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although this was shared on dime back in feb 2019, it looks as if les légendes du jazz on france musique has aired it again just last month,  describing it as a double tribute to shelly manne on the centenary of his birth and to lee konitz who died from coronavirus on april 15.  not much more that i can add to that.

shelly manne quartet
la maison pour tous
elancourt, france
november 11, 1977

shelly manne (drums)
lee konitz (alto sax) enters in track 3
mike wofford (piano)
chuck domanico (bass)

01 softly, as in a morning sunrise (sigmund romberg, oscar hammerstein ii) 12:27 >
02 body and soul (johnny green) 6:38
03 what is this thing called love? (cole porter) 8:41 >
04 lover man (jimmy davis, ram ramirez, james sherman) 8:05 >
05 solar (miles davis) 8:18 >
06 take the coltrane (duke ellington) 4:08
07 stella by starlight (victor young, ned washington) 5:39
08 dearly beloved (jerome kern, johnny mercer) 11:25 >
09 all blues (miles davis) 11:10
10 what’s new ? (bob haggart, johnny burke) 8:57 >
11 take the coltrane (duke ellington) 4:54
12 yesterdays (jerome kern, otto harbach) 10:10


fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcasts : les légendes du jazz, france musique, january 26 & february 3, 2019

sample: t03 what is this thing called love.mp3
download: ShellyManne_1977-11-11_ElancourtFrance_complete.zip

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  1. stoivpfvep

  2. this month may be my all-time most number of posts in a month. thought about saving a couple for later, then reconsidered: there are dry spells, why not have a flood from time to time?


  4. Enjoying the deluge, it will make the dry spells more manageable.

  5. I think that the nice thing about this blog is that you’re not on a schedule and you can do what you like, so indulge your tastes which, as it happens, many of us share!!! We also share the conviviality with which you share the music and your enthusiasm for it. I would therefore do whatever you like – do have a schedule or, if you like, don’t have a schedule. A bit like the British government approach to COVID-19…anyone who follows you knows when you’re busy, when you’re not, and will ‘adjust’ or not accordingly!

  6. They don’t make them like this anymore. Many thanks for sharing.

  7. Many thanks!

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