Jun 172023

well, this has been hanging around a while!  i drafted it up back in 2019 but somehow never got around to posting it for some reason (probably got tired of looking up musicians).  but then i ran across it today, in a rather convoluted series involving stanton moore, skerik, and the buddy rich big band (in retrospect, i can’t quite figure that all out, it may have also involved clicking on the wrong folder by accident).  and here we are!

i read once that men tend to prefer female singers, and women prefer men singers.  that’s my experience (except for my wife, who just prefers having singers, full stop).  these are mostly male vocalists.  anyway, after a delay of several years, here it is.  i’ve cut short finding & adding links, to actually get this thing posted (and given how busy my life has been lately, there’s not been a lot of that!), so my apologies to musicians who do have an unlinked website.

torkestra: the great american songbook featuring judith owen, harry shearer, kermit ruffins, clint johnson and more
new orleans jazz & heritage festival
new orleans fair grounds
new orleans, la.
may 4, 2017

david torkanowsky, piano & band leader
jason marsalis, drums
neal caine, bass
clarence johnson, tenor, flute, clarinet
rex gregory, tenor, flute, cal
khari allen lee, sax
joe goldberg
brad walker
b.j. mcgivney (?)
jeffrey miller, trombone
rick trolsen, trombone
jeff albert, trombone
eric benny bloom, trumpet
ashlyn parker, trumpet
mark braud, trumpet
scott frock, trumpet
jesse mcbride, piano

1 radio intro 0:07
2 hello dolly (kermit ruffins) 2:12
3 fly me to the moon (beginning cut) (kermit ruffins) 2:12
4 night and day (judith owen) 5:19
5 you’ll get yours (harry shearer) 4:29
6 luck be a lady (dropouts) (clint johnson) 5:53
7 it happened in monterey (clint johnson) 3:49
8 all or nothing (clint johnson) 4:31
9 come fly with me (clint johnson) 3:56
10 band intro 2:08
11 they can’t take that away from me (clint johnson) 2:59
12 ut 1:43
13 radio outro 0:11

source: wwoz-fm > radioshark fm-receiver hardware > usb > sony vaio vpcs131fm (running ubuntu linux) > shark v1.0 (linux command line) > sox v.v14.4.0 > flac (level 8 compression) > copy 1 large flac file > macbook pro (2.3ghz, intel core i7, osx 10.11.6) > sox v14.4.0 > transcoded losslessly from flac to wav > dsp-quattro 4.4 (trimmed, repaired – see below, normalized by 5.7 db db, split into songs) > x audio compression toolkit 2.39 (sector boundaries repaired; level 8 compression) > flac
some additional editing was done with bias peak pro 6.2.0.
editing notes:
* severe glitching began about 1:05 into track 6 including several long dropouts. the bad section is faded out, removed and fades back in after 1 second of silence. about 15 seconds was removed.
* a 44-second station id removed at 4:08 into track 8

notes: track 2 ends abruptly and track 3 starts abruptly. it seems that perhaps wwoz broadcast the first few minutes of this performance from a recording then (at track 3) switched the broadcast over to the live feed. the performance was scheduled to start at 4:15 but the broadcast didn’t start until about 4:33…

sample: t07 it happened in monterey 256k.mp3
download: DavidTorkanowsky_2017-05-04_NewOrleansLA.zip

photo:  screen grab from a youtube video, that i think was of this performance.

Sep 302022

i’ve been listening to a number of shows by leszek mozdzer, and this was my favorite of them.  anna maria jopek has such a wonderful voice and piotr nazaruk’s various instruments add depth to the music (i couldn’t find a link for him, though).

anna maria jopek & leszek mozdzer
bremen, germany

anna maria jopek (voc)
leszek mozdzer (p)
piotr nazaruk (voc, fl, zth, traditionelle polnische instrumente)
robert kubiszyn (b, voc)
pawel dobrowolski (dr)

01 intro
02 hej przelecial ptaszek – trudno u-cha cha
03 laura i filon
04 dwa serduszka cztery oczy
05 teskno mi teskno
06 ucisz sie
07 cyraneczka
08 tell her you saw me
09 szepty i lzy

min 64:13

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

deutschlandfunk kultur
in concert

support the artists by buying their records.

