Apr 302021

this show was just before they recorded obscure companion in march 2017.  it’s nice that such a great show has also a fine recording.  the recording method “zoom f8 + zoom f4 (synchronized)” is interesting, first time i’ve noticed two aud sources like that, but then i’m not obsessive about that sort of thing.  whatever, it really worked well and, for that, a tip o’ the hat to ricola (that makes two in as many days! we don’t need to be chintzy).

happy international jazz day!

hans anselm quintet
blue note
dresden, germany
22 feb 2017

gabriel rosenbach – trumpet
benedikt schnitzler – guitar
anna wohlfarth – piano
arne imig – bass
joao raineri – drums

hans anselm quintet – set 1

0 intro (1:28)
1 running hill (9:25)
2 warum (11:01)
3 der statist (14:22)
4 distance (9:57)
5 the rivers on my window (9:36)

hans anselm quintet – set 2

0 intro (1:29)
1 my mind is weird (10:07)
2 follow the light (6:38)
3 lock at the sea (9:26)
4 the last struggle (8:29)
5 something straight (11:13)
6 applause encore (1:08)
7 encore (11:46)

total-time: 1:55:59

audience: a+
recording rig: zoom f8 + zoom f4 (synchronized)
mic: selfmade ribbons + gefell mv690/um70 (blumlein stereo)

record by ricola
seed by lewojazz

sample: s1 t02 Warum 256k.mp3
download: HansAnselmQuintet_2017-02-22_BlueNote_DresdenGermany.zip

Apr 292021

annnnnnd here’s the other show!  scott hamilton, warren vaché… need i go on?  a tip o’ the hat to N_n.

concord super band
shoctor theatre
“jazz city” festival
edmonton, ab, canada
20 aug 1980

scott hamilton – tenor saxophone
warren vaché – cornet, flugelhorn
cal collins – guitar
ralph flanagan – piano
monty budwig – bass
jake hanna – drums & direction

01. the jumpin’blues (j.mcshann) 04:46
02. drum boogie (g. krupa, r.eldridge) 09:59
03. if dreams came true (b.goodman, i.mills, e.sampson) 04:56
04. stompin’ at the savoy (e.sampson) 07:59

27:40 min

190 mb flac
sound quality a+ fm master

source: cbc-cbof fm “jazz sur le vif” airdate 1981-xx-xx
lineage: fm> (rec)pioneer-pt1000> sony hf cassette> (pb)teac w890-r> realtekac soundcard> polderbits sound recorder> polderbits sound editor> wav> flac(8)

taped & transfered by nocturnal_n
nocturnal_n productions© 6:42 pm 2020-05-28

sample: t04 Stompin at the Savoy 256k.mp3
download: ConcordSuperband_1980-08-20_EdmontonAB.zip

Apr 292021

this show had a very similar lineup to ‘the chris flory quintet featuring scott hamilton’.  coming up next, another (also fantastic but even shorter) show featuring scott hamilton, in the ‘concord superband’ with warren vache among others.  i’ve corrected the line up below (the drums & piano were swapped) but haven’t updated the text file (already uploaded it and feeling lazy).

tomorrow is international jazz day.  i don’t really have anything special lined up for this blog, didn’t plan ahead, silly me, but will spend much of the day wasting time and listening to jazz (two different things & which go together very well) unless we do the bray-to-greystones cliff walk, now that our travel limit has increased to the longer of 20km or the county border.

scott hamilton quintet
manhattan studio
new york,ny

scott hamilton – sax
chris flory – guitar
chuck riggs – drums
phil flanigan – bass
norman simons – piano

01 unknown title 7:53
02 unknown title 4:04
03 unknown title 6:59
04 unknown title 6:01
05 unknown title 5:38
06 unknown title 9:47
07 unknown title 6:41

tt 47:03

lineage: rooftop rotary antenna> yamaha tuner t-70>nak lx3 nr-out> xlii c90.
transfer: dragon nr-out>zoomh4 16/44.1>hcsd 8gb >audacity>tlh>flac16.
cosmicchucky may, 2014 enjoy!
a qual fm. t07 cuts near end.

sample: t06 unknown title 256k.mp3
download: ScottHamilton1986-xx-xx_ManhattanStudio_NYC.zip

Apr 182021

don’t be deceived by the mention below of flutes and voices:  this is a percussion concert.  while i like drums and percussion (who doesn’t?), 50 minutes of it is normally more than i care for.  but this was a serious exception!  a big tip o’ the hat to ‘carville’ and the mysterious ‘dc’.

