Jan 302016

Edmond Hall 1961-03-15 Front Coveri don’t hear a lot of clarinet, at least that i can tell, and this old recording has been floating around the internet for a long time, most recently when ‘larryjazzman’ shared it on dime in march 2013.  it’s wonderful recording, that you can listen to over and over.

if you’re interested in more edmond hall (and i am), there’s some for sale on the usual on-line outlets, and also over at storyville records.

edmond hall
sendesaal villa berg, radio sdr, stuttgart
15 march 1961

edmond hall,cl
horst jankowski,p
peter witte,b
hermann mutschler,dr

1. blue room 3:55
2. winnie 3:22
3. adam and eva 3:33
4. swing for dieter (aka rompin’ in 44) 4:04
5. manhattan 3:04
6. some of these days 3:44
7. sweet georgia brown 3:37
8. moonglow 4:25
9. honeysuckle rose 4:05
10 on the sunny side of the street 4:40


sample: t02 winnie.mp3
download: EdmondHall_1961-03-15_SendesaalVillaBerg_Stuttgart.zip

Jan 282016

after getting a number of complaints about issues downloading — and testing it myself — i’ve decided to retire the download manager.  curiosity killed that cat and, it seems, downloads.  at least using that d/l manager.

shows will still be hosted here, and i may try another d/l manager later.  but for now, i’m converting the d/l links to direct links to the .zip files… bit by bit.

so if you are trying to download something and have a link

like this: [download id=”1875″]
instead of like this: link

then just leave a message & i’ll get to it as soon as possible.

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Jan 272016

Jazz Masters Septet 1982-07-25 Umbria - coverran across this today, was listening to it as i worked away, and thought it might be time for a break.  ‘diego60’ shared this on dime in 2010, it’s his own audience recording.  the band is quite a line up, and are playing their hearts out, so it’s nice diego60’s recording came out as nicely as it did.  but be warned, tracks 3 & 4 should be a single track… the cutover is a little jarring (but gave me a conveniently small file to convert for a sample)

jazz masters septet
orvieto, umbria italy
25 july 1982

bill hardman tp.
bob berg t.s.
curtis fuller tb.
bobby hutcherson v.
cedar walton p.
buster williams b.
louis hayes dr.

01 cedar’s blues 18:30
02 lover man 20:37
03 firm roots 5:48
04 firm roots end 9:58
05 b.williams presenting the group 0:28

tt 55:23


audience recording (sony tcd 5, sony ecm 990 bidirectional)/chrome maxell xl2s/direct to cd with tascam professional cdrw402

this was the last concert of umbria jazz ’82 wonderful night very good group!!

sample:  t03 firm roots (start).mp3
download:  JazzMastersSeptet_1982-07-25_UmbriaJazzFest.zip

Jan 242016

i recently ran across avidemux, “a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks”.  i actually only use it for demuxing the audio streams of video downloads, but recommend it over the other demux options that i’ve tried.  i’m not interested in video editing, i don’t want to change the audio format at all (except for listening in my car ^^ )… i just want an unchanged, demuxed copy of the audio stream.  and avidemux seems to do just that, quickly, and even lets you pick which audio stream if there’s more than one.  there have been a few shows that wouldn’t demux – i’m not sure why – but generally it’s worked great.


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Jan 232016

Miles Davis Quintet - Salle Pleyel 3-Nov-1969 - CD Front Insertbetween christmas, new years, a little trip and being incredibily busy, january has been flying by.  so lets start the year off here with a bit more miles davis.  if i can keep miles to below 5% of the posts, then i suppose i’m doing well.

anyway, this has been floating around up on dime since sept 2011 (thanks to matthughen), as a video.  this is the demux of that video.  according to plosin, it is from an ortf tv broadcast.  certainly looks that way, but unfortunately i’m not going to upload the 8.4gb video here… the demuxed audio will have to do.

miles davis quintet
salle pleyel
paris, france
3 november 1969

miles davis (tp)
wayne shorter (ss, ts)
chick corea (p)
dave holland (b)
jack dejohnette (d)

1st show

1 directions
2 bitches brew
3 paraphernalia
4 riot
5 i fall in love too easily
6 sanctuary
7 miles runs the voodoo down
8 the theme
tt 1:05:39

2nd show

1 bitches brew
2 agitation
3 i fall in love too easily
4 sanctuary
5 masqualero
6 it’s about that time
tt 1:01:19

video source:
no source provided. maybe tv?

demux audio source:
as for video above > avidemux, audio output ‘copy’ > demux audio (.mp2)
video (.vob) audio details: mp2, cbr 224 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz
demux audio (.mp2) details: mp2, cbr 224 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz

comments from original (video) info file:
first set is great quality video and audio. the second set is a little rougher video with several
brief dropouts. imho, this does not diminish the viewability of this rare performance. second set
also includes jack on piano and chic playing some drums and double drums as well. i have not seen
another video of this rare phenomenon. unfortunately the mics don’t appear to be dialed in. this
is my final boot liberated from same south american reseller. set lists are from entree. no menus
or chapters; just the complete performance straight through.

cd covers made with ronyasoft cd dvd label maker, v.3.01.32, using screenshots from the video.

sample (1st 8 mins of the first show):  1 directions (sample).mp3

download: MilesDavis_1969-11-03_NewportTour_SallePleyel_Paris_demux.zip