May 282015

as i’ve been restoring from backups, i’ve been listening to a lot of old buried stuff… today, it was a fine billy harper show from march 1992… or maybe march 1993, there was some question about that on the dime tracker page.  be that as it may, ‘kinebee’ wasn’t kidding when he said it was great.

billy harper
sydney, australia

billy harper-tnr
kim patterson-tpt
mike nock-p
lloyd swanton-b
malcolm pinton-dr

1 illumination
2 trying to make heaven my home
3 if one could only see
4 soran bushi bh
5 insight
6 priestess

tt 1:18:54

sample:  billy harper 1992-03 t01 illumination.mp3


May 282015

well, my main hdd crashed just after my last posting, and i’ve been restoring everything that was on there.  lost a few recent downloads from dime, but that’s about it… it does pay to have regular backups, you know.  in the process, have been writing a powershell script to correct the time-date stamps on all my folders.  worked pretty well; only around 150 items out of 2700 failed to update, so far, but there’s almost that many again still to go.

anyway, back in the swing of things again as the summer heat starts to ramp up here in seoul, korea.

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May 042015

i just finished listening to this as i work away like mad… great recording of benny goodman’s orchestra live at carnegie hall in 1938 (for more details, see wikipedia).  i’m not posting the files here as they are available on the internet archive and, unlike a lot of music on, these are good quality.  yes, mp3 but at 320 kbps, 44.1 khz…  that should be good enough for most people!  originally “bob varney’ posted un-tracked mp3’s (at 320 kpbs) of the original double-lp, and then “ojdo” tracked the show & posted those mp3 files (keeping the 320 kbps quality).

this is a killer show, so go take a minute to download it — and so i also took a minute to mention it here.


benny goodman orchestra
the famous carnegie hall jazz concert
carnegie hall
new york city, ny, usa
16 jan 1938

track listing

side one
1 don’t be that way (edgar sampson, benny goodman, mitchell parish) 4:12
2 one o’clock jump (eddie durham, buster smith) 6:52
3 sensation rag (edwin eddie edwardsv 1:20
4 i’m coming virginia (will marion cook, donald heywood) 2:07
5 when my baby smiles at me (bill munro, andrew sterling, ted lewis, harry von tilzer) 0:51
6 shine (cecil mack, ford dabney, lew brown) 1:03
7 blue reverie (duke ellington, harry carney) 3:22
8 life goes to a party (harry james, benny goodman) 4:13

side two
1 honeysuckle rose (thomas fats waller, andy razaf) 13:57
2 body and soul (johnny green, edward heyman, robert sour, frank eyton) 3:23
3 avalon (vincent rose, b.g. desylva, al jolson) 4:16
4 the man i love (george gershwin, ira gershwin) 3:28
total length: 48:59

side three
1 i got rhythm (george gershwin, ira gershwin) 5:09
2 blue skies (irving berlin) 3:17
3 loch lomond (traditional) 2:58
4 blue room (richard rodgers, lorenz hart) 5:12 [note 2:42 per wikipedia]
5 swingtime in the rockies (jimmy mundy, benny goodman) 3:27 [note 2:30 per wikipedia]
6 bei mir bist du schoen (scholom secunda (music), jacob jacobs (lyrics) adapted by sammy cahn, saul chaplin) 0:32 [note 4:00 per wikipedia]
7 china boy (dick winfree, phil boutelje) 4:52

side four
1 stompin’ at the savoy (edgar sampson, benny goodman, chick webb) 5:56
2 dizzy spells (benny goodman, lionel hampton, teddy wilson) 5:43
3 sing sing sing (with a swing) (louis prima) 10:58 [note 12:08 per wikipedia]
4 big john’s special (horace henderson) 3:45
total length: 53:05

line up (per wikipedia)
the benny goodman orchestra
benny goodman, clarinet, vocal, and leader
chris griffin, ziggy elman, harry james, trumpets
red ballard, vernon brown, trombones
george koenig, art rollini, babe russin, hymie schertzer, reed instruments
jess stacy, piano
teddy wilson, piano (bg trio and quartet only)
lionel hampton, vibraphone (bg quartet only)
allan reuss, guitar
harry goodman, bass
gene krupa, drums
martha tilton, vocal

additional personnel
buck clayton, trumpet
bobby hackett, cornet
cootie williams, trumpet
harry carney, baritone saxophone
johnny hodges, soprano[5] and alto saxophones
lester young, tenor saxophone
count basie, piano
freddie green, guitar
walter page, bass

original columbia lp osl-160 > transfer and restoration by bob varney > mp3 (cbr,
320 kbps, 44.1 khz, 2 channels) > internet archive > tracking & tagging by “ojdo”
> mp3 (cbr, 320 kbps, 44.1 khz, 2 channels) > internet archive

download:  from the internet archive



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May 012015

Charles Mingus 1970-03-31 Slugs' NYC coverhappy may 1st.  mingus’s show from 28 apr 1964, stuttgart, germany, was the 3rd show that i posted here.  i was re-listening to this long, and very good, show from 1970 today, and decided it was time for more mingus here.  while the show is excellent, the recording isn’t great… so be warned.  that said, i think it’s well worth a listen.

charles mingus – live at historic slug’s vol. 1 & vol. 2
new york, ny (usa), slug’s
march 31, 1970

bill hardman – trumpet
charles mcpherson – alto sax & flute
jimmy vass – alto sax
charles mingus – bass
dannie richmond – drums

vol. 1 (79:27)

1. ray’s idea (ray brown) 10:14
2. so long eric (mingus) 16:40
3. if i should lose you (robin-rainger) 5:56
4. i can’t get started (duke-gershwin) 8:57
5. dizzy atmosphere (gillespie) 5:32
6. peggy’s blue skylight (mingus) 14:04
7. better git it in your soul (mingus) 11:48
8. orange was the color of her dress (mingus) 6:12
vol. 2 (71:37)

1. fables of faubus (mingus) [cut] 10:30
2. in a sentimental mood (ellington) 7:27
3. take the “a” train (strayhorn) 14:19
4. billie’s bounce/koko (parker) 16:22
5. o.p. (mingus) 8:19
6. greensleeves (traditional) 13:54
tt: 151:05

source: audience recording
lineage: aud > ? > boot > ? > dime > flac > tlh (checksums added)
charly mingus “dizzy atmosphere – live at historic slug’s vol. 1” (j-bop 043)
charly mingus “fables of faubus – live at historic slug’s vol. 2” (j-bop 044)

links of interest: (search for “j-bop 043”)


i downloaded this when halowdance seeded it on dime in aug 2009. i’ve combined the two seeds
into folder, keeping the original files & filenames. i’ve added consolidated ffp & md5 files
(verifying against the original md5 files in the process), and also added this new info file
(mostly copied from the dime-bot for ubu’s reseed in sept 2010), and renamed a few things as
halowdance accidentally listed vol.1 as being from 3-march. but unlike ubu, i have not added
any tags.

according to ubu, who reseeded both shows together in sept 2010,
“a muddy sounding but worthwhile show by the great charles mingus.
these were originally brought to ezt by ggln on 2005-03-09 and 2005-03-10, respectively.
they were reseeded in one previously by carville (2007-02-28) and separately again
somewhen in august 2009 by halowdance (but dime-bot isn’t complete there, it seems).

ubu – #320430 (as 1 seed), 2010-09-03
halowdance – #264126 & #264252, 2009-08-28 & 29
carville – #136332 (as 1 seed), 2007-02-28
ggln – #31795 & #31633, 2005-03-09 & 10

sample: v1 t3 if i should lose you.mp3