sample: t05 teskno mi teskno 256k.mp3
download: AnnaMariaJopek_LeszekMozdzer_2018-04-20_BremenGermany.zip

image: youtube screenshot from an audience video of this performance

Nov 192021

i liked the 2008 show so much i played the 2011 show right after (both included here) and then two more, from 2008 & 2014.  guess i was in a bit of a nicola conte mood.  i’ve  noted the vocalists in the post title as they’re essential to both these shows.  while i wouldn’t describe this as “like pink martini”, if you enjoy p.m. then you might like nicola conte also (such is my hope anyway, which will give another option for music to eat dinner to).

listening to this again, i realized that tracks 5 & 6 from the quasimodo show are both leaves in the wind, which looks like a mistake (though i’ve not done a careful comparison).  great song though!  i’ve left the .zip file & setlist uncorrected, at this point.

nicola conte
29 october 2008

nicola conte, g, lead
daniele scannapieco, reeds
flavio boltro, tp
pietro lussu, p
pietro ciancaglini, b
teppo mäkynen, dr
kim sanders, voc (4 – 10)

01 macedonia – rituals 22:10
02 band intros 02:29
03 solo 07:08
04 08:18
05 leaves in the wind 07:09
06 leaves in the wind 07:14
07 love in 06:34
08 paper clouds 05:16
09 08:48
10 caravan 15:18
11 09:10

tt: 1:39:34

source: dvb-s@256, 48khz > raw data > projextx > mp3directcut > mp2
(lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)

nicola conte
teatro piccinni
bari, italy
21 may 2011

nicola conte, guitar and conduction;
flavio boltro, trumpet;
magnus lindgren, tenor sax, flute;
gaetano partipilo, alto sax;
pietro lussu, pianoforte;
paolo benedettini, bass;
teppo mäkynen, drums;
alice ricciardi, vocals on 6-7-8;
nailah porter, vocals on 3-4-5.

(00-radio introduction by pino saulo) 2.52
01 all praises to allah [ed roses]
02 band’s introductions
03 do you feel like i feel [nicola conte]
04 shiva [nicola conte]
05 black spirits [nicola conte]
06 quiet dawn [cal massey]
07 scarborough fair [simon & garfunkel]
08 kind of sunshine [jimmie davis, charles mitchell and nicola conte]
09 radio outro 0.46

running time : 44’58” (without radio intro and outro)
(with radio intro and outro, it would be 48’36”)

fm radio broadcast by “il cartellone – radio tre suite jazz”, radio 3 rai [third channel of italian national radio], on wednesday 15 february 2012, 21:48 hours cet.

lineage (fm > wav > flacs > web):
sony st-s370 tuner > sony pcm-d50 linear pcm recorder > 44.100khz/16bit wav on sony memory stick produo [mark2] > usb > audacity 1.3.5 beta (editing and track splitting) > 44.100khz/16bit flac’s (level 8) > webtorrenting

an italian guy who is now recording for impulse a few albums of “spiritual jazz”, in the style on seventies albums by pharoah, charles lloyd, with tracks of the era too, very “orchestral”, but in fact it closely reminds of the british idj movement of the early eighties. also included in the folder as track 00 a radio introduction in italian with bio notes and commentaries – this intro runs for 2’52”

t05 leaves in the wind 256k.mp3
t05 black spirits 265k.mp3


photo:  nicola conte, kim sanders & other musicians, posted by vincenzo cosenza on his website in may 2007.  used without permission.

Oct 312021

unlike the last posting, which really needed my attention, this is one i could listen to closely or let it play gently in the background as we chat away amongst ourselves, as the crowd that night seemed to be doing.  but fortunately that just gives ambience – it’s an excellent audience recording and chock-a-block full of familiar songs.

kirsten tegtmeyer
jazz in the burbs
the green gate inn
camillus, ny
january 10, 2019

kirsten tegtmeyer, vocals
john magnante, guitar *
matthew vacanti, bass *
* from e.s.p.

