Dec 042017

here’s a quick upload of a short show by one of my favorite drummers.  it’s demuxed audio from an ancient recording from french tv.  the audio specs are, in my view, a bit dubious, but the sound is quite good (as is the lineup).  so who knows?

speaking of lineup, the announcer at the beginning refers to “three young musicians” supporting jones…  steve grossman was 22, dave liebman was 27 and gene perla was 33.  a posting at says that this was “the live at the lighthouse group”.

elvin jones quartet
jazz session – french tv
29 may 1973

elvin jones – drums
dave liebman – saxophones, flute
steve grossman – saxophones
gene perla – bass

1 00:00 intro (ann. talks over the first few notes of “the children)
2 00:42 the children / merry-go-round (keisho)
3 13:23 yesterdays (j.kern)
4 26:45 soultrane (j.coltrane)
5 37:13 clapping until end

tt 37:55

source: dvd trade > hdd via dvd shrink > dime > you
demux: as above > ffmpeg (demux) > .mp2 audio file (untracked)
broadcast: 29 may 1973

performance date (from comment on blog)
29 may 1973 is the first broadcast date. actually this show was recorded late october 1972
in paris. on 20 october they played at warsaw jazz jamboree and two pieces (yesterdays and
children’s merry-go-round) were issued on polskie nagrania muza sxl 0929 (various artists –
jazz jamboree ’72). dave liebman left elvin quartet to join miles davis band in january 1973.

audio demux (same as audio in original .vob files) per mediainfo
audio: mp2; cbr 320 kbps; sampling 48.0 khz; 2 channels; lossy; duration 37:56

sample: (none)
*** updates to info file& & covers:


cover by pete

Sep 192017

here’s another freddie hubbard show, from almost exactly 10 years later.  why have one when two will do as well or (as here) even better?  saturday turned into a bit of a hubbard-fest around here, not stopping with two shows, but that’s all for tonight.

this was (re)seeded by ubu on dime back in 2008.

freddie hubbard – mccoy tyner – elvin jones
“coltrane memorial quintet”
berlin (de), jazzfest
november 6, 1987

freddie hubbard – trumpet
sonny fortune – tenor & soprano sax
mccoy tyner – piano
reggie workman – bass
elvin jones – drums

1. blues minor (15:52)
2. naima (8:08)
3. a love supreme (25:15):
part 1 – acknowledgement
part 2 – resolution
4. chim chim cheree (13:46)
5. mr. p.c. (4:41)

tt: 67:45

sound: a/a-
lineage: fm > ? > cdr > eac > flac
additional lineage (this re-seed): > cdr > eac (secure) > flac (8,asb,verify)

re-seed by ubu 2008-01-05, in memory of freddie hubbard

sample: t5 mr p.c.mp3

Oct 222015

elvin jones jazz machine - lugano 99 fthis is just a “what i happen to be listening to & thought would be good to share” posting.  i downloaded it from dime when ‘unclewolfi’ seeded it in 2007.

i’m not listened to elvin jones jazz machine much, not sure why as today it was working very well for me.  unclewolfi didn’t seem pleased with the recording (“not the best recording i captured from the radio”) but i think that has to be taken as the relative assessment that it is.

elvin jones jazz machine
estival jazz
piazza della riforma
lugano, switzerland
9 july 1999

elvin jones – dr
carlos mckinney – p
thadeus expose – b
antoine roney – s
robin eubanks – tb

01. wise one 14:44
02. doll of the bride 41:01
03. e.j.’s blues 05:16

tt 1:01:02

source: astra sat > nexus-s > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(astra sat uses MPEG1 Layer 2/192 kbps)

seeder’s comments:
not the best recording i captured from the radio.
it comes from rete due & seems to be a little rough &
in some parts the piano sounds a little bit overloaded.
but all in all it’s a wonderful concert.

sample:  t02_doll_of_the_bride_(6 minute sample).mp3

Sep 292014

i was at a goodbye dinner for one of my wife’s professional contacts, but someone who i like a lot (both him & his wife, actually).  very sorry to see them leaving!  it’s sort of the nature of life, or at least our lives.

anyway, i was sitting next to another guest, philip, and we got to talking about jazz… philip said he had been fan of j.j. johnson.  me being me, that didn’t ring any bells of course, but so few names do.  but i looked through my cd’s and shows and sure enough, i’ve downloaded 3 shows by j.j. johnson.  dime strikes again!

this one, the oldest of the 3, was recorded in 1957 by swedish radio and (re?) broadcast a few years ago.  ‘dsgtrane’ shared it on dime back in 2011, but i don’t think i’ve listened to it (or either of the other j.j. johnson shows) since.  very nice!  thanks, philip, for mentioning it!  maybe i’ll share one of the other shows, just for a change of pace, in a couple of days.

j.j. johnson quintet
karlaplan studios, swedish broadcasting corporation
stockholm, sweden
14 june 1957

j.j. johnson, trombone
bobby jaspar, tenor sax
tommy flanagan, piano
wilbur little, bass
elvin jones, drums

01. intros & interview with j j johnson 2:31
02. thou swell 5:03
03. intro to undecided 0:08
04. undecided 3:35
05. intro to never let me go 0:05
06. never let me go 3:17
07. intro to it’s only a paper moon 0:05
08. it’s only a paper moon 5:05
09. intro to a night in tunisia 0:33
10. a night in tunisia 6:12
11. outro to j j johnson broadcast 0:29
tt 27:07

broadcast on swedish radio in march 2003

sample:  04. undecided.mp3