Feb 242019

i know i’ve said before things like “what is it with groups led by drummers?”  maybe, just maybe, i like drums more than i realize.  anyway here’s another one!

ok, so, and this is a bit freaky, doing the internet research on this, guess who’s at snug harbour in new orleans this tuesday?  yes, stanton moore, with david torkanowsky & james singleton.

i like the look of the cotton club in tokyo.  the photo reminds me of a jazz club in seoul, the once in a blue moon, that i went to a number of times, many of them with a good friend of ours (and at least once with him & his son as well).  nice memories.

nb – don’t be fooled by the ‘volume adjustment’ in the notes; you still need to turn this all the way up.  the original volume must have been in the basement.

stanton moore jazz trio
cotton club
tokyo, japan
21 november 2014

stanton moore (ds)
david torkanowsky (p)
james singleton (b)

1st show
01. intro. 00:59
02. carnival 11:10
03. drftin’ 13:22
04. the chase 10:58
05. lauzen z 12:37
06. (title unknown) 08:37
07. (title unknown) 11:04
08. (title unknown) 03:47
09. (title unknown) 05:31

2nd show
01. intro. 01:19
02. paul barbarin?fs second line 07:52
03. (title unknown) 12:38
04. in the keyhole 09:33
05. (title unknown) 10:38
06. (title unknown) 06:34
07. magnolia triangle 08:57
08. (title unknown) 07:14
09. tchefunkta 13:01
10. (title unknown) 09:58

tt 2:45:48

source: dsm-6s/l > pcm d-50 (wav 96khz/24bit)
transfer: pcm d-50 > usb > pc > sound engine free > wav(44.1khz/16bit) > tlh > flac
edit: volume adjustment, format conversion(wav 44.1khz/16bit), tracking

sample: t07 unknown.mp3
download:  StantonMoore_2014-11-21_CottonClub_Tokyo.zip
no covers. photo above was in the files seeded on dime.

Feb 162019

here’s a quick little upload.  i really enjoyed the 1st piece, so here it is.  (it’s an mp2 320/48.  the sample is converted to mp3 as wordpress didn’t seem to like mp2.)

gary bartz ntu troop
berlin, germany
6 november 1975
(recorded at the festival “berliner jazztage 1975”)

gary bartz (as, ss, voc)
charles conway mims jr. (p, keyb)
curtis robertson (b)
howard king (dr)

1 announcements by manfred miller (0:45)
2 medley:
-jujuman (23:10)
3 medley (unknown titles) (9:50)
4 pisces daddy blue (12:28)
5 love choral (7:40)

broadcast: rbb kulturradio, july 15, 2011

dvb-c (320 kbps/ 48 khz) > technotrend tt-1500 dvb-c pci card > harddisk.
edits were made with the mp3directcut software.

sample: t05 love choral.mp3
download: GaryBartz_1975-11-06_Philharmonie_BerlinGermany.zip

no covers

Feb 142019

the lounge lizards seem to have always been lurking somewhere on the edges of the music i’m listening to, going back to around the time of this concert.  a track on a college radio station, an lp, or later a cd, at a friends house, etc etc.  and now this show from almost 40 years ago that’s been hiding under the “l’s” for a few years.  john lurie’s comments are hilarious and endearing.  another tip o’ the hat to unclewolfi.

the lounge lizards
berliner jazztage
berlin, germany
07.nov.1981 (5:00 pm)

john lurie – sax
evan lurie – kb
daniel rosen – g
steve piccolo – b
anton fier – dr

01. announcement gudrun endress 00:25
02. incident on south street (john lurie) 02:16
03. stomping at corona (john lurie) 02:16
04. announcement john lurie 00:12
05. the dancing gangster (john lurie) 02:58
06. announcement john lurie 00:09
07. sumerian high life (evan lurie) 02:40
08. announcement john lurie 00:09
09. epistrophy (thelonious monk) 04:40
10. announcement john lurie 00:15
11. ballad (john lurie) 03:11
12. announcement john lurie 00:11
13. conquest of rar (john lurie) 02:42
14. announcement john lurie 00:21
15. wangling (john lurie) 02:39
16. announcement john lurie 00:09
17. rangers in paradise (john lurie) 05:00
18. liesa’s to short (john lurie) 06:55
19. announcement john lurie 00:08
20. gum shoes (john lurie) 06:20
21. you haunt me (john lurie) 03:58
22. harlem nocturne (duke ellington) 01:34
23. things ain’t what they used to be (duke ellington) 03:46
24. stardust (hoagy carmichael) 02:53

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps) [radio station – rbb kulturradio]

sample: Lounge Lizards 1981-11-07 Berlin t07 sumerian high life
download: LoungeLizards_1981-11-07_Philharmonie_BerlinGermany

covers by ‘unclewolfi’

Feb 122019

another unclewolfi share on dime.  i liked this so much after downloading it in sept 2017, i flagged it to upload here.  giving it another listen, i can see why, so there are two samples today.  enjoy!

marius neset quartet
konzertsaal bundeskunsthalle
bonn, germany
27 may 2017

marius neset – ts, ss
dan nicholls – p
phil donkin – b
joshua blackmore – dr

01. pinball (neset) 08:35
02. prags ballet (neset) 09:09
03. saxophone dream (neset) 16:50
04. theater of magic (neset) 07:15
05. aberhonddu (neset) 06:09
06. jaguar (neset) 01:26

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – dlf]

sample:  t01 pinball.mp3 & t02 prags ballet.mp3
download: MariusNeset_2017-05-27_KonzertsaalBundeskunsthalle_BonnGermany.zip

covers by ‘unclewolfi’

Feb 092019

nice to hear a male jazz singer for a change (though, tbh, i tend to prefer the female singers), and sachal vasandani is super.  rather frustratingly, sachal vasandani was at arthur’s pub here in dublin back in october… and i wasn’t.  it was a monday night, and i just hadn’t checked what was coming up.  sigh!  there’s a lesson there.  hope there was a great turnout that will entice him back to town.

sachal vasandani and gerald clayton
new york ny
6 july 2016, early set

sachal vasandani, vocals
gerald clayton, piano

t00 intro
t01 september in the rain – harry warren and al dubin
t02 applause and announcement
t03 i didn’t know what time it was – richard rodgers and lorenz hart
t04 applause
t05 please mr. ogilvy – sachal vasandani
t06 applause and announcement
t07 sweet bird of youth – johnny alf and jack segal
t08 i love you – cole porter
t09 applause and announcement
t10 bless the telephone – labi siffre
t11 applause and announcement
t12 hope she’ll be happier – bill withers
t13 applause
t14 darn that dream – jimmy van heusen and eddie delange
t15 applause and announcement

tt 59:12

source information: audience recording using sony pcm-m10 with internal mics; recorded at 44.1khz / 16-bit depth.

sample: t10 bless the telephone.mp3
download: SachalVasandani_2016-07-06_Mezzrow_NewYorkNY.zip