01. walk on / tuning (1:48)
02. is you is or is you ain’t my baby (5:41)
03. blues skies (5:12)
04. never no lament (4:03)
05. who will comfort me (5:34)
06. i get a kick (4:58)
07. kiss on my list (4:17)
08. consider me gone (5:40)
09. ain’t no sunshine (4:10)
10. sway (5:26)
11. don’t know why (4:40)
12. comes love (6:16)
13. sunday morning (5:08)
14. cheek to cheek (4:35)
15. kirsten intro banter (1:06)
16. pat metheny tune (6:44)
17. can’t buy me love (7:39)
18. isn’t she lovely (5:08)
19. turn me on (4:42)
20. stitched up (5:54)
21. old devil moon (5:22)
22. mr magic (through the smoke) (4:33)
23. twisted (3:36)
24. that man (3:43)
25. a night like this (5:19)

tt 2:01:12

recording info: beyerdynamic mc930 -> ps-2 -> r-09hr (24/96)
transfer info: audacity (tracking, normalize, dither) -> tlh (flac level 8)
location info: dfc, stage lip, mics at 5′

recorded and mastered by hunting sound man


sample: t22 mr magic (through the smoke) 256k.mp3
download: KirstenTegtmeyer_2019-01-10_GreenGateInn_CamillusNY.zip

Oct 312021

while a bit of this seemed very “60s” to me, most of it really grabbed my attention, slow, paced, pared down, a bit somber really.  the more i listen to this (on the 3rd time now), the  more i like it.

karin krog & arild andersen
montreux jazz festival
casino (pavillon)
montreux (switzerland)
21 june 1972

karin krog (voc,synth,perc)
arild anderson (b)

1. ode to billie joe – 6:00
2. god bless the child – 4:10
3. medley: different days, different ways > the baby – 10:39
4. ’round midnight – 7:41
5. bansull [norwegian folk song] – 5:09
6. lonely woman – 6:55

tt 40:34

lineage: ö 3 fm broadcast (mono) > r-t-r tape > cd > hdd > audacity > tlh

sound: a – – (tape hiss)

sample: t03 different days, different ways – the baby 256k.mp3
download: KarinKrog_ArildAnderson_1972-06-21_MontreuxSwitzerland.zip

photo:  from norwegian tv, a still from a 23-minute performance that was broadcast the next day, with helge hurum, karen krog, arild andersen, jan garbarek, bernt steen, & others.  turn on your vpn and have a look, it’s a great line up and the best 23 minutes you’ll spend this week.

May 272021

the two parts of this michel legrand broadcast are very different.  the first being a solo performance of jacque demy’s wistful songs, and the second a much jazzier performance with his quintet.  you might want to split them into two separate folders even, but these are unfortunately just extracts, so neither part would be terribly long.  still they are each super individually, and work together well enough.

michel legrand
france musique studios (1990) & théâtre de boulogne-billancourt (1992)

part 1 :

jacque demy tribute
france musique studios
‘six et demie’, prod. alain lacombe
5 november 1990

michel legrand, piano and vocals

01 intro (tribute to j. demy) 1:28

b.o les demoiselles de rochefort :
02 chantez la vie 2:53
03 la chanson de maxence 2:52
04 la chanson d’andie 2:08

b.o peau d’âne :
05 amour, amour 2:09
06 la chanson du prince 2:31

07 bo les parapluies de cherbourg : ut 2:43
08 thème principal 3:17

part 2 :

michel legrand quintet
théâtre de boulogne-billancourt
paris, france
6 may 1992

michel legrand, piano and vocals
jean-loup longnon, trumpet
denis leloup, trombone
marc-michel le bevillon, bass
andré ceccarelli, drums

09 la valse des lilas 5:50
10 you must believe in spring 6:55
11 what are you doing the rest of your life? 7:18
12 un eté 42 6:29
13 medley (take the a train) 5:23
14 les moulins de mon cœur 6:34

tt 58:30

france musique, 2020 (fm) / pioneer f91 / edirol rh-09r / audacity / xact / flac

samples: t04 la chanson d’andie.mp3  &  t12 un eté 42.mp3
download: Michel Legrand 1990-1992 radio broadcasts, France.zip

