May 282014

i listen to a lot of jazz singers, and it occurred to me that it was about time to post one of those up here.   jane monheit is one of my favorites, and i’ve a number of her shows, always know i can put on one of them and have something i’ll like.  this show was seeded by rillenheini back in february 2010, from a radio broadcast, so the sound is very nice, although with radio i always wonder if it was the whole show.

jane monheit
staatstheater am gärtnerplatz
munich, germany
12 nov 2004

jane monheit (voc)
mike kanan (p)
miles okasaki (g)
orlando lefleming (b)
rick montalbano (dr)

01. cheek to cheek – 5:37
02. wave – 4:43
03. more than you know – 5:23
04. i should care – 5:13
05. samba do aviao – 5:45
06. i won’t dance – 252
07. it never entered my mind – 7:24
08. lover come back to me – 3:42
09. waters of march – 6:22
10. honeysuckle rose (not complete, late start) – 2:03

tt: ~ 49:12

lineage: bayern 4 radio broadcast > analog cable > md > cd > hd (flac 8)

sample:  01 cheek to cheek.mp3


May 242014

“u014945” (maurizio) has been seeding a lot of “rrk” on dime lately.  which is a good thing, as (a) i’ve a number more shows of his now; and (b) i’ve been listening to a lot rahsaan roland kirk for the first time in a while (a bit now and then, yes, but a lot?  not for a while).  anyway, this is a very nice show of his, with great sound quality and (for me anyway) a lot cheerier than some of his other shows… u014945 hasn’t seeded this one, though, so i thought i’d share it here (when “u” runs out of steam, maybe on dime too…)

and oh!  i nearly forgot to mention that i downloaded this when milesian seeded it back in september 2005!  well done that boy!

[update 29-may:  yep, u014945 reseeded this one too! says he’s done with rrk for the moment; not a bad choice to finish with.
however maurizio noted in his reseed that set 1 has been officially released, which i hadn’t realized.  so i have removed set 1 from the posting here.  if you got this during the window when the full show was here then good for you, but otherwise ‘it is what it is’.]

rahsaan roland kirk
march 3, 1972
hamburg, germany

rahsaan roland kirk – tenor saxophone, stritch, manzello, bells, flute
henry “pete” pearson – bass
ron burton – piano
joe habao texidor – percussion
richie goldberg – drums

disc one (1:09:12):
1. ? – 8:32 (not we free kings )
2. make it with you – 5:39
3. roland’s spirit – 7:16
4. introductions – 0:45
5. my girl – 5:15
6. seasons- 6:54 (not serenade to a cuckoo)
7. pedal up – 10:20 (not fast ass!)
8. lush life – 3:12
9. afro blue – 4:04
10. blue train – 17:11

disc two (34:04):
1. prelude back home – 5:05
2. satin doll – 1:55
3. my cherie amour – 3:55
4. fingers in the wind- 6:58 (not there’s a bomb)
5. band introductions – 1:06
6. volunteered slavery – 15:04

ndr (norddeutscher rundfunk) digital radio broadcast >dat at 48 khz

dat clone >.wav at 48 khz via s/pdif and m-audio audiophile 2496
digital soundcard >soundforge 6.0 >cd wave >flac frontend (level 8,
aligned on sector boundaries)

ndr currently transmits an mpeg1 layer at a minimum of 2/192 kbps; however, the bitrate could actually have been higher at the time of this broadcast (circa 1998). to my knowledge, there is no better recording available.
no noise reduction, eq or other manipulation was applied to this set.
setlist corrected per comments on dime tracker, sept 2005

sample:  t03 my_cherie_amour.mp3


May 132014

here’s another nice miles davis show, from his 1967 tour.  it was reseeded on dime last november, but i downloaded this copy in 2010.  like the last miles show, i’ve been relistening to them as i upload them here…. been another miles davis couple of days around here!

miles davis quintet
berlin, germany
4 nov 1967

miles davis: trumpet
wayne shorter: tenor saxophone
herbie hancock: piano
ron carter: bass
tony williams: drums

1. agitation 5:24
2. footprints 8:53
3. ’round midnight 7:51
4. no blues 10:51
5. masqualero 9:50

total time: 42:49

radio broadcast
issued as part of a bootleg cd, ‘live in europe’, new sound planet/ jazz up ju 320
all tracks were issued as a single title, ‘untitled medley’.

fm> ?> cd> soundforge (rebanding of tracks)> dbpoweramp> flac (level 6)> dime> your ears

here is another concert from the 1967 tour, a few days after rotterdam. the duet introduction to ’round midnight is fascinatingly different and equally beautiful. davis and herbie hancock clearly experimented with this opening each night. this concert ends with “masqualero,” which is more usually associated, i think, with the electric miles that is a few years away. all told, extraordinary music. i’ve pasted below the original info file, and as always, i am deeply grateful to the original seeder.

fyi, video footage of two dates from this tour, stockholm and karlsruhe, are included in columbia’s gargantuan box set, “the complete columbia album collection.”

sample:  t5_Masqualero.mp3


May 122014

last week, i was listening to a lot of miles davis from 1966 & 1967.  ok, i’ll admit it:  with miles after around 1970, i don’t always get it.  there.  in any event, those were some great shows on my little ‘miles davis mid-sixties’ day, so here’s one of them.  if i get ambitious, maybe another to come.

on the seed back in 2008 when i downloaded this, the seeder newplanet7 said

losin calls this an audience recording, but it sounds more like a board.

but actually losin describes it as a “soundboard recording (b-)”, which sounds right to me.  i’m not listening on the worlds best sound system, but i’d have put it more like “soundboard (a-)”, myself.

i think that this was also bootlegged by a european label “sunburn recordings” at some point but hasn’t been officially released that i am aware.

miles davis quintet
oriental theatre, portland or
21 may 1966

miles davis (tpt)
wayne shorter (ts)
herbie hancock (p)
richard davis (b)
tony williams (d)

disc 1
introduction :39
autumn leaves (j. prevert-j. mercer-j. kosma) 9:46
agitation (m. davis) (incomplete from start) 9:20
stella by starlight (n. washington-v. young) 10:35
gingerbread boy (j. heath) 11:40
no blues (m. davis) (incomplete) 9:28

disc 2
all blues (m. davis) 9:41
who can i turn to? (l. bricusse-a. newley) 8:51
so what (m. davis)/the theme (m. davis) (with applause) 9:06
my funny valentine (r. rodgers-l. hart) 11:40

cassette ?gen -> nak dr-1 -> audiophile2496 – > soundforge -> wav -> flac

sample:  d2 t2 who can i turn to.mp3