Jun 272019

here’s the salena jones show that i mentioned back in feb 2018 when i posted an erich kleinschuster show in feb 2018.  i was listening to it again the other day, and again was very taken with it.  it seems a bit of that era too, somehow.

salena jones & orf big band
orf studio
wien (austria)
april 11 & 12, 1973

art farmer, ernst lamprecht, robert demmer, robert politzer (tp,flh), butch kellem, garney hicks, roy deuvall, willi meerwald (tb), hans salomon (as,bcl), hans löw (as,fl), leszek zadlo, peter klinger (ts,fl), felix hanusik (bs,fl), fritz pauer (p,elp), richard österreicher (g), jimmy woode (b), erich bachträgl (dr), salena jones (voc); erich kleinschuster (ld)

01. summertime
02. morning dew
03. on green dolphin street
04. in the still of the night
05. moment of truth
06. time after time
07. on a clear day
08. my way
09. my mood is you

graz (austria)
april 13, 1973

10. moment of truth
11. on a clear day
12. time after time
13. summertime
14. in the still of the night
15. the more i see you
16. may way
17. morning dew
18. morning dew (reprise)

lineage: pre-fm tapes > 1st gen copies > cd > hdd > tlh (flac 8)
sound quality: a

tracks 01 – 09 also appeared later on orf arbeitsplatte u-lp 73/17, a vinyl record produced for broadcasting only. it was never commercially available.

sample: t03 on green dolphin street.mp3
download: SalenaJones_1973-04-11-12_Vienna_04-13_GrazAustria.zip

Jun 202019

here’s the promised second show by sphere, the last of their shows that i have.  it’s a corker, too, and it’s only a pity that the third set is not included.

new york, new york
united states of america

7 september 2002

gary bartz (ss on 7-8, as on 1-6, 9)
kenny barron (p)
buster williams (b)
ben riley (d)

cd one 55:21
01. pumpkin’s delight (charlie rouse) 14:24
02. we see (thelonious monk) 15:23
03. if i should lose you (leo robin, ralph rainger) 17:20
04. tokudo (charles ‘buster’ williams) 8:12

cd two 68:49
05. isfahan (duke ellington, billy strayhorn) 13:39
06. evidence (thelonious monk) 14:21
07. cook’s bay (kenny barron) 15:21
08. twilight song (kenny barron) 13:36
09. the surrey with the fringe on the top (richard rodgers, oscar hammerstein ii) 11:50

total time: 124:10

first and second sets (of three).

aud>?>trade cds>eac>flac>vuze>dimeadozen

discographical information adapted from sphere discography: http://www.jazzdiscography.com/leaders/sphere-ldr.php

sample: t02 we see.mp3
download: Sphere_2002-09-07_NewYork.zip

Jun 202019

monksphere has asked a couple of more times for some more sphere, which is always a good idea.  so here’s a show, with another to follow.

ym-ywha of metropolitan n.j.
west orange, n.j., usa
february 21,1988

kenny barron – piano
charlie rouse – tenor sax
buster williams – bass
ben riley – drums

1-radio intro
4-flight path
5-if i should lose you
8-radio outro

fm unknown lineage > reel >
m-audio transit > cool edit >
cd wave editor > flac

sample: t07 scratch.mp3
download: Sphere_1988-02-21_WestOrangeNJ.zip

Jun 162019

these guys seem associated with smalls, in nyc; ‘letsgo’ even shared this on dime as ‘smalls live’.  smalls sounds like quite the place, and their practice of streaming the shows (for free!) is extraordinary.  though the 5-hour time difference makes even a 19:30 show at bit late, starting at half past midnight here.  “where you live is a lifestyle choice”, so this is a seriously first-world problem.

spike wilner | peter bernstein | joel frahm
automne club
festival jazz sur son 31
toulouse, france
20 october 2016

spike wilner (piano)
joel frahm (tenor saxophone)
peter bernstein (guitar)
tyler mitchell (double bass)
anthony pinciotti (drums)
guest on n° 14 : jerome barde (french guitarist who opened with his band) [bandcamp]

01 intro
02 iceberg slim
03 talk
04 hopscotch
05 talk
06 trick baby
07 talk
08 warm valley
09 talk and band intro
10 you
11 talk
12 upsaka
13 talk
14 blues for the common man
15 audience and talk
16 a stich in time

tt 1:59:06

recorded from 5th row, facing left pa with :
2 x dpa 4099 supercard mics – dad6001 – zoom h5 (48/24), phantom on.
downsampled 44/16 wav to pc, audacity (applauses declicks, volume adjustments, just a bit of eq, tracks), flac 8 (tlh).

this band is a fantastic jazz machine, with incredible musical level of each member.
they played 2 hours, showing us how to do, what a treat being there !