Feb 232021

another concert featuring the organ, from the great rhoda scott and la velle.  i’m not familiar with la velle, perhaps because she spent most of her life in france (thanks, internet!), but she’s well matched with rhoda scott, and it’s a super show — really sounds as if they were having a lot of fun, and i’m quite sure the audience were.

rhoda scott – la velle – lucien dobat « soul sisters »
duc des lombards
paris, france
25 june 2010

rhoda scott,or,voc
la velle (lavelle mckinnie duggan),voc,p
lucien dobat,dr

1 – title – 9:57
2 – all blues – 8:01
3 – rebellion – 6:15
4 – summertime – 6:03
5 – it don’t mean a thing – 9:39
6 – lord, i want to be a christian in my heart – 12:40
7 – moanin’ – 6:16
8 – everybody needs somebody to love – 6:26
9 – kix on route 66 – 9:12
10 – do nothing till you hear from me (fade-out) – 6:36

total time: 81:11

broadcast: francemusique
date: 2010-06-25

source: dvb-s > skystar usb 2 hd > mp2
mpeg 1.0 layer-2; 48,000 hz stereo; 256 kbps
tracked with wavelab > flac

special thanks to jazzrita for the flac´s !

recorded by lewojazz
edited by jazzrita

sample: t06 lord, i want to be a christian in my heart.mp3
download: RhodaScott_LaVelle_LucienDobat_2010-06-25_DucLombards_Paris.zip

Dec 102020

here’s the next show.   the taper summed it up so well, there’s not much to add, except maybe the download code 😉

1920s/30s jazz played by a great orchestra, superb arrangements, combined with max raabe’s
deadpan humor, made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening

max raabe & palast orchester
scottsdale center for the performing arts
piper theater
scottsdale, arizona
2 april 2017

max raabe, vocals
cecilia crisafulli, violin
thomas huder, trumpet, vocals
michael enders, trumpet, vocals, musical director
jorn ranke, trombone, viola, vocals (per program,
though it sounds like max introduces a different name)
bernd frank, tenor sax, clarinet
johannes ernst, alto sax, clarinet
sven bahrens, alto sax, clarinet
rainer fox, baritone sax, clarinet, vocals
vincent riewe, drums, perc
bernd hugo dieterich, bass, sousaphone
ulrich hoffmeier, guitar, banjo, violin
ian wekwerth, piano

set 1
101 introduction
102 with my eyes wide open, i’m dreaming
103 when i need love, i go to pauline
104 let’s do it
105 marie, marie, marie
106 women are so beautiful when they’re in love
107 i’m in the market for you
108 schone isabella von kastilien
109 beyond the sea
110 three little words
111 where can we get together, madame
112 i got rhythm
113 unknown
114 midnight, the stars and you
115 bei mir bist du schon

set 2
201 some of these days
202 the bilbao song
203 who’d cry tears just because of love
204 heartaches
205 who’s afraid of the big bad wolf
206 stormy weather
207 millions of kisses and millions of smiles
208 i’ve got a sweet tooth for ruth
209 coubanakan
210 over my shoulder
211 dort tanzt lulu
212 encore break
213 san francisco
214 encore break 2
215 goodnight, goodnight, goodnight (brass offstage)

tt 1:41:10

church audio cafs > sp-spsb-8 battery pack > zoom h2 (48khz/24-bit) >
adobe audition (split into tracks, convert to 44.1/16) > tlh flac level 8

recorded from row g, audience right
approx 102 minutes (each set approx 51 minutes)

1920s/30s jazz played by a great orchestra, superb arrangements, combined with max raabe’s
deadpan humor, made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. you may have seen some of max’s
hilarious covers of tom jones’s ‘sex bomb’ or britney spears’s ‘oops i did it again’. i
did the best i could with the song titles, though i couldn’t figure out track 13 of set 1.
concert program and a few cell photos are included. note the final encore which was played with
the brass section backstage in the distance, for a beautiful effect.

samples: t106 women are so beautiful when they’re in love.mp3t213 san francisco.mp3
download: Max_Raabe_2017-04-02_ScottsdaleAZ.zip

