Jul 152020

i feel as if luck was with me tonight, picking something just right on my first try.  none of that “no, not in the mood for that” or “oh dear, that’s not really a very good recording, is it?” business.  and, curiously enough, it’s the second time that east orange has come up in as many days, three if you count “when it’s apple blossom time in east orange, new jersey, we’ll make a peach of a pear”, which the first time reminded me of (and i even remember the little tune my parents sang it with… and in fact, it’s a misquotation of a line from the lobby number, by danny kaye. why’d i look it up anyway?  i prefer my folks’ version, naturally).  anyway, you’ll be happy to know that this is nothing at all like danny kaye.  or not much anyway.

charles erland quartet
east orange, nj

charles erland– b3
eric alexander– ts,
dave samson- g
greg rockingham-d

01. announcer 0:37
02. blowing the blues away 14:41
03. announcer cr 0:37
04. eroupa 19:48
05. announcer ce 1:13
06. i love you more today than yesterday (tape flip) 6:32
07. i love you more today than yesterday (cuts in) 4:11
08. announcer ce 2:17
09. always and forever 8:52
10. announcer ce 0:22
11. ready and able 7:56


source unknown

sample: t04 eroupa.mp3 heck, i woulda posted this show if this was the only song they played.
download: CharlesErland_1995-07-11_EastOrangeNJ.zip

Apr 202019

here’s a little set that i was listening to this morning while wasting time.  some excellent jazz, and a decent recording.

one for all
smoke jazz club
new york, ny usa
dec. 10, 2005

eric alexander, tenor sax
jim rotundi, trumpet and flugelhorn
james burton, trombone
david hazeltine, piano
david williams, bass
joe farnsworth, drums

01 nemesis 18:18
02 so when 08:33
03 chestnuts roasting on and open fire (also known as the christmas song) 12:49
04 blueslike 17:33

tt 57:15

recorded and engineered by jazzbike2

sony mz-nf810ck md recorder using sony ecm-ds70p mike<pc<cd<sony sound forge pro 10.0 to boost bass around 80 hz by 6 db and split tracks<flac

sound quality: b+ bass drums distorts ocassionally, some motor hum, instruments sound slightly distant

sample: t02 so when.mp3
download: OneForAll_2005-12-10_SmokeJazzClub_NYC.zip

Jul 312017

here’s a nice show from the national concert hall in dublin that i recorded off the air & seeded on dime in 2007.  it’s a great show, and very well recorded but wasn’t so good for folks who actually attended.

the rté announcer comments on the “truly tragic quality of the sound”.  and when i seeded this on dime, retnull described it as “the worst live sound i’ve ever heard”.   but, fortunately, as the the rté announcer added, “rté’s soundman was a bit wiser, and the recorded sound is very good indeed.”

the jazz alley show on rté has been dropped in my absence, which is really too bad.

finally, a shout out to the fine folks at waltons music and the waltons new school of music (where my daughter studied piano until we moved away).  this was one of the waltons world masters series, and their support for that series (and this show) is appreciated.

mccoy tyner septet
national concert hall, dublin, ireland
6 july 2006

mccoy tyner (piano)
eric alexander (tenor saxophone)
donald harrison (alto saxophone)
wallace roney (trumpet)
steve turre (trombone)
eric kamau gravatt (drums)
charnett moffett (bass)

01 announcer (1:38)
02 a la mode [curtis fuller] (15:53)
03 angelina (13:59)
04 impressions (10:57)
05 blues on the corner (11:58)
06 ballad for aisha (4:25)
07 announcer (0:38)

tt 59:29

rté lyric fm, 2-dec-06, “jazz alley”

analogue fm (avermedia avertv hybrid+fm cardbus) > wav
> cdwave (tracking) > trader’s little helper [level 5]

sample: t06 ballad for aisha.mp3
download:  McCoyTyner_2006-07-06_NCH_DublinIreland.zip

cover by pete, using a screenshot of the concert poster (downloaded from the waltons new school website, and used without permission).

Oct 152014

Eric Alexander Quartet Feat. Louis Hayes cd cover (front)here’s another show featuring louis hayes, this time as a sideman, that jazzbike2 shared on dime back in feb 2014.  the seed included a number of photos of the show (included), so i took the liberty of making a pretty basic cd cover (front only).  when you consider that louis hayes was born in 1937, and so it 77 years old… !


eric alexander quartet feat. louis hayes
linda’s jazz nights
an beal bocht café
riverdale, ny
5 feb 2014

eric alexander, tenor saxophone
rick germanson, piano
tyler mitchell, bass
louis hayes, drums
rale micic, guitar tracks 10-11

01 impresssions 10:20
02 the nearness of you 11:38
03 samba d’orfeus 13:36
04 barbados 10:27
05 just one of those things/alexander announcement 03:16
06 bolivia 13:34
07 on a clear day 12:05
08 skylark 10:29
09 alexander announcement 00:41
10 i love you 08:32
11 parker’s mood 10:05

sound quality: a. ambient audience noise.

notes: support linda’s jazz nights by coming out for these shows: www.lindasjazznights.com

zoom reset to low to eliminate overmodulation after first few seconds of track 01
photos accompany

aud/h2zoom with built-in mikes 16bit/44.1khz in wav sony soundforge pro 10 to adjust volume, split tracks, convert to flac

sample:  t04_Barbados.mp3
download: EricAlexanderQuartet_w_LouisHayes_2014-02-05_AnBealBocht.zip