and good old wpfw!  they’re still going strong (and could probably use your donation, as always).

famoudou don moye and tani tabbal
detroit institute of the arts
detroit, mi
26 february 1983
as broadcast on “jazz at the institute” on wpfw-fm (see note below)

famoudou don moye and tani tabbal – drums, percussion, flutes, voices

01 intro (3:05)
02 two senegalese pieces > gongs and fluttes > au privave (23:20)
03 intro (1:12)
04 (13:48)
05 // (9:18)

total time 50:43

fm broadcast (circa 1983) > rotel receiver > akai cassette deck > maxell ln cassette (dolby b) > sony tc-wr635s cassette deck (refurbished 2021) > pc > goldwave > flac


sample: track 05.mp3
download: FamoudouDonMoye_TaniTabbal_1983-02-26_DetroitMI.zip

Apr 152021

it’s great to see there’s still the odd torch song out there waiting to be reprised.  this show is a great concept, and paloma faith’s voice is so well suited to it.  i feel as if i recognize all the songs, but no, i’m also quite certain that i’ve not heard the ones by paloma faith herself.

and guy barker is quite the thing.  i saw his kind of blue – orchestrated with the rté concert orchestra, almost two years ago now.  it was super, i’d go see anything he was involved in.

unrelated to the above, dublin’s musictown 2021 kicks off today, running through the 25th with free online events everyday.  check it out.

paloma faith and guy barker orchestra
“down at the end of lonely street”
cheltenham jazz festival
town hall
cheltenham, uk
4 may 2010

01 – pre-show chat between paloma and guy
02 – concert intro by guy barker…
03 – musical intro…
04 –
05 – intro…
06 – new york (paloma faith)
07 – you let me down (?)
08 – heartbreak hotel (elvis presley)
09 – cry me a river (julie london)
10 – dance me to the end of love (leonard cohen)
11 – at last (etta james)
12 – let’s get lost (chet baker)…intro to…
13 – black coffee (ella fitzgerald)
14 – upside down (paloma faith)
15 – broken doll (paloma faith)
16 – love me or leave me (nina simone)…intro to…
17 – temptation (tom waits)
18 – wild is the wind (dimitri tiompkin/ ned washington)
19 – good morning heartache (billie holiday)
20 – do you want the truth or something beautiful? (paloma faith)
21 – paloma’s thank you’s…
22 – i’d rather be an old man’s sweetheart (than a young man’s fool) (candi staton)
23 – encore interlude…
24 – upside down (paloma faith) fades to end

tt 1:55:39

lineage: bbc radio 2 > technics tuner > tascam da-20 mk 2 dat machine > hhb burnit cdr recorder…no eq
cdr > eac > traders little helper > flac8 sector aligned

a soledriver recording…found this one in the big box…
i believe i recorded it for my daughter, but nothing ever happened…
just worked it up this morning for dime…
basically, i want to re-use the dat…
tracklist as close as possible…(?) means i’m not sure…
original version info not guaranteed either, but corrections welcome

sample: 07 you let me down 256k.mp3
download: PalomaFaith_2010-05-04_CheltenhamJazzFest_UK.zip

Apr 082021

another b3 great, joey defrancesco!  this was actually sitting quietly in a tab in foobar2000 for a while — after giving it another listen, i might just keep that tab open… no seriously,  this is a real picker-upper if you’re feeling a bit lethargic.  good party music too, not that we’re going to a lot of parties just now.  go wild!

joey defrancesco trio
duc des lombards
paris, france
11 may 2015
early set

joey defrancesco, hammond b-3 organ, trumpet, vocals
dan wilson, guitar
jason brown, drums

01- ut
02- ut
03- up jump spring
04- i wish your love
05- who shot john ?
06- ut
07- ut

68 minutes

source : tsf, fm / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: JoeyDeFrancesco_2015-08-11_DucdesLombards_t05_256k
download: JoeyDeFrancesco_2015-08-11_DucdesLombards_ParisFrance.zip

Apr 032021

it’s getting very hard to find anything to post here as there is simply so much coming through on dime at the moment.  i cannot keep up (not that anyone can, but…) and it’s even harder on a long weekend like this one, not spending hours a day enjoying the jazz while i work (all in all, i’ll take the weekend 🙂 ).  it’s the opposite of the old joke about the food.

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