Dec 102020

here’s one of two shows that i’ve been listening to today, both featuring big bands, and both just hopping!  it’s a lot of fun, and definitely a better ‘ding dong the witch is dead’ than the munchkins’ version.  the other show, which is another corker alright, coming up shortly.

buddy rich 100 livestream
buddy rich big band
featuring cathy rich, dave weckl & gregg potter
ronnie scott’s jazz club
47 frith st, soho
london, uk
25 may 2017, thursday 10:15pm 2nd show

cathy rich – vocals
dave weckl, gregg potter – drums
eric miyashiro, simon gardner, andy greenwood, craig wild – trumpet
bob bowlby – alto sax
nigel hitchcock, rob fowler – tenor sax
jay craig – baritone sax
trevor mires, mark nightingale, andy wood – trombone
matt harris – piano
laurence cottle – bass

setlist in order of livestream:

gregg potter and the buddy rich big band
00 ronnie scott’s mc
01 dancing men
02 hookin it
03 audio selection
04 potter and rich speak
05 the beat goes on
06 that’s enough
07 birdland
08 cathy and potter interview

dave weckl and the buddy rich big band
09 dave weckl interview
10 ronnie scott’s mc
11 you gotta try
12 dw speaks
13 rotten kid
14 basically blues
15 prelude to t.c
16 time check
17 cathy
18 ding dong the witch is dead
19 cathy speaks of one more
20 audio track

tt 1:52:30

lineage > youtube livestream > audacity project rate @ 96000 > graghiceq > amplify > flac

the warm-up act nor the club’s intermission promotional data has been included.
they are still available @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfcjyzjvhg0

the following information was sourced from the ronnie scott’s website:
selected performance:?monday 22nd may – saturday 27th may
detailsbook »

#rslive due to overwhelming ticket demand, we are delighted to announce we will be livestreaming the buddy rich big band show live from the club on thursday 25 may @ 10.15pm (uk time) on #facebooklive #youtubelive and directly from www.ronniescotts.co.uk ! featuring legendary drummer dave weckl, buddy’s daughter cathy rich and drummer gregg potter but also some of the original members of the buddy rich big band! set to be an historic week at the club so for the ones who couldn’t get tickets, here is your chance to watch the show! #rslive #freelivestream #buddyrich #jazzdrummerlegend
the livestream will be starting here at 10.15pm (uk time)!

mon-thur: 1st show onstage 7pm, 2nd show onstage 10.15pm
fri-sat: 1st show onstage 7.30pm, 2nd show onstage 11.15pm

one of legendary drummer buddy rich’s last requests of his daughter,cathy, was to keep his band working, his music alive, and to do something for young people. no easy task, but eventually the idea of an annual memorial concert seemed like the best way to do it. cathy rich produced the first buddy rich memorial concert in 1988 at carnegie hall in new york and thus began the story of these incredible events. 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of buddy’s passing and what would have been his 100th birthday and, following the success of the 25th anniversary memorial concert at the london palladium in 2012, ronnie scott’s will be hosting 12 exclusive shows over 6 nights featuring the reformed buddy rich big band with one of the all-time great drummers dave weckl, buddy rich big band drummer gregg potter, and the evening hosted by buddy’s daughter cathy rich. the buddy rich big band comprises musicians from both the us and the uk, several of whom toured with buddy himself and played on his last ever uk shows in 1986. join us in paying tribute to “the world’s greatest drummer” in his 100th birthday year!

samples: t06 that’s enough.mp3t13 rotten kid.mp3
download:  BuddyRichBigBand_2017-05-25_Ronnie Scotts_LondonUK.zip

Sep 212020

here’s something that i quite enjoyed on friday.  from elene dee’s facebook page, it sounds as if there might be another album coming out at some point.

elene dee
duc des lombards
paris, france
14 nov 2011
early set

elene dee (vocals)
david berkman (piano)
stéphane guillaume (sax)
dominique di piazza (bass)
manhu roche (drums)

6 tracks (no setlist)

total time : 43 minutes

source : tsf jazzlive / naimuniti/ rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: track 04.mp3
download:  EleneDee_2011-11-14_DucDesLombards_ParisFrance.zip