similar blogs and other pages that might be of interest…  i notice that many blogs share mp3 files; the formats indicated are what i’ve noticed in files that i’ve downloaded – indicative, but not necessarily so.

  • jazz blogwatch – index of jazz blogs, some alive, some moribund, all jazz
  • think too much jazz –
  • think too much jazz live –  live shows, mostly from dime but also from readers & elsewhere.  also very prolific.  [flac, wav] [identified nov-2018]
  • think too much jazz – a mix of jazz, live & from cds/lps.  partner blog for ttmjl, just above
  • nowbodhi’s blissness – live shows, from various sources.  plenty of photos and text to go with them.  [flac] [identified july-2021]
  • smallsongs – roio’s and out-of-print releases, from ‘ciccillo’.  also carries a lot of stuff from dime. [flac & mp3] [checked nov 2017: alive & well]
  • live jazz lounge – “unreleased jazz concerts from around the world”.  self-hosted .zip files. [checked nov 2017: alive & well]
  • funk it – a blog dedicated to live funk recordings, past and present. audio, video, downloads, and streaming. [flac, sometimes via links to, or dime/etree torrents] [checked feb 2017 via dime: alive & funking]
  • pastdaily – waaaaaay more than just jazz, but there’s a fair number of jazz concerts off-the-air too.  [mp3 @ 320 kbps/44.1 mhz, untracked][found jan-2018: alive & well]
  • the new jdp – “dedicated the the free distribution of quality non-commercial recordings of my favorite artists. i have a wide taste in music”.  no kidding about that wide taste in music, but that includes some good jazz concerts.  i notices a few audio-rips from bootleg/roio videos too.  [various formats, including flac & original audio format as may be][found apr 2017; alive and very well]
  • jazz serendipity live – a very prolific jazz blogger, where’s he get the time?  too cool.  a lot of (mostly? all?) stuff from dime. [flac] [checked nov-2018:  by invitation only]
  • replacement programming – “out-of-print, if it was ever commercially available”.  mostly jazz but also some other stuff.  great notes.   [high quality mp3s][found apr-2018]
  • jazz boot experiment – “a place for bootleg no official cds”   [mp3 @ 320 kbps/44.1 mhz ] [checked jan 2018: alive & well]
  • inconstant sol – “emphasis has been on the free/improv/experimental side of jazz”.   [flac] [checked feb 2017: alive & well]
  • dr. fusion – “a prescription to listen to jazz-rock-fusion roio’s with power, passion & beauty”.  mostly concerts from dime (like me 😉 [flac mostly]  [checked mar 2017: last post in nov 2016]
  • bogard’s jazztapes – a lot of jazz.  a 5 year hiatus from may 2012 (files sometimes still available), but they’re back and, hopefully, as good as ever. [mp3, at 320 kbps 48 mhz (that i’ve downloaded, anyway)] [back from the dead, april 2017!]
  • hoppipolladas de kigonjiro – video blogger.  not a lot of jazz, but the occasional show. [checked dec 2017: alive & well]
  • nico records – not any jazz that i noticed, but live concerts generally recorded from the soundboard or “audience & soundboard”, and a large number of shows from ireland.  [mp3 at 320 kbps, that i’ve downloaded] [found august 2018]
  • panovnik – classical music blogger since 2010.  mostly flac’s of radio broadcasts. [flac][found mar 2017: alive and very well]
  • ubu roi – another chap on dime.  i thought he’d stopped blogging shows (only his more wordy blog in german) but it appears ubu is back, intermitently.  permanent top posting “lester young – complete unreleased live recordings”.   [flac] [checked oct 2016: last post aug 2016]
  • the midnight café – a variety of stuff.  lately seems to be mostly lossless grateful dead boots, but there’s also some jazz mixed in there.  scrawled above the blackboard in my highschool art room: bob doyle says “more grateful dead”.  second that.  [various… hit & miss][found april 2017; active]
  • 78 toeren: curiosa wereld jazz – 78 rpm: curious jazz world.  “dedicated to 78T. plates , unlike classic: world music, jazz, dance bands, nostalgia and curiosities” (i don’t normally list lp-ripping sites, but 78 toeren says they’re only included “provided that the recordings are in the public domain”.)  in dutch.  [mp3][checked dec 2016: alive & well]
  • rest in bits – “avant guard & jazz bootlegs and out-of-print records”.  [mp3 & flacs] [checked oct 2016: last post may 2016]
  • mohaoffbeat – “about music could reach my heart”, a mix of unofficial recordings (again from dime, mostly) and official releases [flac]
  • – a variety of things, including over 1600 shows (of all genres, including jazz) [flac & mp3]
  • jazzsi – a lot of jazz, appears to be flacs but i’ve had a lot of problems getting the damned stuff to download. [flac] [checked oct 2016: last post july 2016]
  • arizona jones – mostly rock/jam, but also some jazz [mp3, 320 kbps that i’ve seen] [found april 2017]
  • fresh & alive / en vivo y en el directo  – mostly rock, but also some jazz. [mp3, 224 or 320 kbps (that i’ve seen)] [checked jan 2017: alive & well]
  • nyctaper – a variety of stuff, but little to no jazz.  in dec 2016, i noticed that nyctaper has started selling some of the shows, with proceeds to go to the artists.  interesting idea! [flac & mp3] [checked dec 2016: alive & well]
  • clarence duclo tapes ‘n shit – appears to be mostly rock?  nothing i recognized, only guessing from the pics.  looks like yet another chap from dime. [checked oct 2016: alive & well]
  • 100 greatest bootlegs – not a lot of jazz, but flac’s of some fantastic shows!
  • htakat’s Dimeadozencovers – “a small covers collection of jazz – avantgarde live recordings”
  • count basie corner – “sharing live recordings by the great count basie, from various stages of his career” [flac & mp3] [checked nov-2016: online but dead; links to shows also dead (rapidshare)]
  • never enough rhodes – still up but basically went dark after june 2014.
  • the clock that went backwards again [dead at oct 2016]


  • e-mile-watch – jazz-focused, appears to be working at aug 2016.
  • never enough rhodes blogwatch – “jazz – funk – soul – latin – brazil – afro”.  still running in aug 2016 but i’m not sure any new blogs are being added since the never enough rhodes (see above) is semi-dormant.
  • jazz music blogwatch – “latest updates of many different jazz blogs”
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