france musique recorded them for a sheduled jazz club, but this radio show is only 1 hour now.

sample: t04 hopscotch.mp3
download: SpikeWilner_PeterBernstein_Joel_Frahm_2016-10-20_ToulouseFrance.zip

Jun 062019

here’s another of the shows that i tossed onto the cloud to join the last show, before coming down to madrid.  kind of randomly selected, but this one was a lucky choice.  gilad atzmon plays sax/clarinet, always nice; and i’m a bit of a sucker for accordion & violin – and with piano and a bit of vocals?  getting to be a sizable group, and the changing combinations make this very lively.

this is one of the famous swissbird recordings — a “swissbird, simplexsimplicissimus & supermax release”.  these were shared on dime or before that easytree, and are soundboard recordings.

fun facts to collect and trade with your friends:  start with some background on simplex simplicissimus.  next, you will no doubt want to go to project gutenberg (i know it’s on my e-reader).  then you can browse this  listing of (most if not all) the swissbird recordings.  the recordings span around 30 years, interestingly enough.  collect ’em all!  and i do believe a fair few of us are trying to.

gilad atzmon & orient house ensemble
estival jazz
piazzale alla valle
mendrisio, switzerland
2 july 2005

gilad atzman – alto & soprano saxophone, clarinet
frank harrison – piano, melodica
romano viazzini – accordion
dumitro o. fratila – violin
yaron stavi – bass
asaf sirkis – drums, bandir
gulliermo ariel rozenthuler – vocals

01. joven, hermosa y triste [6:57]
02. liberating the american people (atzmon) [19:54]
03. re-arranging the 20th century (atzmon) [5:25] (dedicated to bbs [bush, blair & sharon])
04. mack the knife (weill-brecht) [2:16]
05. musik (medley i) [4:25]
06. musik (medley ii) [6:17]
07. lili marleen (leip-schultze) [3:34]
08. musik (medley iii) [7:22]
09. musik (medley iv) [8:39]
10. band intros and exit music [2:39]

tt 1:07:33

soundboard > dat > wave > flac frontend
(align on sector boundaries level 8)

a swissbird, simplexsimplicissimus & supermax release

sample: t03 re-arranging the 20th century.mp3 and t08 musik (medley iii).mp3
download: GiladAtzmon_OHE_2005-07-02_EstivalJazz_MendrisioSwitzerland.zip

Jun 042019

here’s something i was listening to last week, and threw it up to the cloud quick, so i’d remember — and find — it again.  no idea what i was going to say last week, but that’s how it goes, eh?  still, i’m glad i did that; a lovely show, géraldine laurent and pierre de bethmann work together very well.  i’m becoming very fond of sax-piano based groups, and this only reinforces the trend (though add a trumpet, now & again, and we’d really be talking…)

it’s interesting, though:  there are a few people on dime who listen to (and record) a lot of radio, and live in places where there is a lot of jazz radio – including concerts – to listen to (unlike dublin).  their efforts are greatly appreciated.  and online jazz radio is problematic.  for example, when i lived in washington dc and listened to the spectacular wpfw-fm.  great jazz, but it takes a lot of plays before i can associate a name with music that i really like.  ok, that was a long time ago, but even now it’s enough to make you weep, trying to piece it together.  now my listening is very shaped by what’s on dime… including what the aforementioned folks share.  which includes a lot of younger musicians & also greatly appreciated.

so: between the above & interruptions, the 2nd listen is about done.  very nice.  very nice indeed.

unrelated to the above:  i heard the rté concert orchestra at the nch in dublin, performing miles davis’ ‘kind of blue’ orchestrate.  phenomenal show.  and yet… orchestrated jazz always makes me think of the early 60s and of peter sellers.  i’d see it again in a heartbeat, but i’m still a bit of two minds about it.

géraldine laurent quartet
festival de radio france et montpellier languedoc roussillon
amphithéâtre d’o, montpellier, france
16 july 2012

géraldine laurent (alto sax)
pierre de bethmann (piano)
yoni zelnik (double bass)
franck agulhon (drums)

01 black and tan fantasy (duke ellington) 12:18
02 intro 1:13
03 did you remenber you (géraldine laurent) 9:49 >
04 brillant corners (thelonious monk) 11:25
05 mau mau (art farmer) 16:50
06 ask me now (thelonious monk) 8:47 >
07 cordova is dancing (géraldine laurent) 8:09
08 her bets (géraldine laurent) 6:09
09 minority (gigi gryce) 5:42
10 smash (géraldine laurent) 2:27

tt 82:49

fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : jazz été, france musique, 29 july 2012

sample: t03 did you remenber you.mp3
download: GeraldineLaurent_2012-07-16_MontpellierFrance.zip

well, i ran off a bit at the keyboard, or what?  then again, the blog’s tag line does say ‘occasional musings’