou (drums)

01 suite andamane : i jeu de vagues (leïla olivesi) 7:08
02 suite andamane : ii le chemin du levant (leïla olivesi) 5:44
03 suite andamane : iii fleur andamane (leïla olivesi) 6:32
04 suite andamane : iv la corse du ciel (leïla olivesi) 6:24
05 mary lou (leïla olivesi) 7:11
06 intro 0:41
07 missing cc (leïla olivesi) 12:55 (tribute to claude carrière, founder of jazz club)
08 soustraire à la lumière (leila olivesi) 8:36 (composition on a poem by taïeb lucie)

tt 55:11

fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : jazz club, france musique, april 16, 2022

sample: t02 suite andamane – ii le chemin du levant 256k.mp3
download: LeilaOlivesi_2022-04-02_(SuiteAndamane)_ParisFrance.zip

photo:  downloaded from leïla olivesi’s facebook page.  photo is labelled as (c) solène person (can there be two french photograpers with that name?).  used without permission.

Jan 182023

this is one of those shows that i’m posting here though it was only just on dime.  i don’t think you can get nicole glover’s first record anymore, but she has a second album strange lands & is on a few albums by other people.  anyway, loved this show, looking forward to when strange lands and george colligan‘s more powerful arrive from jazzmessengers in portugal.

nicole glover trio
inntöne festival
diersbach, austria
july 23 2022

nicole glover: saxophone
tyrone allen: bass
kayvon gordon: drums

01 – (unknown)
02 – one second please
03 – without a song
04 – the a-side
05 – blues from mel brown

total time: 46:36

radio broadcast
deutschlandfunk on 10.jan.2023 (mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps)
dvb-s -> sat tuner -> hdd -> adobe audition(edits, fades) -> tlh -> flac

sample: t5 blues from mel brown 320k.mp3
download: NicoleGloverTrio_2022-07-23_INNtoene_DiersbachAustria.zip

photo:  by dieter wagenbichler, from the inntöne festival webpage, used without permission.

Jan 072023

searching the internet for ‘chet baker tribute’ will give you absolutely no end of actual hits.  and no wonder.  this is a lovely fm recording, interspersed with interviews (in french).  happy new year!

a tribute to chet baker
including eric le lann, philip catherine, enrico pieranunzi, ricardo del fra
grand studio rtl
paris, france
10 june 2013

eric le lann, trumpet
jérôme barde, guitar
sylvain romano, bass

01- portrait in black and white
02- ut
03- interview of eric le lann

ricardo del fra, bass
philip catherine, guitar

04- i’m a fool to want you
05- interview of philip catherine and ricardo del fra

enrico pieranunzi, piano

06- from e to c
07- interview of enrico pieranunzi

enrico pieranunzi, piano
ricardo del fra, bass
philip catherine, guitar

08- beatrice

eric le lann, trumpet
enrico pieranunzi, piano
ricardo del fra, bass
philip catherine, guitar

09- ut

50 minutes

source : rtl (fm) / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: t08_Beatrice_320k.mp3
download: ChetBakerTribute_2013-06-10_ParisFrance.zip

image:  photo of chet baker from the internet.  i have no details on this.