Jun 112016

CD Front Insertnow it’s time for some pharoah sanders!  i can’t really listen to very much & do anything else, as it’s just too distracting.  so giving this a good listen has been difficult, but now it’s the weekend… enjoy!

pharoah sanders quartet
ancona teatro sperimentale
ancona, italy
20 dec 1985

pharoah sanders ts, voc
kirk lightsey p
reggie johnson b
alvin queen dr

1 (cd 1 01) doktor pitt (sanders) 12:20a/24:27b – (24:25)
2 (cd 1 02) naima (coltrane) 17:23a/17:28b – (17:28)
3 (cd 2 01) blues for santa cruz (sanders) 18:55a/18:51b – (18:49)
4 (cd 2 02) heart is a melody (sanders) 10:47a/10:10b – (10:08)
5 (cd 2 03) you’ve got to have freedom (sanders) 13:36b – (13:36)

source (per original info file): aud > ? > cdr > wav > flac 6

times (in parentheses) are actual track times.
times with “a” or “b” are per the pharoah sanders sessionography at
a – from tv transmission.
b – audience recording
so this appears to be the audience recording.

sample: t203 youve got to have freedom.mp3
download: PharoahSanders_1985-12-20_AnconaItaly.zip

Jun 082016

Yusef Lateef - 1970-07 CD Front Insertwell, following through on the ahmad jamal – yusef lateef show… i was going to upload an absolutely amazing show from 6 dec 2008 that mbutchko shared on dime a day or two after the show (yes, mbutchko who recently has shared some phenomenal pharoah sanders shows that got me started on a jamal-lateef-sanders kick again!).  but that is available on line at metarecords.com, which appears to be the label of adam rudolf, one of the musicians that night.  you would be well advised to follow those links & check it out, maybe buy it (i plan to, now that i realize it’s out there).

however, here’s another fine show, from the 1970 montreux jazz festival.  this has been shared elsewhere, including on inconstant sol and ubu roi (not once but twice).  but the links are all dead, so here’s a fresh share.

if you want more yusef lateef – and, sure, who doesn’t? – inconstant sol is still sharing ‘yusef lateef in europe 1971‘, three shows from 20-21-22 oct 1971.


yusef lateef
montreux jazz festival
montreux, switzerland
july 1970

yusef lateef – tenor sax, flute, oboe
barry harris – piano
bob cunningham – bass
albert “tootie” heath – drums

1. yusef’s mood (yusef lateef) 9:54
2. these foolish things (harry link, holt marvell, jack strachey) 8:57
3. soul flute (6:11)
4. the road back (yusef lateef) 7:00
5. stone henge (yusef lateef) 11:50
6. off minor (thelonious monk) 5:49
7. (blues) (14:26)
8. vibration (yusef lateef) 8:52

tt: 73:04

fm? > ? > cdr > eac > flac

sample: t4 the road back.mp3
download: YusefLateef_1970-07_Montreaux_Jazzfest.zip

Jun 052016

one of my usb hard drives went belly-up lately, and so i replaced it & in the process rearranged all my hard drives & backups.  the files all move ok, but i find that the folder datestamps are all wrong, which is a pain.

i couldn’t find any routine that would do that quickly & easily.  so i wrote (and so i’m sharing also) this windows powershell routine to correct the folder datestamps.  the timestamp turns out to be midnight (00:00) but i didn’t care about that.

to run the routine

create a .ps1 batch file to call the powershell routine.  copy the ps1 batch file & the ps1 script file into the same folder where the folders to update are..  run the ps1 batchfile.

note! the routine fails on all but basic characters, and on a lot of them too.  so folders with names including @ [ ] & and some other characters are a problem.  (i fix that when i create the ps1 batch file in excel, actually.)

ps1 batch file syntax

.\folderdate_v3.ps1 "foldername" "yyyy-mm-dd" "reference"

including the ” as shown above, where
.\  is because i copy the files into the same folder as noted above
folderdate_v3.ps1  is the name of the routine to run
“foldername” is the name of the folder to update
“yyyy-mm-dd” is the new date stamp (e.g. “2016-06-01”)
“reference” is any text you want (it will display on the output but doesn’t actually do anything

this file can have as many lines as you want, 1 line per folder to update.

sample file: folderdateBAT.zip

the ps1 script

this is stored in a separate .ps1 file.  i called my file ‘folderdate_v3.ps1’

sample file: folderdate_v3.zip

param([string]$Vfoldername = $args[0], [string]$Vdate = $args[1], [string]$Vcat = $args[2])

$Vtestpath = Test-Path $Vfoldername

if ( $Vdate -eq '1900-01-00') 
 { Write-Host "Skipped (date)" $Vcat " " $Vdate " " $Vfoldername} 
 if ( $Vtestpath -eq 'True')
 $a = get-item $Vfoldername
 $a.CreationTime = $Vdate
 $a.LastWriteTime = $Vdate
 $a.LastAccessTime = $Vdate
 Write-Host "UPDATED" $Vcat " " $Vdate " " $Vfoldername
 else { Write-Host "Skipped (path)" $Vcat " " $Vdate " " $Vfoldername }




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Jun 052016

CD Front Insertan ‘mbutchko’ uploaded a number of great pharoah sanders shows from 2001, which reminded me of a some performances by ahmad jamal quartet with guest yusef lateef.  three of my longstanding favorite musicians.  here’s one of the jamal/lateef, as a segue to yusef lateef or maybe pharoah sanders instead.


ahmad jamal quartet with guest yusef lateef
festival jazz à marciac
sous chapiteau, marciac, france
8 august 2011

ahmad jamal (piano)
yusef lateef (tenor sax, flutes, voice) 4-9
james cammack (double bass)
herlin riley (drums)
manolo badrena (percussion)

01 flight 14:57
02 swahililand 7:36
03 poetry 7:24
04 masara #6 11:06
05 unknown 8:55
06 hold your light 7:20
07 unknown 8:58
08 unknown 6:07
09 unknown 7:18
tt 79:41

dvb-s > skystar2 > kaffeine (mp2 256 kbs, 48 khz) > xcfa (wav conversion) > wavelab > flac (level 8)
broadcast : le concert, france musique, live (1-3) & 9 august 2011 (4-9)

sample:  t06 Hold Your Light.mp3
download: AhmadJamal_Yusef Lateef_2011-08-08_MarciacFrance.zip